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To read up on the tiny dicked bitch who wrote the original boring version of this article, see Mikemikev.

Beware of this sexual predator of kids

Perhaps a compromise is having sex with a sleeping child without them knowing it (so, using sleeping medicine). If they dont notice it is difficult to see how they cud be harmed, even if it is rape.


Emil Kirkegaard in his own pedophilia words...

The white nationalist [Emil Kirkegaard] who doxes people and is Pro-pedophilia



Emil Kirkegaard smiling after drugging a child with alcohol and performing a sex act on them asleep?

Emil Ole William Kirkegaard (born 1989) is a Danish linguist and blogger who has extensively published research in the general field of intelligence (IQ) research, despite not holding a psychology degree or having undertaken any relevant university training in that area. Kirkegaard's work in relation to eugenics and intelligence along with his self-founded, peer reviewed journal OpenPsych has attracted academic and media criticism.

In May 2020 Emil Kirkegaard lost a defamation lawsuit by discontinuance he filed in 2018 after being called a pedophile on Twitter. The case was won by the defendant as honest opinion. Kirkegaard won no damages and has been ordered to pay the defendant's legal fees.

What people say about Emil Kirkegaard

Kirkegaard. He’s one of those anti-semitic ‘white genocide’ lunatics, but that’s not even the worst part of his character: he has a way to justify raping children.


PZ Myers

Emil Ole William Kirkegaard (online aliases: Deleet, Deleetdk, EmilOWK) is a Danish paedophilia apologist whose defence of child-rape was exposed by mainstream news sources in January 2018. Kirkegaard is a white nationalist, an Islamophobe and holds alt-right political views, while sharing their racist memes like Pepe on his Twitter. He has been described in an article by Le TempsWikipedia's W.svg as a far-right extremist who publishes pseudoscience about race and intelligence. The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors Emil Kirkegaard as part of their online hate watch.



As well as his involvement in neo-Nazi politics, Kirkegaard has written posts that justify the rape of children.


David Barnes

a secret conference on “intelligence”, featuring notorious speakers including in previous years white supremacists and a weird far-right paedophilia apologist called Emil.


Stewart Lee

Emil Ole William Kirkegaard is a far-right eugenicist and publisher of racist pseudoscience at OpenPsych. He has been involved in multiple controversies, such as his support for legalising child porn, and a blog post he wrote widely intepreted as defending paedophilia, but most recently concerning Noah Carl, who he allowed to publish anti-Islam and anti-immigration papers at OpenPsych - three pseudoscholarly journals he co-created and he is OpenPsych's Editor-in-Chief. Kirkegaard holds extremely Islamophobic views and has said he wants to ban Muslims from entering Europe, further, that he considers Muslim immigration to Western countries to be "self-destructive". He supports right-wing anti-Islam political parties, including the Sweden Democrats



Emil Kirkegaard’s OpenPsych and is the website’s most prolific contributor after Kirkegaard himself. Kirkegaard describes himself as a “self-taught” geneticist who has previously defended child rape, and appeared on the far-right webshow Reality Calls to discuss the “future of eugenics.”


Ben van der Merwe

Nazism and paedophilia

Emil Kirkegaard hates the jooz and who writes essays such as is miscegenation bad for your kids and has appeared alongside neo-Nazis and white nationalists such as Tara MacCarthy on YouTube to sperg about topics such as eugenics, race and intelligence.

Paedophile Emil Kirkegaard and Nazi-saluting friend.

In September 2012 he uploaded a photo of himself next to a friend performing a Nazi salute. However he is known to froth at the mouth in a fit of rage if you point out the fact he's a neo-Nazi. This is because he tries to sell himself like David Duke as a non-Nazi "racial realist", that fools absolutely no one...

On his blog, Kirkeggard praises the Nazi-wiki Metapedia and claims blacks are mentally inferior to whites. If you dare though point out he is a racist, he goes into a hissy-fit and will hurl insults at you. Remember he's a "racial realist, not a racist!".

Kirkegaard is an alt right blogger, is pro-Trump and has described his own blog as "alt-sphere"; he spends most his time moaning about SJWs. Despite this, if you label him alt-right he's known to get mad because he realizes it tarnishes his reputation.

He is not liked by Antifa who have published an article calling him a "Nazi sympathizer" for making racist and pro-Hitler internet posts:

Emil Kirkegaard, has access to questions about racism and nazism, as you may only find, yes, Nazi groups. At the Pirate Party's forum he writes "If one's immigration consists primarily of low intelligent people, then it will be very, very expensive for the country. And that's exactly what we see in the western countries now." Both Emil Kirkegaard and several other party activists defend cooperation with the Danish [People's] Party. At the same time, Emil Kirkegaard's Facebook can see a photo where an unknown person is in the background, while Emil Kirkegaard is smiling at the camera. Emil Kirkegaard's comment reads: "The Führer is being hailed/saluted." [Note: translated from Danish]

Kirkegaard was a former member of the Pirate Party of Denmark; he used their forum to spam offensive rants about immigrants. On his personal blog, Kirkegaard published a creepy essay suggesting a "compromise" for paedophiles is to rape and molest children if they are sleeping; drug them if they are awake, to get them asleep. He defends cartoon child porn, and wants to legalise possession of real child pornography, writing he supports no internet-censorship laws. Because he proposes to rape drugged or sleeping children, Kirkegaard maintains all drugs (even cocaine) should be legalized.

