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Music is actually pretty good if you change the lyrics, voice, chords, beat, and violin

Emilie Autumn is a "Victoriandustrial" musician since before corsets, wheelchairs, and mental illnesses were invented. She has become popular in the recent years among gawfik tweens filled with angst and darkness because she's so original that no one can define her. And, although she's rather underground, she likes to think she's well-known enough to be plagiarized by the likes of Lady Gaga.

She calls her rabid fans her "Muffins" and "Rats" and whatever other noun she can pluralize at the moment. As a result, her fans insist they are called this because of her calling them that once or twice. Mature and reasonable fans do exist but are extremely rare because when they show a disconnect from the Emilie Autumn hive mind, they are usually exposed as not "true Muffins" or "true Rats" and are often banned, killed, or abused instantly. Nowhere is this more evident than on her forum.

Autumn at all times likes to remind everyone that she's bipolar and thus not responsibile for herself. Ironically, whenever someone else mentions her mental disorders, her fans get upset that they don't focus on her music. However, she hasn't made a new song in ages and she's been touring the same old CD close to forever now and just remixes figuring that no one would notice she has run out of creativity and originality.

Stage Persona

Trained for years to play at a classical level but now mimes playing along to a pre-recorded track during her shows


Although styling herself as an insane, street urchin from Victorian England, she's from the rich American elite from California. She also claims, likely after playing gothic retellings of Alice in Wonderland, that her entire family perished in a house fire and she was the sole survivor - this would, of course, be a shock to her sister, Sunshine Fritzges, a professional bodybuilder, who is alive and unburned, and her mother, the seamstress for all of Emilie's outfits - but, despite obvious proof, Emilie's beloved muffins believe her claims.

Stage Shows


Once something worth watching, full of audience participation, theatrics and actual violin playing and singing, it's now her "Bloody Crumpets" nearly streaking, miming violin playing, hardly any singing, and lots of rage over a stolen teddybear, named "Stuffer". Her costumes are known for corsets and short skirts covered in glitter to make up for their bad construction.

The Bloody Crumpets are listless women in her Asylum, simply wandering around the stage, looking lost, and occasionally spitting tea over the audience. The current line up of Bloody Crumpets is forever changing, that most likely conclusion being that if they show more originality than Emilie herself they are fired.

She loves to tell people who piss her off to "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" regardless if it's her show and her stage. But being mentally ill, she cannot help it and thus is cannot be held accountable for neither her temperament or her shitty shows.


Emilie Autumn: Fact or Fiction

During 2004, Autumn found herself pregnant despite having been on birth control. Terrified of pregnancy and childbirth and unwilling to pass on her bipolar disorder, she had an abortion. Later, she attempted suicide and was admitted to a LA psychiatric hospital. Under suicide watch, she complained about being watched and no privacy - obviously failing to understand what suicide watch actually is - however, she exaggerated and embellished her experiences to gain sympathy by implying that she had been there for many years, when, she was only there for two weeks. After this, he had her "cell block number" tattooed (even though wards don't have cells).

No one tried to break me out or contact me, and I wasn't allowed to call anyone. Now, I watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and realize it's actually a pretty accurate portrayal of a modern-day asylum.


—Emilie Autumn, commenting on the hellish experiences she had after spending two weeks in a mental hospital.

On a side note, Emilie claims to have frequently self-harmed. This is weird, because her arms are completely bare and devoid of the usual scarring one would expect from someone with such a habit... Jus' saiyan.

Her Book

Emilie later wrote an autobiography, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, supposedly based on her experiences. Based on her diary written in red crayon while institutionalized, the book features talking rats and a Victorian inmate named "Emily". The message is supposedly that many patients were not insane and that mental mental illness remains misunderstood.

Even despite being admitted this poor little rich girl doesn't know much more about mental illness and institutions outside of inaccurate Hollywood movies

Alice in Wonderland

In her book Autumn claims to be a direct descendant of Alice Liddell, for whom Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written. However, of Liddell's children, three sons, two died childless in World War I, and the other couldn't possibility have spawned such a mistake of nature like her. Some even argue that Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, somehow stole the idea of his story from Emilie's own experiences and is only more famous because he published the novel before Emilie was even born.


Except that she doesn't seem to really get what asexual means... Also stating in an interview that she wasn't asexual, she just hadn't had enough good sex..

