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A Native Typical American

Almost qualifying as a dubious disclaimer — except that it is not dubious at all — "English is not my native language" is a statement made before some American makes another valiant attempt to murder the English language.

"EINMNL", as it is never abbreviated, is a strange concept when other factors are taken into account.

  1. Netspeak is noone's native language and few people ever murder the Netspeak language no matter what country they are from.
  2. Other languages such as teh Uber-Leet are impossible to understand anyway, so why don't they just learn that?
  3. America Online pwns teh internets, so what are people who don't speak English doing on it?

Despite the above, many people on the internet do not speak English or its nearest cousin American. Aussieintn is from Australia and does not speak English or American. Ghostlight is New Zealandian. Quasidan was born and raised on the internets and only speaks in ones and zeros.

Microsoft unveils its new French version of Windows

The qualification almost is as the doubtful refusal _ but this one _ nao doubtful of "English is not completely language" of the mine of the innate one; report/ratio, that one is immesso before some in-Americans of marcature, one another attempt, that one, he is of the English who the extreme assassin vailiant is.

"EINMNL", when it will never be reduced, disowned is a concept, if other factors are to consider.

  1. The import, Netspeak never is each possible arsenal of the language and small nao of the person murderous the language of Netspeak of which the country he is not.
  2. They are other impossible languages as teh ingualmente include/understand of Uber Leet inside he in case that that one, they does not learn therefore this why to the right?
  3. Internets of teh of pwns of America Online, this one is the people, of whom he does not speak, the end to the form of the elasticity to the English of the expensive outpost?

In the badness of that, it it speech very precedes approximately to people in the English Internet or to relative American not approximately the most exact cousins. Aussieintn is American Australia and says nao English or. Ghostlight is new Zealandian. Quasidan in the Internets and only speaks in those and ignited used of zero and the increase.

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