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EFG and his son, jr
He does not approve
A new man, Epic Get Guy. Still fails a lot.
EFG is mostly recognized in other threads by a Guy Fawkes mask.
Established 1632 1066!
Taking over. The Scifags come first.
Epic Fail Campaign is here to ruin your entire Internets, and your IRL too.
Even TOW has to aknowledge EFGs contribution to the world of cinema.
They are legion, can't be stoped.
Epic triple win.
A new incarnation of EFG started to take over threads in June 2008, dubbed ENG, (Epic Nigger Guy) he took fail up to a whole new level.

The Epic Fail Guy now known as Epic Get Guy or -after seal-of-epic-failure-fusion with himself- Epic Win Guy is a meme in which Anonymous will draw images of a stick figure and imageboard roleplay this character going about various methods of failing completely. He is not to be confused with ZanderJGavin, the real Epic Fail Guy. This minor forced meme grew into a true meme of epic proportions when in one adventure he pulled a Guy Fawkes mask out of a bin. This image of a stickfigure wearing a mask much like in V for Vendetta became a meme and from then on most depictions of EFG will involve this mask. From then on, the original artist quit and let the faggotry run rampant. That fucking mask is fucking clownshoes. As a direct result of this, most alleged EFG threads are just people posting the same goddamn picture of EFG with the mask standing there, doing absolutely fucking nothing except failing in a very non-epic way. Recently a tripcode was created for efg, #[email protected]}kkbh, which results in !EFGGODxPJg, by some anon to attempt to weed out the newfags who are continuing to contribute to the faggotry. Recently EFG has a rival named "Epic Fail Guy 2" or "EFG 2"

Guy Fawkes was an English Catholic terrorist who tried to destroy the Anglican establishment by blowing up the English parliament in London the only person to ever enter Parliament with honest intentions some local retard to whom a bunch of real terrorists said "Here, Guy, just stand here and mind these barrels" and then ran off chortling to themselves because they knew he'd take the rap despite being completely unimportant in the plot.

Guy, the epic failure, was pwned before he could enact the Gunpowder Plot because King James utilized an early form of the secret service to stop the plan. Thus Guy became an Epic Fail that would be remembered for at least 100 years.

In threads that the OP or a majority of posters are undergoing complete and total failure, posting a picture of EFG is considered enough to tell Anonymous that he is failing the interbutts.

As Epic Fail Guy is a simple stick figure, many others have posted their own tales of fail using this character. Threads involving these stories usually turn into a complete mess as people post random EFG images in there and argue about whether the OP is the original EFG artist. These threads are best described as an epic failure.

Epic Fail Guy also has a son since a couple of months, Epic fail kid, already showing potential in becoming a mass failure just like his dad.

In June 2008, an Epic Fail Guy appeared who seemly isn't the original artist, but seems to bear traits from him. People argue whether this is really is the real EFG in disguise.

On December 23 2008, Epic Fail Guy was renamed Epic Get Guy after Getting a 5.

How to EFG

  1. Do (x), fail at it immediately. Riff on this and try to make it at least entertaining.
  2. Shoop EFG opening a box of win and (x) comes out. (x) can not equal win.
  3. Shoop EFG pressing the win button repeatedly and failing at it.
  4. Shoop EFG pressing win button and nothing happens.
  5. Shoop EFG saying he's going to "Post CP", mistakenly post Captain Picard and not child porn. (or any other objects or people with the initials “CP”.)
  6. State “(x) GET!”, which is actually impossible. (Examples: “&*iC! GET!”, "Eskimo Jews GET!")
  7. State “Newfags can't triforce.” and then fail at triforce on purpose.
  8. Use the term “epic win”, “i trolled you” and “lulz” in social situations which they obviously don't apply. The more stupid or awkward you can make it the better. This will enrage oldfags, newfags and moralfags. (Note: This is the most annoying thing on the internet.)
  9. Constantly explain what Anonymous is.
  10. Constantly state you are the leader of Anonymous.
  11. At all applicable social situations state, “Anonymous is all about exposing the crimes of Scientology.” (Which it obviously is)
  12. At all applicable social situations state, “Anonymous is a cult.” (Which it obviously is)
  13. Repeatedly ask everyone you know, “What about the Scientology children?!” (Which it obviously is)
  14. Draw swastikas and dicks everywhere on everything. (Lethal combo: dick swastikas) Try to focus on other people's personal property.
  15. Use the term, “we run this” to explain what EFG's is. Don't debate or explain it further. Ever.
  16. ????
  17. PROFIT!

Epic Win Guy

Epic Fail guy l2proxy

... Epic WIN guy.jpg


EFG trips n dubs.jpg


All wins belong to the set of fail, and all fail belong to the universal set Epic Fail Guy. Did EFG himself draw this?

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