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This article defines official ED Policy.
Shortcut: ED:ARCHIVE
A winrar could be you when if we need to rebuild again

We sporadically publish full text backups of ED for mirroring and archiving purposes. This page will be updated occasionally with site dumps.


At Encyclopedia Dramatica we periodically release text backups of all of our articles. This is to fulfill a promise we made when we took over administration: That we would provide occasional downloadable archives in case anything happens.

This is in no way implying that we are not going to be doing ED anymore. We love ED and will continue providing it until they rm -rf the data from our cold, dead servers.


We provide HTTP/HTTPS for our text dumps.

The Files

Below you will find the most recent backups. For older releases try ThePirateBay.sx or Archive.org.


December 2020

Template Archive (23rd December 2020) (3.3MB)
Restoration 2020 Archive (23rd December 2020) (55.4MB)


April 2021

Full XML Imageless Archive (483.2K) (57.0K)