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  • Mikemikev (Michael Coombs) created the following article on Rightpedia, using a sockpuppet "Varg88", but later deleted it.

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Emil O. W. Kirkegaard is a Danish pro-white racial realist psychological researcher. He appears to be red-pilled on various things, and his political views are paleoconservative, also aligning with white nationalism and the alt-right[1] for example he opposes Muslim/Pakistani and other 3rd world mass immigration into Europe and the US realising it brings about dysgenics, increased crime rates (such as Muslim rape gangs) and destruction of European culture.[2][3] He recognises non-whites are not indigenous European ethnicities like the English and that nationality is based on more than a mere passport.[4] Kirkegaard supports nationalist parties such as the Sweden Democrats and is critical of feminism, political correctness, SJWs, and race denialism. Kirkegaard seems to understand The Mantra and has talked about methods how to reverse the demographic replacement of ethnic Europeans by non-white immigration e.g. western governments having strict border controls and "experimenting with ways to boost fertility" of whites.[5] 

He has appeared on Tara McCarthy's YouTube channel for a discussion about eugenics.[6] 

Emil Kirkegaard often publishes race and IQ research, and his work is quoted on American Renaissance.[7] 

RationalWiki and SJWs

SJWs created an article attacking Kirkegaard on RationalWiki. The article documents a lot about Kirkegaard's paleoconservative and alt-right-leaning political beliefs, but doesn't point out why these are wrong in the first place; secondly, Kirkegaard also claims the RationalWiki contains libel about him, such as describing him as a "paedophilia apologist" by SJWs taking out of context a 2012 blog post he wrote about paedophilia. In response, he updated the post with a "note" in 2017: "Since some people went around my blog looking for dirt and found this old post, it seems appropriate to add some disclaimer. I had forgotten all about this post until I found I was called a ‘pedophilia apologist’ by my SJW critics."[8] 

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