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In reality, Eric Douglace is forever alone.

YouTube Favicon.png ericDouglace is a a master troll and a of a similar age to his boyfriend. He trolled YouTube on October 8, 2010, similar to the way Josh did.

On October 22nd, it was revealed Eric's mastermind was a YouTube partner named LifeInATent, a right wing former fast money spambot who traveled the world Last Thursday and works two full time jobs to make quality videos. He had been doing some serious reverse trolling to try to reel in anon to subscribe to him. Being a licensed Internet Tough Guy, LIAT made several videos threatening violence upon Eric and earned himself 20,000 new 13 year old subscribers who thinks he's hot shit.

On November 1st 2010, it was revealed that Eric is a troll from Ireland who has been faking his voice and the content of his videos including being a fanboy of Justin Bieber. Why did he do it? All for the lulz.

The Video


On October 8th, a random /b/tard started a YOU RAGE, YOU LOSE thread with a link to his Jewtube. Oddly enough, the video had 0 views when the first few /b/tards saw it. Cancer did not find this in anyway suspicious, so began to rage in the comments calling him very offensive names like faggot in an attempt to make him cry. Within the span of a couple of hours, the video hit 100,000 views and had a shitload of comments. By the end of the day, the video had received several YouTube honors.

Several oldfags immediately knew he was using /b/ for views and tried several different methods of trying to take the faggot down, however they failed due to cancer leading the herd and proving that /b/ is overun by 13 year olds. The cancer continued to troll his YouTube page and flood the comments, thinking it was going to ruin his life.

It was concluded the best way to deal with Eric was to have his videos taken down due to him talking about illegal activities such as DDoS, hacking, and using his uncle to backtrace our IPs. To do this, we would have had to simply flag the video, select infringes my rights, click invades my privacy, and fill out the form acting like a butthurt concerned mother worried about the homosexual, satanist, nazi-loving boy on the YouTubes. Of course, anon decided to flood the comments and spread the video before the views got so high that YouTube didn't give a fuck.

On October 13th, the video was officially viral as an unfunny parody by LifeInATent was posted on the front page of YouTube. The faggotry is now mixed in with generic 13-year old boys raging about a Justin Bieber fan on YouTube. It officially hit 700,000 hits and continues to win honors.

As of November 14th the video has 1.6 million views with Eric's total video views reaching over 3.3 million, thus proving that any 13 year old boy who wants their troll video to go viral simply has to post it on /b/

Not a troll? Consider the following...

Eric started a Failbook the same day as he posted the videos. Morons that didn't bother to see that his only friends were /b/tards decided to post it and claim they were going to hack it and ruin his life. Eric also started a Twitter the same day as he posted the videos.

Eric created a website littered with pop-ups and ads the same day as he posted the video. It contained a countdown timer that was counting down to doomsday for /b/ he mentioned in his video. He made sure to plaster the site everywhere he posted despite it having no content whatsoever. He was making revenue off the hits and ads.

Eric is friends with JoshU2uber and promotes his channel. JoshU2uber is a known /b/tard. He is now going by the alias of Jackfilms1 and is working hand in hand with Eric.

All three of his videos had 0 or single digit views when they were posted on /b/ originally. Eric posted the videos himself and purposely posted negative comments about them to fire up newfags to attack. It worked.

Dox were posted all over /b/ and his YouTube that claimed his name was Alex Reaver. It also had an address and phone number. It was proven false, but it continues to be copypasted to this day. It is assumed Eric himself posted several fake Dox to throw people off track. There has yet to be legit dox posted.

Despite being the most obvious troll of all the interwebz, most newfags claim that he is too young to be a troll and insist that they can make him cry and ruin his life just like they did to Jessi Slaughter (whose life is not ruined and still makes videos with a doubled fanbase of moralfags)

Eric has publicly admitted to being a troll several times. It is overlooked as just breaking under the pressure.


you do know this is just me and eric trolling

he let me (ben megarry) have the account

its about to get famous


Eric Douglace - Explaining himself hes a troll on Jewtube


His website, [1], had a well-designed rage-inducing Justin Bieber image behind his video with a countdown timer. He was stealing our moniez with a popup advertisement. The website has since been taken down, the domain parked.