...the most disturbing of part of Kirkegaard’s internet presence, however, is a blog-post in which he justifies child rape


—Ben van der Merwe, London Student

Emil Kirkegaard regularly posts photos of kids.

From 2014-2017 Kirkegaard attended conferences at University College London with white supremacist loons and the Toby Young to discuss Nazi-style race, eugenics and intelligence; Kirkegaard delivered presentations on controversial topics relating to race and immigration.

One speaker, Emil Kirkegaard, who presented papers three times at the conference, defended pedophilia suggesting that drugging the child before sex might be a “compromise” as they were unlikely to know it had happened and therefore wouldn't be harmed.


Toby Young Spoke Alongside Man Who Argued Raping Unconscious children is fine

Emil Kirkegaard's writings on pedophilia are supported by pedophiles, including a sick pervert named Alain Manes who self-identifies as a pedo (screenshot).

The conferences were suspended after newspapers such as The Guardian reported Kirkegaard, the kiddie-fiddler-apologist had attended with Toby Young and hardcore racists. After the exposure, Young distanced himself from Kirkegaard describing him as a "right wing fruitcake" (LOL).

In July this year, Toby Young accepted a request to speak at a eugenics conference organised by a well-known neo-Nazi called Emil Kirkegaard. Kirkegaard is openly and stridently anti-semitic. Here he is with a friend giving a Nazi salute on Facebook. But most sickeningly of all, Kirkegaard, has argued for the legalisation of sex with children – as long as they are drugged or unconscious. I need hardly remind anyone how concerning it is that Toby Young – who is supposed to be a leading avocate of Free Schools – is openly mixing with people who think raping children is acceptable.


Young linked to neo-Nazi who argues sex with unconscious children is acceptable

Kirkegaard advocates "sex with a sleeping child (using sleeping medicine)", saying "If they don't know it, it is I difficult to see how they could be harmed". Toby Young follows Emil Kirkegaard on Twitter and attended conference where K presented papers.


—A concerned Twitter user

Narcissistic pseudo-intellectual lolcow

Kirkegaard is notorious for being an academic fraud and pseudo-intellectual.

Kirkegaard created his own pseudoscience journals (OpenPsych) to self-publish his Nazi race and eugenics because actual scientists reject his submissions and refuse to publish his work; he is known to have an inflated sense of his own importance, delusions of grandeur, a deep need for excessive admiration as an academic or "scientist" (despite he isn't one) and fabricates/exaggerates his academic credentials (since his only degree is a mere BA in linguistics), furthermore he boasts about having a high IQ, without ever providing proof of his intelligence score; in other words he's an arrogant little shit, a liar and a pseudo-intellectual with many mental issues. On his Twitter and personal blog he has described himself as a "psychologist", "politician", "scientist", "polymath", "philosopher" etc., when he is none of these things, but a lolcow and arguably a dumb one. In 2015, a man named Meng Hu posted his bad experiences with Kirkegaard on the OpenPsych forum, describing Kirkegaard as dishonest:

For me, I have decided not to publish at OP anymore since the main editor, Emil O.W. Kirkegaard, is not an honest person. This is a very bad publicity for the reputability of the journal. And that’s why I think it is dangerous for me to publish at OP journal, with Emil as editor. Bad experience at OpenPsych journals

Lacking academic qualifications, Kirkegaard says he is "self-taught", yet he has poor knowledge and no expertise:

Emil Kirkegaard trying to look like an academic.
Kirkegaard is not an academic. His highest qualification is a Bachelor’s in linguistics.

Having dropped out of his Masters degree, instead preferring to be “self-taught in various subjects”, Kirkegaard now runs OpenPsych, a platform for non-peer reviewed psychology papers, along with Davide Piffer of Mankind Quarterly. Piffer is a fellow LCI-speaker, and was praised by Richard Lynn as having done “brilliant work identifying the genes responsible for race differences in intelligence.


Exposed: London’s eugenics conference and its neo-Nazi links

An extreme narcissist who has delusions of intelligence grandiosity he is quoted in a Le Temps article as describing himself as a "universal genius":

Emil Kirkegaard... defines himself as "universal genius" and "independent researcher". He no longer depends on any university or does not pursue any doctorate. "No need, I am self-taught".... Kirkegaard, refuses to reveal to us what is his IQ. "I do not want to boast. My intelligence is a gift. What matters is what I do, how I use it".


