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Elias Abuelazam has not been found guilty as of this time, but since when has that stopped us?
Give me your tired, your hungry, your methodical serial killers…


—What it should say on the base of the Statue of Liberty.

The summer of 2010 was a very fearful time for residents of three communities located in Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia. But the fear could only be found in members of the black community, as it was those people who were being stalked, manipulated, and then brutally stabbed. You see, Elias Abuelazam, a Christian/Arab/Jew (who also has dual citizenship in both the United States and Israel) man who was sent here by his mother because of his violent tendencies, decided to start using nigras for knife practice.

Modus Operandi

Since Elias has only been arrested for one of the serial killings, he is considered to be a suspect in the 18 cases that have been named serial murder cases by authorities. However, since it has been made public that Mr. Abuelazam has both a home and several family members living in Tel Aviv, we at Encyclopedia Dramatica are just going to go ahead and consider him guilty of all charges. But what did he do?

Starting in May of 2010, Mr. Abuelazam would approach men and convince them that he somehow needed help. He would tell them he was having car trouble, he would pretend to be locked out of his apartment, he would even just bang on a door yelling help…and then he would stab the living shit out of whoever was closest to him at the time. Once he was done getting his stab on, he would flee into the night as if a pack of hyenas were after him.

Since he was only stabbing black guys, nobody seemed to care until he tried to board a plane to Tel Aviv, Israel and the jew-shit hit the jew-fan.

The Arrest

Abuelazam made a pretty bad mistake on July 24, 2010, when he stabbed the shit out of one Antwione Marshall, but he didn’t finish the job (despite giving Marshall a 24 inch stab wound) and the victim survived to identify his assailant on another crime scene video tape. Because of the witness, a judge in Flint, Michigan filed a warrant for Abuelazam’s arrest…the charge was assault with intent to murder.

But Abuelazam was no dummy. He called his uncle up and the uncle sent him $3,000 dollars for a plane ticket. The final destination would be Jewland. But as smart as Abuelazam was, he had to make three other connections before he could land safely in Israel…and authorities caught up with him on his last stop: Atlanta, Georgia.

Just prior to being picked up by the cops, several people noted that Abuelazam seemed tense and was also seen to be shouting into a cell phone. One anonymous witness stated that he was shouting “I AM NOT VIOLENT” into his phone. Yeah, right. Since the police in Atlanta had a description and a name, they decided to trick Abuelazam by paging him over the airport PA system, calling him to the ticket counter. He was then taken to the Atlanta city jail and housed there, but because of citizen outrage, there is no record of him being held there.


Originally, Abuelazam was sent to the United States by his mother, who fearful that he was violent, sent him there to get rid of a potential problem child and let somebody else deal with it.

Residents told the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz that Abuelazam left the country at age 19 or 20, sent to the United States by his mother because he had a violent streak and was believed to be associated with local criminals.


Theory 1

Because Abuelazam is a Christian who has familial ties to Israel, it can be speculated that he was feeling the heat here in the United States and was going to go over to Tel Aviv until things cooled off for him. Perhaps he meant to go over there and stab some Jews too, making the crimes look like a Palestinian sandnigger did it. Authorities at this time are not ruling this plan of action out because in 99% of cases serial killers don’t just stop.

Theory 2

He is an ARAB on JIHAD!!! MSNBC tell the truth! He is an Israeli Arab. Many Arabs live in Israel and are Israeli citizens. Arabs are Terrorists NOT Jews, Duh!


—U R doin it rong.

Other people assume that just because he is from that part of the world, he must be a fucking towel-headed bomb-tosser. Who knows at this point? Maybe they are right. Since the Jewish media is reporting that he is a Christian, it can be supposed that they are lying and that he is really a Jew…and that this is all an epic game of international finger pointing because nobody wants to own up to creating a nigger-stabbing serial killer…that would be racist.

Caught, Released, Caught, Released…

During Abuelazam’s murder spree, he was caught by police two times before finally being arrested in Atlanta for the murders. In a july incident, he was arrested for supplying alcohol to minors in Michigan, and then in an August traffic stop where he was pulled over in Virginia for running a red light. During a routine search of Abuelazam’s car during the traffic stop, both murder weapons (a knife and a hammer) were found, but no connection was made despite the ONGOING NATIONWIDE MANHUNT.

Here are the five victims who almost lost their chance for justice due to police bungling:

  • David Motley, 31
  • Emmanuel A. Muhammad, 59 (proving the guy is either a Jew or a Christian)
  • Darwin Marshall, 43
  • Arnold Minor, 49
  • Frank Kellybrew, 60


I've got a schizophrenic cousin who is violent (when not in prison). Maybe we should deport him to Israel.


—I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

One of the most hot-button political issues of today’s news headlines is the ongoing war on illegal immigration. Ranting, spittle-spitting fools line up on both sides of the issue and waste time, tax dollars, and energy worrying about the southern border between Mexico and the United States. This case has awoken yet another political argument that it isn’t just the wetbacks who are the problem, but rather, the rest of the world’s population is a worthless pile of shit, just waiting to get inside US borders and do crimes. In a stunning turn of events, Americans are uniting against both Jews AND arabs.

This is beyond disgusting! Let's go an eye for an eye and send them some of our psycho trash! How much more disrespectful can you get to the US? After all we've done for them. Sue the state of Isreal and get some compensation for these poor families. Stop all Israel immigration. Ingrates.


—Jews! Jews! Jews!

You must be of Arab origin to be talking this trash. Let’s send you back to where your family originated!


—The backlash is not only against Jews either


Leesburg police are clearly saying they think the attacks there were racially motivated and that African Americans are being targeted.



BULL!! I knew this was racially motivated when they tried to down play the common link of all of the victims. We are not fools, we know what's in the air, we've been smelling it for a while. Now it's time to protect self, don't be a victim, start carrying.



You can blame right-wing "talk radio" for this.



Oh look at all the mouth breathers trying to equate all non-liberals with this thug.

Thanks God nobody blamed this on Obama yet.



So the white intern who was stabbed in Chinatown last week by the black woman who yelled racial words was not a hate crime but this is.



Well technically, it's not a crime to hate white people. Used to be, but the law was repealed



Just one look at the sketch and you know who the culprit is....The Edge from U2.



Yet some freakin' liberal will stand outside the prison on the night of his execution with a lit candle. Freakin' morons is what they are.



As a SIDE-NOTE at least NOBODY can call this Israeli-Arab- Christian a "REDNECK.”


—Toledo Blade Comments

What caliber knife was he using? Was it a hollow ground knife? Was it serrated? Was he licensed to carry a knife? Did the supermarket he purchased the knife at do a background check on him when he bought the fork, the spoon and the knife???



I say,,,Give him a set of new steak knifes, and let him go to work on the Congressional Black Caucus.



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