About your sexuality; what are your tendencies? Are you hetero, bi, lesbian?


—the question asked

I think for the most part I feel asexual, which is a kind like you are not completely attracted to either men or women, is in between spaces which is almost as to be bisexual, because you don't have a real choice. I've been with men, of course, but I love women so much (and you can see it on stage) ...and that's what men think: "oh, this is what women do?" that doesn't make me a lesbian, it's just what happened. But at the same time there's a part that I don't like, and is to don't be on only one side, because it makes me confuse. And often I watch all from the outside, and I watch all as it is fine, and I respect it. I'm just proud that more and more people show their own tendencies and sexuality in a more free way, I speak even about my shows, where there's a "lesbian marriage" every night. We started like a joke, and it develop in a very good thing, where people feel more and more comfortable to show themselves.




The formula for stringing Plague Rats along for years... And years...

As each tour so far as been named for a part of The Asylum (the Plague, the Gate, the Key, the Door, etc), it's only fitting that her upcoming ones are the Foyer, the Hallway, the Garage, and finally, the Game Over tour which restarts the whole fucking process again, starting at the Gate! Because of this everyone is fucking sick of the same old shit as the lyrics sound like they were written by an edgy 15-year-old obsessed with misandry.


"Muffin that is stunning!!
That is one of my all time favourite photos of her and you did a beautiful job at drawing it! <3"
Emilie Autumn, now available in sparkledog form

Autumn's "Muffins" are usually gawfik pre-teens to teens or similar mentality whom no one understands. They lack introspection and are too insane to realize their own insanity. Thus they worship Emilie as a Goddess because her music cleanses the suffering in their hearts. Listening to underground music like her makes them cool and style is unique, just like how they actually are. (Some Muffins call themselves "Plague Rats" if they believe her Liddell history.

That being said, some fans are actually mature and intelligent adults but aren't called "true Muffins" and are generally dispised by the majority and banned from Emilie Autumn's forum once they disagree with the what Emilie and her minions say.

Naaawww!! That is so cute!! Omg, i cant get over how adorable that is!!


—The speech of a typical Emilie Autumn fan

Wasted sun rise

Running after other people’s expectations
Unreachable dreams
Like stars always shining in my face
And my screams their sky
A confused mirror
Is unsure of what to reflect in front of me
Glimpse of self-awareness in pain
Happy seconds buried by the hours of torment
In a road away from light
Any moment of happiness
Has been chemically induced
I took more than what I could handle
As I crawl in a pavement made of nails
Towards my emptiness



—Shitty poetry shows suffering. This feeds the Emi-God.

Signs of a Fan/Muffin

Emilie Autumn encourages her fans to be original, which is why they all look and act the exact same fucking way.

  • Likes gawfik fashion.
  • Hot.
  • Calls Emilie Autumn a goddess or mistress.
  • Claims to love classical music, but has little to no knowledge of the subject.
  • Is full of angst because their parents won't let them dye their hair pink or wear corsets.
  • Tries to develop Victorian mannerisms.
  • Goes on about how they love tea
  • Claims to suffer from bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis, OCD, split personality, ADHD, and whatever else they can think of.
  • Tries to become vegan to be more like their goddess.
  • Owns rats and names them "Teacup", "Opheliac" and other gawfick names.
  • Has a piece of clothing with the phrases "Ophelliac", "Plague Rat", or "Are You Suffering" on it.
  • Some fans may wear a corset. Of course, in order to fit into the corset, not being a gothapotamous helps.

In most cases they should avoided at all costs. Say nothing negative or they will become violent!

Drama and Forum

Emilie Autumn during that time of the month.

An example of such drama was when Emilie decided to leave her current recording company because it was too controlling and wanted her to go mainstream. Some people commented against Emilie's wishes and such an outright defiance caused her to tell them to GTFO. And her brainwashed fans followed and turned on their once prominent members. Afterwards, everyone was told to STFU and not question the banning and to pretend as if nothing happened.

Nothing I say or feel is legitimate, not ever ever ever because I'm bipolar


—That's exactly right, Emilie


Drama happened again when Emilie, in her song Thank God I'm Pretty, where she decided to abandon her principles of not being an object in favor of doing a strip show burlesque show including wheelchairs (then 'stolen' by Lady GaGa), blood, and fake suicide. And afterwards, she took off her shirt and showed off her corset and glittery pasties... all for the sake of ironyORLY??

