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South Park - Mysterion Rising.jpg

South Park is a poorly drawn cartoon series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone as an experiment to create the most offensive show in the history of television, and therefore found to be funny by retarded trolls on 4chan. It debuted on Comedy Central in 1997, and has since gone from gross-out comedy to basically what happens if you give pol and libertarians the rights to make their own cartoons as a way to promote their political opinions. Due to its merciless stereotyping of every form of ethnicity in the world (e.g. Crackers, Niggers, Azns, Feminists, Politicians, Americans, Europeans, Arabs, the Mentally Ill and generally absolutely Everything, but most especially JEWS), has produced more memes and submemes than the last 50 years of public television combined, which is why trolls love it all the more. Along with Total Drama Island, it is also one of the only two animated shows to have ever featured a white person having sex with a negro.

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