The video and websites ad revenue give Eric Douglace money. This shows that this troll is in it Jew, and not for the lulz. Any troll who does it for anything other than the lulz should be burned at the stake.

His video has won several YouTube honors. Despite talking about illegal activities, YouTube refuses to take action against the video due to it's popularity. However, there is a loophole due to the fact that he technically is underage by flagging it for youth violence, but due to the overwhelming number of views in the last couple weeks, there needs to be an organized strike against his video.

The reasons that Eric did this is since he craved some buttfuck from jacksfilms1 and the only way he could get it was from showing off his fucking sexxxy ass on youtube to impress jacksfilms1. Soon after heading Eric jacksfilms1 got herpes and did not want to cum out on youtube but he did and that is what his breakdown video explains. That cunthead jacksfilms1 has not closed his account on youtube but he has taken pretty much everything fappable and made his title "GONE" which means that he is making some butthurt for Eric as you read this.

His War Declaration on the Interwebz

Josh's boyfriend and a Justin Bieber fantard who pretends to be Josh's OL boyfriend. He has recently claimed to having an STD but this probably just a blatant lie to provoke JoshU2uber's haters. JoshU2uber admits in the video where he starts crying about his haters that Eric is not actually his boyfriend, but just a friend who supports him IRL and gets butthurt when people post anti-Bieber comments or post hate comments on his boyfriend's YouTube account.

Here's a proposition for you. You take the site down, and forget this ever happened, and the furry community will be neutral in the war. If not, you will regret ever having declaring war.


—Even the furfags are getting involved... proving this was a fail from the getgo! - gamingfurry14.

Eric (has recently made a video declaring war on all of the Justin Bieber haters making bullshit threats like threatening to put our pictures up on a faggot website and threatening to DDOS all of the Anti-Bieber websites and even finding everyone's dox. He has also threatened to sue YouTube if they take down the video.

On top of all that faggotry, he has even created a site against the Bieber haters, proving that he has Jew. (The site is now deleted).


To further his trolling fame Eric has now turned his hate towards the average gamer. No profit and all win for him as he pretends to have taken ballet classes, asked for more homework and suggests that everyone should play solitaire to be smart like him. Once again, people are raging in the comments still convinced that their faggotry is going to get to him one of these days.

The video has been private due to extreme amounts of butthurt. (Re-uploaded on another account)

Move aside /b/... this is a job for LifeInATent and the Campers!

On October 13th at around 1 AM, Eric posted a second video on /b/. It stars both himself and JoshU2uber, a well known underage b& YouTube troll. Not learning anything from the first time, cancer once again raged in the comments breaking Rules 1 & 2 and posting dox publicly for Eric to read.

LifeInATent, a YouTube whore, is alarmed of the faggotry on YouTube and notices all the hits and comments it's getting. So being the Jew that he is, he sees this as an opportunity for profit and makes a video about it.

Eric eggs it in, leading to more rage from "campers". /b/tards by now have subsided and have stopped caring.

LifeInATent`s video responce to the threat

Willy Wonka's reply. LifeInATent's involvement has since sprung an attack with his fanbase dubbed "The Campers" now spamming all of Eric's videos with unfunny insults.

Ironically, LifeInATent is a YouTube partner. So why is he still messing with a 14 year old kid? Because now he's making money too off of Eric Douglace's faggotry and the raging 13 year old boys who find him absolutely hilarious for owning a little kid.

Teh Impending Lolsuit

Now butthurt over all the rage on his page, Eric decides to threaten a lawsuit against LifeInATent and his campers. While this is obvious bullshit, everyone believes that Eric is taking himself completely seriously and begins to rage in his page some more.

OutbackZack`s video responce to the Lolsuit

Taking a break from his false tagging and general whoring on jewtube outbackhack responded in his typical reatarded way.

