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You're under arrest for being spotted in anti-me activity.

EpicKitty54 (also known as xX CakeLuvr7 Xx) is a youtuber, dA user, Brony, Gmodder, and Vorefag who is infamous for harassing all the good people of the dA, GMOD/SFM community and for his shitty Garry's Mod/Source Filmmaker videos. He's also known to have his white knights fight off the people he hates and even hates on people for being friends with people that he hates. If he sees you as a threat against him in anyway, he'll leave a stupid pathetic comment where he attacks you on your dA profile and then block you instantly like the coward he is. As of right now, he's still the laziest GModder/SFMer to ever get a huge ass amounts of subscribers and supporters.

TL;DR: He's the next biggest pest to hit the GMOD/SFM Community since Arthuurs.

The Beginning of Shit

It all started on Oct 16, 2011 on jewtube, when EpicKitty54 joined YouTube. Initially, he didn't create any videos. Then on June 7, 2012, EpicKitty54 released "Pony Shenanigans: A moment with Trixie". A Mediocre GMOD-Pony video with all the action being done by Physgun movement of Ragdolls and Choppy Framerate, a "trademark" that would be featured in almost all of his GMOD Videos. He then followed it with a sequel 5 days later which was almost the same thing, but even more boring. At this point, it was thought that this person was just going to be another low-viewed and tiny GModder who was probably only going to last for a few months before getting tired and quit.

The 1st Coming of Shit

EpicKitty54 hazard drawing by epickitty54.jpg

On June 26, 2012, EpicKitty54 released "Apple Card The Discord of Debt" which is a GMod Pony Video about all the Mane 6 trying to defend Applejack and Failing to do so from the federal enforcers after she refused to pay her credit card debt. Despite relying on Physgun movements throughout the whole fucking video with zero stop motion whatsoever, the video was an instant hit gaining over 200,000 views and still growing, it's currently his most viewed clip (Not Anymore as its place was now recently as of June 2014 taken when the views on "Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash get Lost in Time" recently gained more views then the original AppleCard). Shortly after that, he made a video series called "The Discord of Debt" and has been creating videos for the series ever since. Eventually he started making SFM Animations with surprisingly more effort put into them than his GMod vids, though only for certain parts of his videos, most of them are still done in GMOD. He eventually started making animations that are entirely done in SFM even though he still makes GMOD shorts and shortly after he started making Halo 4 Videos.

The dA Era

On November 29, 2012, EpicKitty54 joined DeviantART and then eventually joined the Garry's Mod and GMOD-Ponies groups there. His GMOD Pictures where just like every other Mediocre GModder at the time but he enjoyed giving Ponies guns just like his videos to make them look more convincing as badasses to the normal GMOD Public. (Keep in mind that a couple of Admins in the Garry's Mod group are not Brony's and would not let any descent Pony image change their mind unless it was a gory one involving Pony Death) Eventually meanwhile on the YouTube side, EpicKitty54 would end up becomming friends with 2 Other GModders, ZYNTRON and Pinkiepony55. Soon they became his supporters and had helped him gain more popularity and even made GMOD Tennis's with each other. (A GMod Tennis is when someone makes the 1st half of a video and then another user has the continue the story by making the 2nd or 3rd part and vice-versa) On January 2, 2013, EpicKitty54 became the new Co-Founder of the MLPFIMGroup (A Group that was formed on November 23, 2012 that had been through 2 founders in its lifetime)

The Drama Wars

EpicKitty54 yra is eating stuff again.png

Around the beginning of 2013, EpicKitty saw a jounal entry or some shit that Gonzalolog has done (A dA user who was known for making GMOD/SFM Versions of Pony Characters and Props that alot of people can use) Anyways, EpicKitty54 though he could do better thus he posted how he could do code better. Gonzalolog called it a stupid comment of course and of course, this setted EpicKitty54 into a RAGE!!. Of course, the more EpicKitty harrassed him, the more Gonzalolog started to hate the shit outta EpicKitty.

Then Gonzalolog made a mention on his journal that EpicKitty was messing with him and you expect that EpicKitty wouldn't give a shit. Well he did and thus it started all over again as usual which then lead to a group chat bitch war on Steam:

Your chat with Butt Stallion is now a multi-user chat.
Butt Stallion has been invited to chat.
gonzalolog has been invited to chat.
gonzalolog entered chat.
Butt Stallion: hi der
gonzalolog: unlocked
gonzalolog: well, ok
UDaCOM: Uncensored
Butt Stallion: im gonna keep myself brief so you dont tag me
gonzalolog: mmm...I said all what do you need there in deviant art
Butt Stallion: yea not all the way
gonzalolog: in comments, if you want say something, say it here
Butt Stallion: so over a minor programming issue im considered a fag eh?
gonzalolog: i gave you a lot of time chances of not being blocked on deviat art but well, that's enought
Butt Stallion: you really that much of a drama queen?
gonzalolog: well yeah, i'm a dramma queen
Butt Stallion: good
gonzalolog: so?
gonzalolog: what do you win with that
Butt Stallion: at least im more mature than you
gonzalolog: stalking my profile?
gonzalolog: building pony craps picture?
Butt Stallion: i never really did the stalking part
gonzalolog: thinking about you're better programmer than me because you have money, teacher and mac?
Butt Stallion: pony craps picture?
gonzalolog: and videos
Butt Stallion: awww the butthurt
Butt Stallion: so im a fag cuz i can be taught
Butt Stallion: awww how sad
gonzalolog: sorry dude, but you're coming in my profile more than 3 times on the week for writte something on my profile
gonzalolog: also, i have a visitor widget
gonzalolog: and you like my profile
Butt Stallion: oh so thats what makes you think im a stalker?
Butt Stallion: your visitor widget
gonzalolog: well, yah
gonzalolog: that's the point of being stalker
Butt Stallion: yea gimme a minute to laugh at that
gonzalolog: laugh relax, i don't need that shit, so when i can go out
Butt Stallion: you know how ridiculous you sound right now?
gonzalolog: yah, too ridiculous, you need tag me?
Butt Stallion: calling me a fag over very little issues?
gonzalolog: okay, i don't have problems
Butt Stallion: dude go see a psychologist
gonzalolog: You need face to say that
Butt Stallion: O RLY?
gonzalolog: trust me, i can't undestand which is the point of call me to a chat
gonzalolog: if you only will say shits
gonzalolog: give me an argument
Butt Stallion: cuz I want you to face your fears
gonzalolog: what?
Butt Stallion: im not as scary as you really say and think I am
gonzalolog: you don't know what are my fears
gonzalolog: i never said you're scared
Butt Stallion: im not scared
gonzalolog: congratulations
Butt Stallion: im just trying to get you to face your fears
Butt Stallion: and your drama
gonzalolog: i only fear to the death, spiders and never get a job
Butt Stallion: meh
gonzalolog: I told you before, you only are a bug
Butt Stallion: well I could really give 2 fucks about your little journal entry
gonzalolog: you're an accident from your dads
Butt Stallion: hahaha
gonzalolog: you're an example of why we should wear concoms
Butt Stallion: im an accident how cute
gonzalolog: *condoms
Butt Stallion: LOL
gonzalolog: gad,if i have a child like you, i should ask to somebody for cut my balls
Butt Stallion: oh I know why not cut your balls now
Butt Stallion: save you the trouble
Butt Stallion: man Im so tempted to post all this
gonzalolog: do it medic, do it
Butt Stallion: but you know why I end up not doing that?
Butt Stallion: cuz Im a bit more mature than that
gonzalolog: nobody cares a shit your stuff
gonzalolog: oooh
gonzalolog: you're mature because you'll post it
gonzalolog: come on
Butt Stallion: meh 630 subs says the opposite
gonzalolog: 33
Butt Stallion: wait you contradicted yourself
gonzalolog: *31
gonzalolog: eyup, 31
Butt Stallion: 2:20 PM - Gonzalolog: you're mature because you'll post it
Butt Stallion: you just contradicted yourself LOL
gonzalolog: what?
Butt Stallion: omg I cant believe youre burning yourself this bad dude
gonzalolog: sorry, i forgot the "?"
gonzalolog: really...You think you're mature for post a private chat?
Butt Stallion: no I sid im mature for not posting this chat and turning the other cheek
Butt Stallion: you can post it if you want to
Butt Stallion: its just going to show how immature you are
gonzalolog: i don't need it...You said to tag me
Butt Stallion: "whoever is without sin cast the first stone"
gonzalolog: "Butt Stallion: im gonna tag him on deviantart
Butt Stallion: see how he likes being a little pussy
Butt Stallion: so?
Butt Stallion: whats it gonna be
Butt Stallion: is he gonna come or am I gonna have to come after him?"
gonzalolog: i know why you're sad
gonzalolog: beucase i did the post, and i got
gonzalolog: wait, let me check
Butt Stallion: well all that was was to make sure you werent gonna hide
gonzalolog: 652 views and 47 comments
Butt Stallion: its called bluuffing
gonzalolog: and in the dupe post
gonzalolog: 14 comments and 68 vies
gonzalolog: *views
Butt Stallion: what now?
gonzalolog: i'm good with myself
Butt Stallion: what are those statistics for?
gonzalolog: my journals wich i've mention to you
Butt Stallion: yea so?
Butt Stallion: ive gotten more attention than that on youtube
gonzalolog: Youtube?
Butt Stallion: and you care about a stupid journal?
gonzalolog: oh cool, yah! the fag channel
gonzalolog: well, that was the point of this chat
Butt Stallion: lol the fag channel
Butt Stallion: this is so entertaining
gonzalolog: Give me your best video
gonzalolog: at least you didn't used loquendo
gonzalolog: OH YAH! you did LOLOL
Butt Stallion: I dont wana make me
Butt Stallion: man are you one sad spanish dood
gonzalolog: nope
Butt Stallion: good thing youre leaving the brony community
gonzalolog: i'm not spanish
Butt Stallion: well watever you are
gonzalolog: and you're ignorant
Butt Stallion: O RLY?
gonzalolog: I know where is latvia, the place of my second good friend
gonzalolog: and i'm sure you don't have idea where is argentina
Butt Stallion: south america
gonzalolog: Good one google!
Butt Stallion: nah from my head
gonzalolog: ok...It's late and i wanna continue with flash
gonzalolog: you need tell me something more?
Butt Stallion: yea
gonzalolog: ok
gonzalolog: cya
gonzalolog left chat.
Butt Stallion left chat.

