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Anonymous donating. Don't worry, your lulz addiction is safe with us.

Below are various ways you can donate to Encyclopedia Dramatica.

ED Donation Server

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ED Email Address


Send your Bitcoin donations to bc1qf9gw8cn3ujfpl0lddqrm02slr4ehs7szmpdksx

Send your Ethereum donations to 0xa67CeD256Fb3BE5413bDa36678feF0c5b38f36E7

Send your Dogecoin donations to DFXA5DhZvRBhnTyn1XimsiCvWsabFi4CVC

Send your Monero donations to 4AptF2zRVqsXAvQ3tAWebWUG5wKWW6xg86PTMA6qHeodYsD2XtLwSbXEYzgTxBUFpjKEPRKTHRsFDRW2GkYU2UyG9BezuP4

Send your Litecoin donations to LLMum7bpLBMTfH2Y5ongyEV17JUe1CyTxZ


Send your XRP donations to r94E8fb5YFbHFsaQSak8ZT6fTpqEYzmNp1

Any Other Way?

There are currently no other ways for us to accept donations, however if you can think of any different ways (like Cigarettes, Food Stamps, Fan Fiction or anything else) please contact an Administrator.


And this was a slow couple of weeks. Too bad nobody pays us CPM :(

Encyclopedia Dramatica is an independent non-profit website based in Sweden. All donations go towards one or both of two things:

1. Keeping ED online: Believe it or not there are people who don't like ED and would like nothing more than to see it off the Internet forever. They do things like write to our hosts and advertisers asking them to discontinue doing business with us. Sometimes this works, and sometimes we lose a lot of money that we were counting on to pay for ED.

2. Improving ED: Whether some people like it or not, ED is a very popular site. It serves between one and three million pages per day. As popularity grows it is necessary to add more servers and bandwidth to keep the site from choking. We regularly add and upgrade hardware, software, firmware,

and surfwear heuheuheuehehue

But-but-but-but I have a Dreamhost account and I know for a fact that this site can't cost more than $10 a year!!!:

Ok this is the stupidest shit someone could possibly say, and you might not know it but when someone says something like this it makes them sound like a complete fucking idiot who knows nothing about computers. We have to mention it here though because we hear it a lot. ED cannot survive on shared hosting. Even if it could handle the traffic, which it can't, we violate the TOS of 99% of the Internet's hosting providers, and the remaining 1% are not cheap. That and the fact that ED runs on at least 2 dedicated servers, 5 smaller virtual servers and 7 reverse proxies scattered throughout the globe at any given point in time makes shared/cheap-as-fuck hosting not an option. We need real servers, with real memory, real processing power, and real diskspace, all of which costs real money. Only the best for ED/our users.


Donations are non-refundable.

See Also

  • Email for donation questions
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