In the laboratory of the "fake science"

Nazi infighting and war against SJWs

Typical of lolcows in general, Kirkegaard has a toxic internet history of feuds, vendettas and picking online fights going back almost a decade; having a narcissistic personality disorder, he goes ballistic if anyone criticizes or laughs at his self-perception of being intellectually superior; he also feels threatened by fellow neo-Nazi racialists since he no longer feels unique and so is known to bicker with people who share his own alt-right and white nationalist politics. For example, he banned Mikemikev from OpenPsych, despite both have more or less the same far-right ideological views and identify as "racial realists"; he also has an arrogant demeanor towards people who publish on the same topics as he does such as race and intelligence, hence his spat with Meng Hu who left the OpenPsych forum.

An example of Kirkegaard's narcissistic personality disorder when he thinks his uniqueness is under threat: a white nationalist who shares Kirkegaard's political views asks him a question, and Kirkegaard arrogantly responds "My time is more important than yours" (screenshot)


Obsessed with fighting SJWs, Kirkegaard attracted the attention of Oliver Keyes who published a blog article criticizing Kirkegaard in May 2016. In the article, Keyes notes Kirkegaard's journals are basically a vanity press, criticizes Kirkegaard's ineptitude, pseudoscientific racism and concludes his work is embarrassing and unprofessional:

Well, that’s where we descend yet further into academic ineptitude: you see, Kirkegaard submitted it to an open access journal called Open Differential Psychology, which is very very highly reputed [sarcasm]. Mostly that’s thanks to their work of their editor, a Mr…oh. Emil Kirkegaard. Yep, Kirkegaard is publishing in a journal he’s the editor of, which isn’t actually new for him - the thing looks pretty much like a vanity press. In fact, of the last 26 papers it “published”, he authored or co-authored 13. When 50% of your papers are by the editor, you’re not an actual journal, you’re a blog [...] there’s no indication here that Kirkegaard cares about professionalism; a very, very generous read is that he’s out of his depth in a space and field he doesn’t understand, was never trained in how to do this right, and panicking. A less generous read is that he’s privileged, willfully obtuse and deeply, deeply arrogant about where he has expertise and the work he does. Either way, this work is an embarrassing and unprofessional offering from an institute-affiliated researcher that puts vulnerable populations at risk.

Kirkegaard didn't take this criticism well, and has attacked Keyes on social media and his blog:

For those wondering who Oliver Keyes is, basically he is such as annoying SJW that even Encyclopedia Dramatica has a page on him. One can also find info from more serious sites such as this one.


—Emil Kirkegaard, butthurt

From August 2017, Kirkegaard's has been feuding online with Oliver Keyes since the latter created the Emil O. W. Kirkegaard article on RationalWiki that whines about Kirkegaard's pseudo-intellectualism and child-rape apologism. Predictably, Kirkegaard responded at the start of 2018 by attacking Keyes on his blog, with Keyes rebutting, with the feud now spilling onto multiple websites, including ED, where Oliver wrote the original version of this article under yet another sockpuppet account.

Kirkegaard took offense to the following comment posted by Keyes (as Krom1991) on Reddit:

Emil Kirkegaard is a university undergraduate who set up his own journals because he cannot get his racist work published in peer-reviewed science journals (and yes, he is the editor of his own journal). He's very arrogant and thinks he is super-intellectual when he's a total dumbass. I debated John Fuerst (a neo-Nazi/white nationalist) who Kirkegaard has published in his pseudo-journal on the OpenPsych forum - it ran to about twenty or more pages. Also, I created both their entries at Rationalwiki to warn the internet about these people. They aren't scientists, but pseudo-scientists. It doesn't surprise me something like this would happen.


After Kirkegaard banned Mikemikev from OpenPsych for Nazi infighting, Mike has created sockpuppets in Kirkegaard's name on Wikipedia, attempting to impersonate him, e.g. "KirkegaardEmil" was blocked as a Mikemikev sockpuppet on Wikipedia, and has been fooling around doing the same on RationalWiki. As mentioned also on a blog:

The same person “Mikemikev” has left a trail of impersonations: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Talk:Davide_Piffer#impersonations Note that he has impersonated “RACEREALIST88” on a now blocked rationalwiki account. I noticed the Open Psych forum and Emil Kirkegaard banned him, so that might be why he’s doing this.

Trump and immigration

Being politically alt-right, Kirkegaard is a fan of The Donald for his immigration policy:

Xmas comes early? Trump did something right again. Allowing random people into one's country is a really stupid idea.


Emil Kirkegaard

However, Trump's immigration policy has loop-holes since it let Kirkegaard, a pedophile, into the US (he recently moved there from Denmark).

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