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The man himself. Remember kids if you want to be like Arin here, there are 3 things you have to remember: Sun light, eating healthy and exercising regularly. By avoiding these 3 things you can turn out just like him.

Arin Hanson, or Egoraptor is an "internet personality" who makes a living from YouTube. He used to make animations back in the day but that required actual effort on his part, so in 2012 he decided to become a let's playwhore. These days he and his friends sit around playing video games while recording their forced, awkward and unfunny conversations for entertainment (see Game Grumps). Consequently all of his income comes from socially retarded fucks who have nothing more meaningful to do with their lives than watch other people play video games all day. Much like Spoony, Arin is also a self professed comedian; examples of his fine humor include yelling, video game references, dick jokes, forced laughter and more yelling.

Rise to "Internet Mediocrity"

Arin became popular on Newgrounds, mainly for his work on the Awesome Series: a bunch of lame video game parodies which would later become the basis for every cancerous and unfunny, animated parody on Newgrounds and YouTube to date. You could say he is responsible for the overwhelming influx of douche-bag animators, making poorly written parodies with shitty pop culture references in order to pander to a demographic no older than 13 (the age at which Arin is said to have stopped developing). Over time his animations increased slightly in visual quality. He often exaggerated the difference in hue between the shading and lighting on his characters and backgrounds. A bunch of retards referred to this technique as "Egoraptor's art style" despite the fact that he didn't invent it and it had been used by others long before he ever adopted it.

It wasn't long before Arin started to upload his animations to YouTube. Initially he did this to prevent other people from uploading his work but his reasons swiftly changed when he found out he could make money through ad revenue. Soon enough almost all his money was coming from YouTube. Having sucked Newgrounds dry, he saw no point in sticking around if there weren't piles of money involved so he took the publicity he'd gained and fucked off. He hasn't made any new posts on his Newgrounds account since but he still visits the site from time to time because the majority of users there hate him and due to his insecure nature, he has to read any comments making fun of him. He will probably read every last word of this article too.

How Far can he Fall?

Arins Twitter bio is outdated

After a few years of making animations Arin realized he needed to be in the spotlight more. He registered for "the tester", a shitty reality show run on Sony's Playstation YouTube channel. He was accepted because of his YouTube following. His excuse for going on such a show was that he was going to "troll it" but his hunger for attention got the better of him and before he knew it, he was their bitch. The show was a such a complete pile of shit, the only people who ended up watching it where Arin's fans who all had a massive shit-fit when he was quickly eliminated.

When Arin noticed how easy it was to rake in a shit ton of cash from running a let's play channel, he decided to push aside honesty, hard work and creativity to make way for his new channel Game Grumps. This channel allowed him to shit out video after video on a regular basis without really putting any effort in seeing as the lazy fat fuck was going to spend most of his time playing video games anyway. Around the time Game Grumps was taking off, he went on another shitty reality show called "dance on", proving once again just how little integrity he has.

We can hear him openly talking about his horrible health state and cheap excuses regarding the fat department in the following video, plus some bonus (we hope prophetic) words by Dany Sexbang about what is going to happen during the next 10 years of Arin's live

Now Arin is only known as a let's player or "that retard from Game Grumps" but he still insists that he's an animator despite the fact that he hasn't done any real animation work in over a year. The last "egoraptor animation" was released over eight months ago and was predominantly animated by an animation studio he hired but to avoid looking like a washed up piece of shit he hides in the past, desperately clinging to the last shards of integrity and fame left over from his time as an animator. God forbid he come to grips with the fact he is a freeloading manchild who's financial support comes from a bunch of friendless 10 to 14 year-olds.

Comedy Music?

The comedy gold you can expect from Egoraptor

Yes the same faggot who thought farts, making retarded noises and randomly yelling was funny, released a "comedy album". Him and the shitty YouTube music duo Ninja Sex Party got together to form Starbomb and made a whole album of "video game rap music" because that didn't sound like a moronic concept to them (the album featured shitty rapping by Arin as he has no musical talent). The album was a cringeworthy piece of shit. It's humor relied entirely on video game references and childish sex jokes. If the listener made it through to the end of the songs, they were to bear witness to some of the worst punchlines ever written. The jokes where so bad, they've been reported to have caused people physical pain.

