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Emotion Eric is a Web 1.0 site from at least 100 years ago featuring an azn man who takes requests for conveying any tion with his facial muscles. The camwhore himself, Eric Wu, was famous back around 2002 for winning being nominated for a Webby Award thus making him notable enough to have an article on Wikipedia.

The website itself is not that lulzworthy, but besides the most basic emotions that can be found on the site some of his really bizarre requests are to do things that are not really emotions at all. The fact that the website itself is not really that funny or amusing just goes to show how much the internets has improved since the early part of the decade of the '00s - you can pretty much get any hawt, secret fatty camwhore to do emotions for you and that's much more fun and pleasureable than watching a little azn man make stupid faces amirite?

It is also believed that Eric Wu is the cousin of the NO U guy. Unfortunately, we have no verifiable sources to back this assertion up. He also hasn't updated the site since 2004 - i.e. since Encyclopedia Dramatica was created. Again, it is not known why.



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