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/v/ is most commonly known as the video game board on 4chan. It has counterparts in 7chan's /vg/and 420chan's /vg/, but as they are slower moving and parts of less popular chans, nobody really cares about them.

/v/ is essentially a SFW b with a slight flavor of video games. It somehow contains more shitposting per inch as well. While it is technically SFW, there is a large amount of crudely edited or cropped furry or loli porn posted by degenerates.

It is filled with underage fanboys, trolls, former /b/tards, and people that were banned from GameFAQs, none of whom would know a good game if it cock slapped them in the face. /v/ is well known for its constant and never ending trolling and flaming due to the complete ineptitude of its mods. It is 4chan's second most populous board, second only to /b/, and is quite possibly one of the worst places on the internet. To spot someone who is new to /v/, simply look for threads where people are actually discussing the vidya, rather than bickering about console wars or jacking off to shotacon. Any discussion actually related to video games is often ignored or shitposted into oblivion.

What have I missed?
South Park
2 days ago
4 days ago
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition
6 days ago