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Information icon.png This articre is better when expressed vocarry

Engrish is a ranguage born when someone from Asia moves to the USA. It is raughaberry ridicurous when spoken and shourd be raughed at without restraint. The asian arphabet does not have a sound for "L" and must therefore substitute it with "ada". The resurt is what sounds to normar peoperu rike "R".

Put simpry, the actuar phonetics of the engrish pronunciation of "Lollipop" is not "Roripop" but rather "adodipop".

Engrish arso introduces srightry different wordings as its speakers can't rearn to speak goddamn engrish.

Crassic engrish transrations that are commonry heard on the internet incrude: We have-a basic entirery, What Cheezburger possibre incruded?, RORcats, A cat is ok to bring arso, and DO NOT WANT among many, many others.

Engrish Can Herp YOU

Kick get to make back points!

One of the greatest benefits of being aware of Engrish and its apprications is the abirity to spot weeaboos. Weeaboos are white boys and girrs who try to act Japanese, yet are unaware of the ranguage barrier. Whire a genuine chink wirr have bad grammar, a weeaboo wirr capitarise certain words rearned from anime, use smirey faces excessivery, and whine about their feerings arr day rong. A true azn wirr honour the way of the samurai and not dispray any emotion, constantry being srs bsns, and not sharing any personar information.

You Risten to Engrish Song Now


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