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Hello and welcome to the Encyclopedia Dramatica help pages. Here we hope to tell you everything you need to know to enjoy Encyclopedia Dramatica to its fullest. You can also check the FAQ for quick answers to common questions or leave a message for sysops on the Sysop Bulletin Board (you can also find them idling on IRC).

Here we will give step by step instructions on how to use the wiki technology itself. This is for beginners, experienced wiki users can skip this part.

To test your skills, please use the sandbox.

If your question is not covered here, please see the TJC or ask an ED Sysop.

Getting Started

Getting started with Encyclopedia Dramatica is easy. You'll want to create a user account first; you cannot edit or create pages without a user account!

Once you've got your account set up, your login name will appear at the top of your browser window. Congratulations, you're logged in!

Before we jump into the serious stuff, why don't you just take a look around? Try clicking on the menu options to the left such as Main Page and Random Page. Fun, right? I bet you're thinking, "Golly jeepers, I'd really like to edit and create some pages too! I mean, I can see a typo right there that I'm just itching to fix! And there isn't an article for my particularly sick and wrong sexual fetish!". That's ok, why not create one?

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly.

If you have a browser, you can make edits. It's that simple! Upload pictures, make links, complex tables, bold, italic, stats, lists and outlines, all are made easy and open to anyone with a wiki.

Making Edits

So you want to be a real, live, respected (HA!) EDiot? Well, let's begin. Before you create your own pages, you should know how to edit existing pages. Let's start there. Hit the "Random Page" option on the menu to the left until you find an article you'd like to edit. Once you've found one, click the tab labeled "Edit" at the top of the article.

Now you will see that you've been dropped into a large text editing box with raw text in it. Wikis are simple to use and this is where you edit the article in question. Make any simple language changes you'd like and then we can talk about making links, adding categories and formatting.

What's with the tool bar?

The tool bar at the top of the edit page has little icons for editing. Click them and mouse over them to see what they do. Feel free to play in the sandbox.


To embed YouTube videos into pages, use the following code:


Wiki-specific Markup

Please see Encyclopedia Dramatica:Help/Markup.

The Needed page

Needed content is listed by users on the Needed page. There you can find requests for articles or information that is relevent to other articles. Users who provide wanted content are often hugged and kissed and showered with affection.

There is also the special page Wanted Pages. This is automatically generated when two or more pages contain links to a page that doesn't yet exist.

Comparing versions

Need to prove that douchebag luser from down the range has been systematically making bad edits? Or do you need validate the fact you added something that made the article complete? The history tab is your friend. To select the two versions for comparison, firstly select a version using the left ticky box, and thusly select a later version using the right. Hit compare selected versions, and you will now be able to relive the glory days.

Creating a new article

Simply search for the article in the search box. If it exists, you can edit the existing article, if it doesn't, a link will appear that says "Create the page "<insertnamehere>" on this wiki!". Click that and you'll be dropped into an editing box. Save your changes after you're done and *POW* - your article appears.

Questions of content

The mission of the Encyclopedia Dramatica is to "spread the lulz". In other words, we exist to provide a place to catalog episodes of parody, humor and satire located on the internet, along with all associated language, individuals and media. We are a humor site and we provide the lulz in force. Please keep this in mind when editing or creating articles. Articles which are neither relevant nor funny will be deleted with impunity. Please see the general disclaimer for more information.

Content format

Please see the article Why not pipe? for stylistic pointers that will save your edits from rape.


Some would wonder who actually runs this site. We'd like to tell you it's a troupe of specially trained chimpanzees with keyboards. You can see them in action at Encyclopedia Dramatica:Staff

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