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Deviantart-favicon.png ElectroRuffGiusep1 (Powerword: Joseph David Friedman) is an Aspie neo-Nazi, diaperfag, and Powerpuff Girls/Robotboy fan artist. He is notorious for not letting people stop being friends with him.

Before Nazism and diaperfaggotry

iPod hacking

Before he was a neo-Nazi and a diaperfag, he made videos on YouTube showing how to use jailbroken iPod Touchs. The videos were hilariously shitty.

Robotboy fandom

File:Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.23.20 PM.png
The Nazi diaperfag's Robotboy OC/persona, Trinity.

After making iPod hacking videos, he joined the fandom of a Cartoon Network show called Robotboy because of a fan artist of the show named Mickey (currently Tumblricon.png elfplasma/Deviantart-favicon.png hylians who identifies as a tranny named Xan) and he started dating her, the two broke up after a while and she still has to pretend to be friends with him despite secretly despising him for being a Nazi and diaperfag.


Sometime after he broke up with Mickey (but was still friends with her), saw him convert into full nazi ideology. like every other neo-nazi and /pol/ user on the internet, watching Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told made him realize Hitler did nothing wrong amirite guise? He has since befriended several right-wing dA users such as Deviantart-favicon.png DeltaUSA and MissouriPatriot.

He is a reformed Trump-supporter

Interactions With Other People

From what can be learned through other sources. Sources from people that have befriended him online have mentioned that he can be a little bit clingy, to say the least. Either a glutton for punishment, or desperate for friends, Electro is known to send and spam friends with multiple messages through the day on multiple messaging platforms. He's been known to attempt contact with people's friends and acquaintances in a cyber-stalking attempt to prevent from being forever alone.

Here's what his former girlfriend had to say about him:

41. Tell us why you hate someone?

Worships Hitler and his ideology, is a Nazi, claims he hates Jewish people even though his entire (adoptive) family is, voted for Trump, is against gay marriage, and I’m pretty sure his fetish is straight up pedophilia. Enough said


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