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Emil O. W. Kirkegaard is an alt-right troll and pseudoscientist with controversial views on child-rape and paedophilia, who was banned from RationalWiki for doxing and harassing sysops.[1] Kirkegaard is a fellow of the pseudoscientific Ulster Institute for Social Research founded by the white supremacist Richard Lynn that publishes the Mankind Quarterly, described by critics as a "pugnacious journal conceived by right-wing intellectuals as a reaction against ... liberal antiracism".[2] 

Kirkegaard's only qualification is a BA in Linguistics, yet he has delusions of grandeur, exaggerates his credentials and describes himself as all sorts of things he isn't to try to sound smart, ranging from "polymath", "philosopher" and "scientist". Kirkegaard doesn't accept criticism well (because he is a narcissist) and interprets criticism of his pseudoscience as a personal attack; this led him to start cyber-stalking and doxing RationalWiki editors of his article. After discovering the identity of the article creator, Oliver D. Smith, Kirkegaard then wrote a defamatory article about Smith on his personal website. 


Emil Kirkegaard joined RationalWiki in August 2017 as EmilOWK and took issue with the RationalWiki article describing him as a child-rape apologist based on a sickening blog post he had made in 2012, writing that a "compromise" for paedophiles is to drug and rape children while they sleep. Instead of apologising for what he wrote like a decent individual, he instead showed up on his RationalWiki article talk page with an arrogant attitude and disturbingly tried to justify his 2012 paedophilia post, writing: "My remark was simply that if you have sex with someone [a child] while they are asleep and somehow don't wake up from it and they never discover it later somehow, it is not likely for there to be any causal effects on mental health. How would there be?".[3] 

Kirkegaard, who has a victim mentality, claims his "comments on pedophilia from a 5 year old (!) blogpost were not a concern of anyone until recently when SJWs started digging around for dirt, any dirt."[4] Kirkegaard labels anyone who disagrees with him as an "SJW", a snarl-word overused by the alt-right. In his other comments, Kirkegaard complained about more content of his article that accurately details his pseudoscientific racialist beliefs and politics; the reason Kirkegaard denies being alt-right, despite he blatantly is, is because he is trying to pose as a scientist and realises no one will take him seriously if they know his political biases. Someone only needs to view his Twitter account to see he is part of alt-right troll culture, using alt-right glossary terms in his tweets e.g. "Cuck", "HBD", "SJW", "Kek" "Redpill" and so on; Kirkegaard also nonstop talks about "race realism" and set up his own pseudo-journals with John Fuerst to publish his racist junk. Kirkegaard is pro-Trump, wants to increase white birth rates, supports eugenics, is an anti-feminist, Islamophobe and has made racist and sexist tweets. He's basically a slightly watered down version of Mikemikev. Kirkegaard's skeletons in the closet were also posted on his article to his frustration such as a photo of him next to someone performing the Nazi salute.[5] 

Harassment of RationalWiki sysops

After realising he couldn't whitewash his article, Kirkegaard started to dox and intimidate sysops who edited his page that resulted in him being temporarily blocked in September 2017.[6] A month later he returned and did exactly the same thing and so was permanently banned. In one post, he admits to doxing Krom.[7] Note that at that time Krom had not publicly revealed his identity and Kirkegaard relied on Encylopedia Dramatica trolls who had doxed Smith. An edit that was never deleted or hidden, still shows Kirkegaard doxing Smith's name.[8] 

Kirkegaard posted false allegations about Krom using VPNs (despite he only uses his real home IP address), yet Kirkegaard himself was caught on RationalWiki using at least two different IPs, including a proxy ( and[9] In Feburary 2016 Kirkegaard didn't know the identity of the article creator, writing on his Twitter: "I'm now a bit more infamous. At least, according to anonymous critic on "Rational Wiki."[10] Between that time and July 2017, he didn't know the real life identity of Krom, but was searching. In August 2017, he had found the identity of Krom via trolls on Encylopedia Dramatica, then wrote on his Twitter: "Krom = Oliver Smith. One sad psycho with nothing useful to spend his time on."[11] Kirkegaard then created an article to smear Smith on his site. 

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