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Information icon.png Moeller no longer works for the Foundation
♥Erik's views on pedophilia have received significant support.♥
BoyLinks wholeheartedly endorses.

MARTIJN, the Dutch pro-pedophilia party, gives an A+.

The Wiki Youth Movement, a stealth child-kidnapping operation started by Erik.
Erik Möller (moar liek Mölester, amirite?) says only YOU can prevent violence by sexualizing children.

Erik Möller, aka The Mole, aka WPFavicon.png Eloquence (which he ain't) and WPFavicon.png Erik Moeller (WMF), is (lol was) Number Two Sausage Muncher at the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization behind Wikipedia, tireless defender and sucker-of-anus of Jimbo, and long-time player of "Hide der Sausage in Angela."[1][2] Ironically, he also personifies the Wikipedia's "cult of the amateur" as someone arrogant enough to insert his own bizarre personal views into articles and get away with it due to his position in the hierarchy. His equally fucked-up enemies have recently put the brakes on this by uncovering and publicizing his unhealthy opinions.

He's a libertarian ass, a free-software ass, and a hacker-scene fanboy (who can't actually write code himself). Like Ray Kurzweil, Erik is into transhumanism. Thinks he'll have his consciousness uploaded to an immortal cloud universe-simulation, so he can masturbate to pictures of little boys forever. As WMF deputy director, everything Erik tries to do turns to shit, and then he tries to cover it up and lie about what happened. No wonder Jimbo likes him.

Although Wikipedia bows to NPOV, Erik's views on child abuse, child sexuality, and pedophilia are nowhere near neutral, let alone normal. While enlightening the child in Africa about child sexuality, he also conveniently included such gems as "it is generally acknowledged that children are capable of feeling sexual pleasure, even if they are not yet able to engage in sexual intercourse with each other, and/or are not yet biologically able to reproduce."

Erik Möller, in true camwhore style, wants you to wonder exactly what is below the bottom of the frame?

Erik has left a long trail across the Internet of his status as a fellow traveler to pedophiles and as a freedom fighter against the tyranny of Age of Consent laws. The Google Cache of child pornography from his website only expired last Thursday, no doubt after several frantic emails. Unfortunately for The Mole, a copy is retained by The Wayback Machine (ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSFW copy). In 2001, he wrote an essay on Kuro5hin called Defending the Right to Pleasure copy elucidating his mainstream views:

What is my position on pedophilia, then? It's really simple. If the child doesn't want it, is neutral or ambiguous, it's inappropriate. This excludes most adult/child sexual contact...


—Erik Möller

Fortunately, some of Erik's most controversial brilliance ( copy) is no longer available online archived at The Wayback Machine. Perhaps the last round of public outcry was getting a bit too close for comfort?

His loving history

One of the earliest Wikipedia pocket-pool players, Erik Der Prik showed up in 2001 and promptly started writing shit content. He geficked up the "Galileo dispute" article and wrote incoherent propaganda about how awful copyright is. And what a pussy that world-eating hambeast Rush Limbaugh is (at least he was right about one little thing). Most of all, he sucked the little cock of Jimbo for years, and when the WMF was started in 2004, there was Erik, demanding that Jimbo make him "Chief Research Officer". [3] You can also thank Erik for starting that Great Pud-Storage Locker, Wikimedia Commons. [4]

In 2006, after fighting with Danny Wool, Erik reached the pinnacle of his "ha ha career": "Erik Möller replaces Angela Beesley on the Wikimedia Foundation board after an election process later described as a "disgrace" by Beesley. The election was marred by leaks, a "list of endorsement" by Möller, and controversial interventions by Jimmy Wales." Don't bother looking up what happened, the Board election page was censored down to nothing. That Great Genius of Wikimedia Madame Wikiwiki helped cover it all up.


Danny's loving and thoughtful email

"Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 06:25:21 EDT"

"Subject: Re: About what happened yesterday"

"I think your email warrants a response. There is certainly a huge amount of hysteria in this particular instance. Perhaps it is worth reviewing the entire case to understand what happened. I trust that privacy will be maintained."

"1. This week, the Foundation received a legal threat, termed by Brad "the most serious legal threat we have received so far." The basis of this threat was the statement by a very serious Florida-based group with a very serious New York attorney that the Wikimedia Foundation alone is legally liable for the actions of its admins, as they are working on behalf of the Foundation."

"2. In other words, we are acting as publisher, rather than as bulletin board, negating the basis of any legal protection we might have--anywhere."

"3. Brad, myself, and a very small handful of En admins were aware of this."

"4. At Brad's request, the two articles in question were stubbed and protected. Brad wanted this to be done specifically by me, as an employee of the Foundation, and not as an admin, which would feed into the argument of those threatening us. The nature of the threat was, and is, to be kept highly confidential. While the threat may have been resolved in this instance, it could be used again, and we do NOT as yet have a satisfactory answer to it."

"5. WP:OFFICE was left off the article protection intentionally. Suffice it to see the history of the WP:OFFICE page or the history of articles where this was previously used (Jack Thompson (attorney), for instance) to understand the attention that WP:OFFICE draws to articles. This was done in consultation with Brad and the other En admins who were aware of the circumstances and approved, after the fact, by Jimmy."

