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Emma_Drama all started with a brilliant work of art written by the ex-fiance of Gerard Way of the band, My Chemical Romance. The story was filled with a Mary Sue named Emma and involved wish fulfillment of the utmost kind.

The storyline involves Emma falling in love with this guy Paul, who was in a band called The Black Pajama Party. (I shit you not) with his brother and a bunch of other people who don't matter because they aren't the lead singer. She stalks him until he agrees to fuck her after getting really turned on while touching her belt. Meanwhile, she sleeps with the whole band and when Paul dumps her for being a dirty whore, she tries to kill herself with sticks. The sticks don't work because she cuts, across the street instead of down the road and so she doesn't become an hero. She goes and helps the homeless and is single for the rest of her life because she doesn't need a man to complete her.


A brilliant suggestion was made that the community members should make MySpaces for the characters from the story. What went down is that, in the beginning, Paul and Emma were enjoying young love. Emma was seduced into cheating on Paul by the sharp pieces of wood, who were there for her in her time of need. Paul dumped her ass and dated Bret, who was in some other band. The band's mortal enemies are some band called My Alcohol Romance, who suck slightly more than the Black Pajama Party.

The Gifted & Talented Bullshit

So lj user Lj-favicon.png jennasie phoned in the first time Eliza appeared on Fearless Radio. She basically went apeshit on Eliza, telling her to stop "pussyfooting" around and admit it. So, Eliza commented on how she was engaged to a great man named Gerard, or some shit like that. Some argue Jennasie was a bitch for making the call, as Eliza seemed pretty depressed following it, but because she expected to cry anyway, nobody cares. A more serious question that was asked during this same radio show was, "How did Emma think Paul was in bed?" While most sane people would not want to know, these people are from Emma Drama, so they don't actually know what DO NOT WANT is. Anyway, Eliza replied that, "Emma thought Paul was gifted and talented in many ways." Some argue the validity of this statement, but no one cares about My Chemical Romance.

Fearless Radio Gets Involved

FearlessRadio00 enters the room

At Least 100 years ago, the community went apeshit when they invited Fearless Radio, the Radio Show of Christopher Gutierrez (speaker who notable feuded with Pete Wentz and, in return, got a song written about him), which featured Eliza Cuts (writer of the fanfic), into their aim chatroom. Much lulz was held as Michelle, the woman who was pinned with forwarding all instant messages to the radio show, played along and conversed with the members. Her attempts to keep up with the chat were futile and she kept screaming out the phone number and telling people to say "I love you" to Kris. The community regarded this chatroom as epic, as Michelle asked to be included in future talks. Because Michelle knows Eliza IRL, the community shit itself.



Lj-favicon.png surge_me and Lj-favicon.png misery_passion were feeling randy but instead of doing something about it, they decided it would be funny to post macros over at a post in Lj-favicon.png ohihateeliza. Unfortunately, photobucket was down for maintenance and they had to settle with spamming old shit. Two more posts were made acknowledging the asskissing of the community. The Lj-favicon.png ohihateeliza mod was butthurt and deleted the additional posts, as well as posting a followup in both communities.


Emma's Story

 Now this is the story all about how
 My Chem fandom got flipped, turned upside down
 And i'd like to take a moment, just sit the fuck down, k?
 I'll tell you how I became the hero of a comm on lj.
 Somewhere in Germany, I was born and raised
 Divorced at the gym, where I spent most of my days
 Fangirling and Fawning, Pussyfooting all cool
 And all slitting my wrists with wood outside of the school
 When a couple of hair stylists said "We're up to no good"
 Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
 I started cutting hair and it scared my mama
 She said "You're movin with your bitches and whores in Emma Drama!"
 I whistled for a tour bus, and when it came near
 License plate said "Fresh Michelle" and it had dice in the mirror
 If anything, I could say that this bus had aidz
 I heard the commun shout, "You gonna get raped!"
 I pulled up to rehab about seven or eight
 And I yelled to the guitarist "Yo Homes, smell ya later!"
 Paul touched my belt, he called me a drama llama
 I said "Fuck You, I'm going home to Emma Drama!"
 --by Lj-favicon.png surge-me



As of October 10 2008, E_D is no more. The community's maintainer, Lj-favicon.png misery-passion, went bipolar on us again and took down the site. Her life was just ~too hard for her to deal with another such burden on her shoulders. Please to be spamming her with goatse nao, plzkthx.

Although the comm had been pretty much dead for some time before its demise, it was still the centerpiece of this entire shit circus, and now the final resting place for so many memories. Good tiems, good tiems.

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