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Emelia Holden = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Would you even want to touch this thing!?!?!?
The "alleged" sexual predator, Ryan Cherwinski.
Obviously a trap.
More proof Emelia is a lesbian: censoring her completely FLAT lady bits. Also, note the shitty haircut.


—Emelia Holden, sperging out over nothing.

Emelia Holden (full name: Emelia Patricia Holden, also known as Emme) is an ugly 25 year old, mentally ill, Americunt emo, attention whore, prostitute, restaurant server, and false rape accuser from Joja who became "famous" among femitards on the internet after CCTV video footage showing her pushing a drunk man into a garbage can and publicly freaking out, for merely doing the harmless act of brushing his hand on her ass, and then claiming it was rape afterwards. Despite asking for it and dressing up in her usual prostitute attire, and working her day job of serving burnt pizza to a bunch of sweaty niggers in the cesspool of Atlanta, Emelia never got any male attention to begin with, given how dog-ugly and flat-out unrapeable she actually is.

Emelia Holden, like all wimmins, has rape fantasies, which usually entail being brutally ræped and dominated by a violent nigger, in a back alley, but since it's not politically correct to admit that, they prefer to act like a prude lesbian about it. But unlike other wimmins who merely pretend to be a lesbian, Emelia is actually a fucking feminist, man-hating lesbian, and any touch, whether accidental or intentional, is to be interpreted as sexual, and invoke rage and false rape accusations.

The Lulzy Event

The Chimpout Over An "Ass Pat"

In 2018, near the end of her shift at an Italian restaurant called "Vinny van Gay-Gay's", a man named Ryan Cherwinski simply brushed his hand on her ass for a brief moment and walked away, but Holtard, despite literally nothing happening, decided to assault this poor man, and worst of all, ruin his fucking shirt. She claimed she was a "victim" of "sexual assault", but she wasn't hurt at all, and like all lesbian atention whores, decided to make a big deal out of nothing.

And of course, with all potential "rape" scenarios, this just had to happen at night.


Notice the "rape" that occurs.

"Body Slamming"

Apparently, the feminized mainstream media, namely the Cuntface News Network, is just too fucking retarded to know what a fucking body slam actually is, and seems to think that merely pushing someone into a wall is "body slamming" somebody. Really, the only fucking thing that happens in the video footage is a street whore cumdumpster lunging at an innocent man for having the sheer audacity to move his fucking arms.




City: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Country: USA
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Emelia Holden

Ryan & Emelia

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