"6. Two admins, Conti and flcceloguy, attempted to put a WP:OFFICE tag on the article. It was removed and they were left with emails explaining that this was an extenuating circumstance. They both accepted this in private emails."

"7. Yesterday afternoon, Erik entered the debate by unblocking the article and stating emphatically that there were no grounds for it to be protected."

"8. This was discussed with Brad. At that time, there was no doubt in our minds that Erik was acting recklessly to score a point and win himself credit as a community hero against the ogre that is the Foundation. It was felt that Erik, given his past history with the Foundation, his supposed understanding of sensitive issues, and his knack for histrionics, was attempting to make a much bigger point than he claims, i.e., him v. WMF. I still have no doubt that this was the case."

"9. I was instructed by Brad to "Nuke him." This was then approved by Jimbo and done. Jimbo's response was that it was bound to come to a head at some point with Erik."

"10. Erik then called the Foundation office. I told him that I am not in a position to answer him and instructed him to call Brad."

"11. Erik then posted to the various lists, claiming victimhood."

"12. Only then did Erik speak with Brad. I do not know who called who, but this was only after Erik had posted to the lists. By then he had kicked up a shit storm. I believe that this was his second reckless action. He complained publicly first, and asked questions later."

"13. Brad spoke with Erik, and it was "agreed" that Erik had acted recklessly. They (Brad and Erik) then agreed that Erik should have his ban reduced to 48 hours. I did this."

"14. By now the genie had been let out of the bottle. Jimbo panicked, and removed Erik's ban after this had been negotiated with Brad. He sent us an email marked Confidential in which he claimed simultaneously that Erik was acting in good faith, and that he was challenginig the Foundation and acting recklessly."

"15. Shit continued to hit the fan on the mailing list."

"16. Most recently, Angela and Anthere have restored Erik's admin status on En and Meta respectively. Neither of them have bothered to investigate what happened. Jimbo is noticeably silent."

"Do I have regrets? Yes. I wonder, but am not convinced, whether WP:OFFICE should have been used. As I see it, this was a no-win situation. Erik played it for what it was worth. As a result, Brad's position is being challenged, and the position that Openness rather than Responsibility has gained a boost and a "martyr." It is ironic that this comes at a time when En is caught up discussing whether one or more admins are leaking confidential and potentially compromising admin information to an anti-Wikipedia website (see the WikiEN mailing list). The argument against it--admins are "trusted users.""

"I will not go public with this. There is too much at stake here for the Foundation. I can deal with a bunch of users saying I am an asshole, and prefer that to divulging the confidential nature of the potential threat. I am more concerned that by the slap in the face that Brad received from Jimbo, Angela, and Anthere, by revoking the compromise he had reached with Erik--Erik had accepted some responsibility, and they absolved him. Nor will I apologize to Erik, who, I firmly believe, acted recklessly for purposes of self-aggrandizement at the expense of the Foundation."



Whoops, it's "public" now! Later, Jimbo demanded that Erik be made the Foundation "Deputy Director" and "Chief of Engineering", and lo, it was done. Coming on the heels of the Essjay and Carolyn Doran debacles, where a simple background check would have have revealed that Essjay didn't exist and Wikimedia's COO was in fact a convicted felon, it is unsurprising to see that the Foundation never even bothered to Google Erik but you might wonder if they ever worried about his constant pedosmile.

Deopped, lol. Why? Dunno.

Wondering about those ugly banner ads on Wikipedia, constantly begging for money? Yep, thank Erik. Nearly got him b&d in 2009. If they couldn't get rid of him after that, he's cemented in for life, like a dried-out rubber on the Gay Penis Of Destiny. [5]

As "Deputy Dicktator", every MediaWiki software project that Erik oversaw was a flop. "Flow", "Media Viewer", and especially the "Visual Editor", which ain't. His attempt to cram them up the diseased prostates of his fellow Wikimedians resulted in "Superprotection", something that administrators could not undo. Shit exploded. Erik resigned his adminship on Wikipedia, and people finally shut up. Oh, the lulz. Sick Heil!

He fucked Angela

Madame Beesley sucked the Reichscock Of Erik from February 2005 until she switched over to Tim Starling in early 2006. EDiots theorize that Erik was not rigid enough during sex and that she often caught him fantasizing about little boys during sex, which is why what happened next in Erik's WMF tenure made even the most hardened EDiots throw up in their mouths a little...

He fucked Sue Gardner

The loving couple with Gayle Karen Young

A rumor surfaced in 2013:

"I heard today from a source I am inclined to believe (not a Wikipedian or WMF staffer, but someone with known access to Gardner and WMF staff) that Sue Gardner and Erik Möller had a romantic relationship, much to the chagrin of several WMF staff who disapproved, yet felt they weren't able to speak out (for fear of being sacked).


Never happened! Don't ask about it! Go away, fuck off!!

Lila fucked him!

April 30, 2015: Gone, just like a fart in a hurricane. The Wikipedians fell all over themselves to wish him the "best of luck in your future endeavours", standard corporate-speak for "fuck you and die, troll". Because Wikipedia critics had been bitching about him for years, suddenly they were denied one of their favourite targets. [6]

The many Pedosmiles of Möller

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