The Cancer Spreads...

Now that OutbackZack and LifeInATent have done pretty cool things like feed the troll for profit, they have since encouraged forced their 40,000+ subscribers to do the same. They now make their subscribers harass Eric Douglace and mention LIAT's name so that the rest of the cancer looks him up and subscribes for profit. Due to this, a whole new slew of 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls have begun to do their own and even unfunnier roasts. We have also now learned that LifeInATent is, in fact, a Jew and is also in it for the moniez.


On October 22nd, LifeInATent was "hacked". His webpage was now dedicated to a Justin Bieber image with text that declared ericDouglace the winner. And his YouTube channel had some serious vandalism which included and was completely limited to one video being renamed "Eric Douglace EPIC WIN". After LifeInATent simply logged back in, he had the following things to say.

OSHI- 52 TROJANS!. Though obvious bullshit is obvious, campers are still consoling and bawwwing over Eric successfully hacking LIAT. Ironically, LIAT is now himself threatening a LOLSUIT over this matter and the campers who were bashing Eric's LOLSUIT are now supporting this one. See: fanbois.

The Truth?

TL;DR: Eric and LIAT were gay fuckbuddies all along.

AFTER A LONG SESSION AT the whole conflict between the secret Youtube lovers LifeInATent and ericDouglace has been proven to be fake. As obvious as their trolling was, they had ruined something that had enraged countless 10-year old 4channers, and something that could have gotten bigger. As a result, their gay love has been exposed, and we can now label this publicity stunt “Made of Fail”. Only a retarded twelve-year-old with ADHD could fail to notice the sheer level of fail within the so-called hacking op that EricFagface planned. For the retarded twelve-year-olds on ED, here's why:

"Trojan horses may allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. Once a Trojan horse has been installed on a target computer system, a hacker may have access to the computer remotely and perform various operations, limited by user privileges on the target computer system and the design of the Trojan horse."

Obviously, Google would allow its crummy video-sharing site that no-one cares about to be hacked by 10-year-olds who have no knowledge of the internets whatsoever, thus allowing said hackers to take it up the ass in a cell (or the thirteen-year-old boy equivalent for Fagface). Taking it up the ass in a jail cell may have been Fagface's true intention all along, but due to his current relationships with Lifeinafail and others, this is quite unlikely.

In any case, for Fagface to hack Lifeinatent, Fagface must have sent him a Trojan which Lifeinatent would HAVE to accept in order for any of his accounts to be hacked.

Lifeinatent admitted to having trojans so Fagface pwned his ass pretty bad... oh wai.

Scenario 1: Lifeinatent is a retard who’s on crack.

Fagface: Hey Lifeinatent, I’m your arch-enemy. Download this so I can hack you....

Lifeinatent: Sure thing, lover boy!

This scenario relies upon LIAT being severely mentally disadvantaged and twelve years old, as he would have to be to miss something so obvious. However, as he is not twelve years old, we can now turn our attention to scenario two.

Scenario Two: Eric Fagface, his haxing team and LIAT are all in cahoots and are gay fuckbuddies.

Eric: Hey honey. You ready for this gay publicity stunt?

Lifeinatent: Sure. Let’s do it on Tinychat live. All these "campers" are on crack if they like my videos and will never expect this. Lol.

Lifeinatent: I’m sure people like this guy will never find out this is fake: (video baleeted)

Eric: ... I love you...

(^^This is what actually happened.)

Lifeinatent also managed to fuck things up by posting the truth on his Ustream [2] (channel is offline) and telling the world that he and Eric had been in on it together like the gay money-grubbing Jews they are. While he quickly started spouting bullshit about the war and his personal life afterwards, the truth had been made known to everyone. Keyboard heroes such as this guy [3] (video deleted) decided to reveal Fagface and LIAT’s faggotry to the world, thus sparking much butthurt amongst the “campers” that make up LIAT’s fanbase.