Irony? Riiiiight.

She appeared in Playboy trying to pass herself off as nothing but a hot chick. She tweeted about it and any Muffins disapproving were immediately killed. Following this, her concerts began to show more flesh and less talent (remember, it's apparently ironic) in order to be more gawfik and original. Interestingly, all sexual content is banned from Emilie's forum, yet she, herself, is often seen half-naked and encouraged fans to buy Playboy.

Eventually, after some even more extraordinary claims, some Muffins FAKE FANS began to see through her persona but were promptly banned. Her Muffins should be proud, or else...

Because of her overbearing restrictions, many fans left the forum calling her out as an attention whore and liar. And, obviously, this resulted in massive bannings with the mods telling those users of little faith to fuck off elsewhere. Thus, they made their own forum and there were forum wars and internet cold wars via blogs and tumblrs supporting and disapproving of Emilie

And now there are anti-Emilie sites (Wayward Victorian Confessions) and pro-Emilie sites (Spreading A Plague of Love) and all of it amounts to heaping piles of stupidity and ruining the internets.

This is quite pathetic. Are you aware that this blog could be used to sue you for defamation of character? It's slander, and rather rude of you. How would you feel seeing people talk about you in a hurtful way? It's not a nice feeling. I will admit that some of the comments are nice, but that is not the point. So... You're pissed because you didn't get a reply on twitter or whatever else it was that you wanted? So, naturally you thought it would be fun to bitch and spread hate? Go fuck yourself.


—No, you go fuck yourself, idiot

Just so you admins are aware, the guilt trip you posted was very stupid. "Sending it to EA is low" - no, bitching about her and HOPING she wouldn't find out? THAT is low. Yes, people have opinions. How do you know she didn't find it herself? It's quite possible. She's not nearly as stupid as you wish she was. And now she knew about the other one, I bet she'll find this one herself. She deserved to see the blog, the good comments, and the bad. Grow up.


—Another idiot

She recently deleted her forum, posting a message telling her fans to "stop hiding behind pretentious usernames and go out in the real world", much to everyone's disapproval. Plenty of her fans left her after that, saying that her forum was their 'safe place' and now that it was gone they were too pissed to support her anymore.


Lady Gaga

Gaga's response to Emilie's animosity.
Glittertits Meme!
Emilie Autumn 'putting her paws up', like she'd been doing for years before those sellout thieves Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson stole it.

Most recently, Emilie has raged at Lady Gaga claiming that she is the reason for her lack of fame because she used wheelchairs first. "I know it. My label knows it. Everyone knows it. Truth." and that Alejandro made her want to "blow my brains out." Lady Gaga fans came to the rescue, letting her know they'd be happy to help her with that.

But, admitting defeat, Emilie has decided to cover Lady Gaga songs for the lulz and taking suggestions from her fans.

So, if I were to cover a Lady Gaga song, which should it be, PRs? Only ever heard a couple that happened to be on the radio, don't know any.


—Yet Emilie knows Gaga's songs well enough to "blow her brains out" when she hears Alejandro...


The five girls from SuckerPunch, all of whom are considerably hotter and younger than Emilie Autumn. Yeah, even the man-faced one on the end.

So, pretty much everyone's seen Zack Snyder's sucky film Suckerpunch, right? The one with all the hot chicks in the mental asylum with guns and swords and more mind-fuckery than Inception? Yeah, well, the storyline is vaguely similar enough to EarAche's farce of an 'autobiographical novel' (mental asylum, hot chicks getting revenge on evil menfolk, different worlds within worlds...) to get rabid PlagueThunderMuffinRats (or whatever the fuck they're calling themselves these days) frothing at the mouth, and tweeting/writing to EarAche incessantly.

Well apparently she'd had enough, because she then tweeted this to her army of adoring sparkly-boot-lickers:

Dearest Plague Rats, after receiving over 1000 letters (and counting) about the film SuckerPunch, I feel just a bit obligated to make some sort of a statement: The varied authors of these many letters are very kindly writing to inform me of their belief that SuckerPunch (great title, isn't it) is largely based on my book, The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls, that was written and publicized long before this film was written and made. I want to make clear that I do not know this to be true. I have never seen the film, nor do I plan to, primarily because I've been told by enough trusted sources that it is embarrassingly bad, and now because, after all I've heard about its possible plagiarism issues, I'm afraid it will make me upset, and I don't have time for that kind of negative energy right now. I can assure you however that my attorney takes all reports and claims of plagiarism, whether in a book, film, or performance extremely seriously, and will actively looks into this and any other such reports and do whatever it is that needs to be done. I also want to thank all of my Plague Rats very sincerely because you've proven to me time and again that you always have my tail, as I always have yours:). Now, let's go look at some stars!!