In June of 2013, EpicKitty54 noticed that the Founder is giving the Garry's Mod group away to people so what does he do?, he gets an army of people including those who aren't even GModders to suggest EpicKitty to become leader of the group which thus didn't succeed what so ever.

Finally, he starts talking shit about people such as Jet and WaWor ironically in front of their friends on Skype and after that, WaWor then made a perfectly detailed Hate Comic on EpicKitty that not only exposes him for all he is, but also shows his dark side. EpicKitty pretends to not be butthurt at the comic, calling it advertising but in reality, he was butthurt enough to actually send in his whiteknights to attack the comic maker on the comic.

To help distract people from EpicKitty, he made a fake sock puppet account called "Warmyfuzzlebutts" posing as Arthuurs in a attempt to distract people from the drama on EpicKitty himself.


But then Arthuurs clamed on Skype that he couldn't had made a new account since he was IP Banned a while back and seeing that the account attacked people that EpicKitty hated, it was soon discovered that Warmyfuzzlebutts was EpicKitty54 the whole time. People where furious and very soon, people responded with Hate Plz's of their own. (Even ZYNTRON and Pinkiepony55 hates him now because of what EpicKitty did to them for being friends with people he hates)

Some people might tell you to not feed this bitch but here's the catch, every time you make a Hate Plz and spam it on his profile, he actually blames someone for it behind people's back while out in public, he hides the spam, but also spams his own profile to put the Hidden Spam Comment notices behind his profile.

As of right now, EpicKitty54 has yet to change or improve, but as of recently, he began going to the profiles of people that he hates or consider enemies and leaving childish comments on them before instantly blocking them.

Other Shitty Accomplishments

EpicKitty54 i have a crazy stallion.png
The Pony Idiot Box

Around April of 2013, EpicKitty54 was trying to find a way to boost his already unnecessary amount of Subscribers (Which was in the 1K spot at the time) when all of a sudden, he realized that no one has ever done a GMod Idiot Box with Ponies before with a title such as The Pony Idiot Box. Not only did he actually used a cleaver name that sounded just like the other popular series but rather then making his own shorts since he's too lazy, he decided to make it into a collab where people submit their own creations to him and thus, he announced in April and soon, he started getting submissions. Initially scheduled for a closing deadline of June, he moved it up to May which of course prevented any people who where spending lots of time on their work from entering of course and when EpicKitty54 released the 1st Pony Idiot Box on May 14, 2013, Views and Comments exploded. Its currently also his 3rd most viewed video and after getting so many subscribers from it, he then decided to make a Pony Idiot Box 2. Announcing it in the beginning of July 4 2013 with an intended deadline of August 3, 2013, he moved it up yet again to July 27, 2013 which of course also happened to be his release date. Despite having more entries from people this time, it wasn't as viewed as the previous Pony Idiot Box. That doesn't stop him though as he announced a 3rd Pony Idiot Box on September with a deadline date of December (Moved to November at the last moment) and while having slightly more entries then the 1st one while having less then the 2nd one, this one was even less popular then the 2nd one.

That Doesn't stop him.

He announced The Pony Idiot Box 4 but then of course after seeing many entries with copyrighted music and entries coming from a guy he hates in disguise, he decided to cancel the Pony Idiot Box 4, thus ending the Collab series once and for all for the better. (The 3rd one wasn't even edited as well as the 1st and 2nd one thus showing how lazy EpicKitty54 had gotten)

(UPDATE 8/28/2014: He reannouced his Pony Idiot Box 4 Collab) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC7fP6UfXkU

How to Piss EpicKitty54 Off

  1. Create a hate comic on him.
  2. Make a hate plz on him and then spam it on his profile.
  3. Have EpicKitty's enemies on your friends list.
  4. Kill either him or have him see ponies getting killed. BONUS POINTS IF ITS APPLEJACK!!!!!
  5. Make journal entries or comments exposing EpicKitty for what he is.


Derpy and a Motorcycle

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Their Methods

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