To make it look as though Eric’s haxxing was genuine, LIAT decided to change one of his video [4] titles to ERIC EPIC WIN and the description to I HAVE YOU NOW LIFEINATENT. As obvious as it was to anyone who wasn’t batshit insane at the time, newfags didn’t realize LIAT’s clever set-up and began raging about suing Eric. The less fucktarded, however, realized that had Fagface known how to hax, he would likely have deleted LIAT’s account and fucked things up more, instead of changing the video description to something out of a Victorian play.

Indeed, after some clever research, there were screencaps taken before the hack and after the hack of LIAT's security reset questions. (The only way that ericfaglace would be able to get a hold of his account if he tried) NONE of the security questions were changed, along with no message stating Googles' 24-hour password reset policy (which means that his password was never reset, because if all this happened in a "day" his account would be flagged when someone tried answering his security questions claiming no more access to his email account). Generally, a Youtube partner who just got haxx0red would put a little more effort to securing his account, but LIAT loves leaving the backdoor open for EricFaglace, so it's no surprise.

TL;DR, the bullshit has been exposed as nothing more than a publicity stunt for the moniez.

As anyone with half a brain can plainly see, Eric and Co. and LIAT have been in this from the beginning. They managed to troll legions of twelve-year-old 4channers through their gay faggotry. Very few saw the obvious troll for what it was though, and Fagface and LIAT were able to profit and make lots of monies from this. It is now clear that the two were in it only for the moniez and not for the lulz; they are not true trolls but Jews. As strange as it may seem, no-one saw it coming until the day of the war, thus proving once and for all that 4chan is full of newfags.

(As of yet, this has not been proven to be the truth. There is still a remote possibility that Lifeinatent is actually more retarded than he looks, and that Fagface trolled the internets harder than it had ever been trolled before.) (lol jks)


There is also a possibility that being fellow /b/tards the "hackers" used multiple guides on how to recover lost accounts, resulting in the actual hacking of his account. While still unproven, if anything did get hacked it surely was through social engineering, since people raging = ability to get information out of them. LIAT has also claimed that he did indeed get haxxed in this video, although this may just be more publicity.

A theory has also arisen saying that Fagface was able to send a keylogger to LIAT, resulting in the so-called hack because 14-year-olds do not actually know how to hack. A video giving rise to this claim can be seen here. Should this be true, it means that the conspiracy theorists have dun goofed and that LIAT is a pathetic fucktard for allowing himself to be engaged in a war over the internets with a fourteen-year-old kid, and also managing to lose that war.

So what really happened on the internets that fateful day? It doesn't matter. Either way, LIAT's a retard and Eric's gay.

The war is over

After taking much of the facts found on this very page, a video was posted as a response to LIAT's "post hack" bawww video to challenge both LifeInATent and his campers to refute the claims made here.

Unexpectedly, LifeInATent's own twin brother, WeathermanKevin, decided to stick his nose in the video. Unable to refute anything other than vouching for LIAT as his brother, he proceeded to do the family tradition of threatening a LOLSUIT and having the channel baleeted for slander.

Again, "probability" which you have 0% credibility in. You don't know me, and you don't know him. The absolute only one that knows me is me and him is him + me. Did you know I have a medical problem which may kill me by age 35 or 40? No, you didn't did you. So guess what ... you don't know a thing about anyone nor have credibility to assume such. Freedom of speech only goes SO FAR but it most certainly does not go as far as "labeling people" Do you get what I said?


—WKM butthurt and trying to create bawww due to the fact that he will die in 10 years.

You jealous morons just annoy the hell out of me and for me to be pulled into this really pisses me off to no other. When a hate video talks about "money involved" it becomes a jealousy trait. Again, I am a real scientist and I know the pattern when I see it. Your pathetic attempt, a jealous trait found in the emotion of jealousy. The only credible source to this will be me with the final word.


—WKM thinks he's a scientist for giving local weather reports on podcasts.

You know what is awesome? ANY publicity is GOOD publicity ... Ever heard of that? Even though you believe you are hurting LIAT you are turning people to check the channel out so guess what... thanks for being a marketer for the channel ... Want a *ucking cookie for your efforts?


