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Also known as an elipsis, these three seemingly harmless dots are the most overused punctuation mark in the wapanese language. Especially common in manga and Final Fantasy games or other RPGs, they can usually be translated as "WTF? or as a thoughtful pause. More often than not the general translation is along the lines of the following

She uses them.
I couldn't think of anything to write here so I'm just going to put these three dots instead and seem like I am thinking about the things I just said before I move on to something completely unrelated and even less interesting than the inane bullshit I just inflicted on you...


In some cases it is used as shorthand for

There are no words to describe the (insert negative adjective here) of this scenario...


Popular Usage...

Punctuation... series of three dots... indicates the writer trailed off... without completing sentence... or thought... or has no idea how punctuation is used... since most web users are clueless idiots... the ellipsis is the most frequently used form of punctuation... especially favored by teenagers... who similarly avoid the baffling complexities of capitalization... by always using lower case... or upper case... whatever...

Imma bet he uses them too.

"..." is commonly used on Digg.com to mean "I have 5 seconds left and that's not enough time to edit my comment. Fuck you Digg. Here's a few dots."


OMG... ur neva gonna gess wat happened... yeah... finally... lol. Fucked some totally hot guy... His dad nearly walked in... lol. luv u xoxo


—Elipses in action

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