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Russia has given Eduard their version of the Vox Dramatica award.

I love it! People [are] doing parodies, having fun. It unites them.


—Bitches don't know bout my Khil.

The internet relies heavily on ridicule and sarcasm as a means to convey human interaction. When somebody wishes to chat, post, or blog, they usually smother their words with derision so thick, it oozes off the post and makes the very internet itself soggy with the scorn. This is the norm that we all expect when we log on, and it is most definitely the reason why the Trolololo video was uploaded in the first place: to heap scorn on a 44 year old, goofy Russian video of a man singing a song that was…well, it was unusual.

But something strange happened. People started to look past the video, past the cheesy yellow background and the tacky polyester suit that Eduard Khil wore as he strutted and strolled around the set, singing with glee. They saw that there was something magical about the tune, something that went deeper than the artificial smarm that the internet is used to dealing with. The song was actually uplifting…and it was quite good.

The Video

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Trololo.

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, and you have probably commented about it. No reason to beat a dead horse, "I Am Very Happy Because I Am Finally Coming Home" and its video are a meme that is impressed into the internet’s conscience now, like a nail hammered home with a 6 pound sledge. It is supposed, by Eduard himself, that the video was probably uploaded to YouTube as a cheap attempt at nostalgic mockery, and was popularised by the world known homosexual psyhopath Ray Wiliam Jonson, but that the song’s original message of happiness and its ability to set the listener at ease and quickly erased any sort of derision or cynical dialog. He is probably right, as most of the internet likes the piece.

44 Years Later

I heard him humming the tune at home one day and asked him where he’d heard it. He told me, "Grandpa, you are all over the internet, the whole world is singing your song."


—Ed learned of his E-fame from his grandson.

You would think that a 75 year-old former Soviet would have a lot of animosity saved up for the world, but Eduard is a very smart man, and any bitterness he might have concerning the past is well hidden. These days, he only speaks of happiness, togetherness, and affection for his millions of fans. He realizes that a silly song that he sang in 1966 will certainly be deserving of mockery, but at the same time, he truly understands how the internet works…and he takes that all in stride. When asked about his new-found fame, he is only gracious, and content. He even wants to re-do the song, with new lyrics, and with everybody on the internet involved.

2010 Interviews

Interview done in plain Russian,
but you don't need a translator to see the happiness.

Another news story, in Russian,
that probably discusses the internet phenomena.

Eduard asks us to work together,
so that we can all sing a new verision of "vocalise."

Eduard is not above laughing at himself,
and he loves his Youtube fans.

Eduard sings one last time in 2012,
sped up and more lively than ever.
The song had been written originally in 1966 with suggestive lyrics about a horse rider on the prairie and his girlfriend knitting stockings as she waited for him at home. The composer became convinced that Soviet censors would never approve them, so we recorded it as a vocal arrangement. We knew then that we had to give the song something special to make it come to life, which is why it has such a rich orchestral arrangement. I think that’s been the secret of its success.


—Explaining the odd song.

Eduard On Himself

Mr. Khil is not above picking on himself, nor is he above laughing at what others have to say about him. He cheerfully watches his YouTube parodies and comments upon them in a good-natured and happy way:

This is awesome.


—Ed discovers the internet.

He even wears the yellow tie and suit like me.


—First contact with parody.

He is absolute great! With dog.


—Everything is great. With dog.

That's the main parodist goes here.


—Moar translation problems.

You see, how cheerful he is!


—Eduard knows he is conveying pure happiness.

That's probably somebody from India.


—And like a good Russian, he's stuck in the 1950s

Its good... from Australia? Austria?


—Or is he? He might be an EDiot.

It's not parodies, It's love of people. Look how good the state of all of them. They are full of feeling. I don't think that's a parody. Maybe some elements of parody...But it's a benevolent parody.


—Not above his detractors.

The rest is just kind people of different nations. They love like us, they educate people like us. that is what this song, it exists inside the song.


—OOOOOOOOOOOOOHoooooooooh! Oh oh oh, ohhhhhh oh oh!

I'm very pleased, but I wasn't surprised because it is really a beautiful tune. I tried to make it cheerful. It's such a radiant song. Even though it was composed in 1966, it doesn't sound outdated.


—Spreading the love.

Switch off the button and you're gone. Tomorrow someone else will appear. That's what it means to be popular on the Internet.


—Eduard is not fazed by his second chance at fame.


If they’re serious, I’ll be happy to consider them. It’s all been very unexpected.


—When asked if he would like to tour.

This guy is awesome. Not only has he dealt with trolls and mockery, he has pushed that all aside and wants to work together with everybody to re-make his famous song "Vocalise" into a true worldwide effort. At 75 years of age, he has every right to be a crotchety old man, angry at the world and bitter at all of you internet punk kids. But no, he doesn't scream "Get off my lawn!" No, instead he invites you in, and asks if you want some cookies...and not in a creepy pedo manner.

Goodnight, sweet prince

T.I.P. - Troll In Peace

On Monday, June 4th, 2012 Eduard Khil passed away from a lethal overdose of old. His final words were rumored to have been "Yehyehyehyehyehyeh, ahahahaHNNNNNNGGGGG." Goodnight, sweet glorious and equal leader. You will be missed.

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