—The classic Shane Dawson line.

After Brother Tent was chased off the page, LIAT himself decided to visit the page. And not refute a damn thing.

This video is the biggest joke ever, eric has 5000 subs just about and I BET you are one of them so haters will be haters.. Haters obvious is hater


LIAT claims victory

The day after his "hacking", LIAT posted the following video to clear up what happened.

Once again resorting to cliche excuses that make no sense to the situation, LIAT explains how he was hacked and what happened during the war. He also vows to keep us updated on his LOLSUIT for Eric editing a video title on his channel. He continues the rest of the video by being an internet tough guy and bragging about how he owned a 14 year old. Despite doing absolutely nothing to Eric Douglace, he brags about how the war is won and encourages forces his subscribers to spam his name on Eric's channels. Nonetheless, LIAT mentioned this was the end of his war with Eric Douglace and he would go back to his original content. Evidently this struck a chord with Eric.

Still intent on milking this for all it's worth, Jack made a video while sitting on the shitter with a schlong dangling down in front of him, screaming about how this war was not over.

Eric Douglace gets his ass kicked... literally

Naturally with YouTube being viewed by millions of people worldwide and some attention whore YouTube partner giving Eric the spotlight for profit, it was clear people would start recognizing Eric in the real world. It was here where Jack began to express concern about people in real life raping them in their sleep for acting like faggots in front of millions of people.

But soon shit got real. Jack, posing as Thumb Man, posted a new video where he explains that Eric's father just kicked the ever loving shit out of him. This caused Eric to disappear from YouTubez and make Jack ask for more advice. Of course this was later revealed to be obvious bullshit.

After stating that he's "moving on" and suggesting the haters get a life, LIAT appeared to be done with unfunny ericDouglace videos. However, his new video about him in Palm Springs turned out to have low viewcounts and LIAT realized that in reality, nobody gave a shit about him. To quickly claw back into marketing mode, LIAT released a video by parodying child abuse for lulz, not realizing that Eric and Jack were still trolling. He still considers himself a YouTube Superhero.

Anonymous prank calls Eric Douglace and threatens to release his phone number.

Following Eric getting b& from his dad, Jack began to post a series of disturbing videos that continued his mental and emotional breakdown.

Eric Douglace Exposed!11!!1

Finally Eric Douglace was officially revealed to be a troll all the along who is actually from Ireland and was doing all of this for the lulz. Although, in this video, Eric's accent changes from Scottish to Irish and almost hits South African at the end. This video was posted earlier, but Eric Douglace apparently paid someone $100 to have it false flagged to death.

The video also reveals that Eric is NOT a hacker and that all of the people in his crew are sock puppet accounts. This obviously confirms that LifeInATent was in fact lying about getting hacked the whole time. So it should come as no surprise that LIAT himself is flooding comments in this video and saying the video is bullshit.

The video was taken down, but there are a ton of mirrors up on YouTube. All of which has LIAT yelling at anyone who believes it.

Eric Douglace emotional breakdown!

Apparently Eric Douglace is nothing more then an attention whore. He explains parents hates him, his teachers gave him detentions and no one in RL likes him, that he wanted an acting career and that he can't feed his non-existent family. He pleads for forgiveness from everyone that hates him. Whether or not he'll get any pussy in the future at all is a serious doubt.

He also wants you to make him feel better. Rumor has it that giving him a blow job might make him aroused.

Dozens of people have suggested that he consider suicide as an option.

Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls

Eric now believes he is the most epic troll of all time. He recently did an interview with Trollsnews where he thanked the stupid shmuck LifeInATent and his stupid little campers by making him famous. Of course the campers defend their hero's honor by trying to convince everyone that he's just pretending to be a troll now. Brian "LIAT" Martin is still a scum faggot though.

In other news, WeatherManKevin and LIAT have also come out and admitted that their part in the Eric Douglace war was a publicity stunt. No shit. Kevin, like Eric, now believes he is also a master troll (master faggot).

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