Some of those punchlines

  • "I choose toad, his whole body's shaped like a dick"
  • "My scrotums"
  • "Oops I killed the puppies"
  • "Well he is dead, looks like I have won at twister"

Arin's White Knighting

The only funny thing to ever happen on Game Grumps

Whether or not Arin has always been a piece of shit is unclear. Some say he's become progressively worse over the years. Regardless one thing's for sure now, he's a huge beta faggot. He's been catering to obnoxious, overly sensitive social justice warrior types; walking on eggshells, apologizing for making "offensive" jokes (in reality these jokes are about as offensive as a block of butter), spouting feminist bullshit and even going so far as to use trigger warnings on YouTube.

Arin is not very intelligent so when it comes to serious discussion, he often says incredibly stupid things and makes himself look like a fuckwit. He has a nasty habit of running his mouth on subjects he knows nothing about. In the early days of the GamerGate movement, Arin jumped on his twitter to defend Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, a pair of toxic pseudo-feminists who have been proven to be liars and scam artists. It was clear Arin had done no research on the matter but why would he bother looking into the facts when there were fair maidens in need of saving?

It's speculated his wife beat him until he agreed to write these tweets

The Reaction

Shortly after those tweets were sent Arin and his autistic friend Barry Kramer posted a bunch of misspelled words such as "JOURNALNISMIC IMPEGRITY" and took unrelated photos of themselves In an attempt to distract from their white knighting and re-solidify the idea that they're comedians. Unsurprisingly this poor attempt at humor backfired and they lost a significant chunk of their fans. Apparently they didn't realize that attacking your audience can be detrimental.

Arin likes to bring his wife Suzy into his videos to try and promote her, only with complete disregard for the fact that most of his fans hate her. If she fucks up in any way during a video Arin will preemptively defend her. Much like her make up, he puts a lot of effort into trying to make her look good, but to no avail. Fantards often speculate she has him on a leash and that she is the root cause of all his SJW talk and white knighting.

Shadbase and Zone-Tan: Two Twitter pages Arin followed not long before going on his feminist rant. These artists make porn often involving rape.
Way to support rape culture arin you horrible shitlord

His fetus-like SJW wife supports Shadbase with all the rape/incest/bestiality/pedo stuff in it too. Pic taken from the fanstuff section of Shadbase.

Arin's Friends

Barry, Concentrated autism radiates from his face

Barry Kramer

An autistic fuck who's only job involves opening up Sony Vegas and running his dick across his keyboard until Arin gives him a cookie and a pat on the head.

Danny 'Sexbang'

Yes this grown adult actually calls himself "Danny Sexbang", AKA, Leigh Daniel Avidan. When he's not being extremely wacky, he likes to constantly remind everyone that he is a Jew as if it's the most defining thing about him. Current co-host of Game Grumps with Arin, and his name will be the closest thing to sex he will ever get to.

Suzy Berhow

An attention whore who is only relevant because of her marriage to Arin. She's often compared to Yoko Ono by Game Grumps fans and likened to an aborted fetus when her face isn't caked in make up. Many suspect her of having FAS.

Ross O'Donovan

A former animator. Arin and Danny keep him around because they need a stooge for their videos. He's always at the ass end of the same shitty jokes and Game Grumps fans think it's fucking hilarious. Essentially he is now a walking meme. No doubt it won't be long before he gets sick of retarded fans always saying "god damn it Ross" and commits mass murder, then becoming an hero for the cause.

Kevin Abernathy

Barry's monkey sidekick. Used to work for Buzzfeed. Need I say more?


An onion enthusiast and mfw game reviewer that Arin met on Newgrounds to start Game Grumps with. Had a falling-out with him when Jon stuck it in Arin's girlfriend's face, covered it in gypsy sauce and had the photo leaked. At this point, Jon being his "friend" is either debatable or nonexistent.


Evidence of Faggotry

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