Seems reasonable and level-headed?... Actually, no.

  • SuckerPunch (2011) started as early 2007, while The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls was published in 2010
  • Emilie Autumn is only known in alternative circles. Would Snyder have known about her back then?
  • Despite what her rabid fantards believe, Emilie Autumn did not invent the concepts of mental illness, insane asylums, the Victorian era, hot chicks or sucking. These concepts, shared by both Emilie Autumn and Suckerpunch have been around since time immemorial.

Drama continues and The Reform

Drama Queen

The Reform is a forum created for those who disagreed with Emilie Autumn and were told to take their shit elsewhere. It is full of the most twisted, filthy, amazing people ever. Emilie Autumn is occasionally the butt of many jokes there and the board even has a number of their own memes about her. The board has since taken to the idea of merely using Emilie Autumn Refuge as a foothold, and moving on to a number of other things, be it the makeup, Alan Rickman's Penis, Monty Python, circuses, or sad-sexy smilies.

They've also developed their own in-forum memes such as

  • Anything that is similar to another member's post gets a reaction of "I did it first! Truth!"
  • There is a version of advice dog with Emilie Autumn giving career advice
  • There is also GlitterTits. Emilie's pastie adorned tits giving orders to all those still loyal.
  • Emilie Autumn has also been placed in a few different memes
  • A favorite is about how Lady Gaga 'stole' from Emilie without even knowing who Emilie is.

Glittertits knows what's best.

It continues: A certain fan (read: stalker), well-known for his obsession with the singer, updated Encyclopedia Dramatica to include his strange and sad story, as detailed below:

"Spies were found in Reform forum. The moderators of the Official EA forum saw fit to extend their reach into the Reform forum and ban anyone they did not like from the Official EA forum based on posts on the Reform forum provided they weren't banned already. One such included a very prominent supporter of EA's music and former moderator and at the time well respected by many in the community. For reasons unknown, the moderators refused to work anything out. They refused to communicate, answer questions, or do anything except permanently ban this member from the forum without any other actions taken. Not even a reasonable explanation other than accusing him of supporting piracy. Labeling him a criminal when he never pirated anything in his life.

This prominent member tried to reason with them, but they refused to listen. He attempted to work something out with EA's manager who was placed in charge of the forum. Unfortunately, she did not have any time or cared enough to work something out. It took 10 months to get a straight answer which was no, he would not let back on the forum. During those 10 months, she kept replying "I'll look it," or "I haven't forgotten." Months and months pass and nothing was done.

In the meantime, the moderators of the EA forum, decided to have a particular lapdog personally attack this prominent member both personally and publicly accusing him of obsessively stalking Emilie Autumn as the reason he was banned from the forum. Moreover, a moderator joined in and posted private conversations publicly and slandered prominent member.

Forced into a corner with no way out or any choice, the prominent member was on a verge of a mental breakdown and felt he only had one choice which was to try and contact Emilie Autumn directly for help. He reached out and unfortunately, she rejected his pleas. Instead, permanently banning him for life from all EA functions with no chance of ever supporting her music again.

Even after one and a half years of enduring bans and restrictions, this member still fights for the right to support Emilie Autumn's music and art. One of the die hard loyal fans and yet, he is denied even to pay the artist for her music and art. He tried paying for membership into the Official Emilie Autumn Fan Club, but his money was promptly refunded to him as though his money was not good enough to support the artist he loved.

There have been some victories for this member despite suffering the harshest of punishments. The majority of the moderators stepped down. Whether or not on their own accord, it definitely appears to have been some how caused by this member. Many of the rules of the Official Forum were changed, and many of the suggestions in his plea's to work something out were used. The moderators took full credit for his ideas and gave nothing in return. Not even a simple thank you.

This is the ugly truth about Emilie Autumn, the forum moderators, and EA's management team. They do not care about the plague rat community. It is all facade based on this unfortunate event."


Emilie Autumn. Moar liek Emilie BAAAWWWtumn, amirite? About missing Pics
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