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Don't commit incest with your mother

The Edison Chen photo scandal is an enormous internets drama raging in Hong Kong sparked by sexy photos taken by Edison Chen, Asian heart-throb and star of the shit movie The Grudge II.

When Edison put his broken pink PowerBook computer into be fixed he forgot one minor detail, it was filled with self photographed porno of 14 of China's most popular actresses. In soviet China the internets are policed with great vigor and brutality, so when these images were leaked onto the internets there was insane butthurt all around.

The police responded by jailing every IT geek responsible for stealing the images and attempting to police the internet and delete all copies of them. Needless to say they failed hard. The jailed geeks were seen by most Chinese as noble martyrs for the great cause of free speech and after a HUEG outcry they were released.

On February 10 there was a protest where approximately 300 internets users marched in Victoria Park whining about discriminatory behavior against innocent internets users.

Also Note the appearance of Pedobear in these images

The Aftermath

Singer Gillian Chung was, besides Edison, the star of the series. Although her record label, Emperor Entertainment Group, was known by all to be a whore-house in disguise, no one expected Gillian's poon to be so dirty. She was thereafter known as "Black Abalone Gill". Her career, in both showbiz and prostitution, has never recovered.

Two weeks after the photo leak, Gillian Chung was prod by her pimp to host a press-con, where she uttered just a single line "I was very naive and very silly, but I won't be like that any more". "Very naive, very silly" became a meme in the Chinese-speaking community.

Reliable rumors circulated that a major crime gang called the Triads had offered $500,000 to anyone who would hack off his hand. This made Edison shit his cum stained panties, preventing him from returning to Hong Kong.

Edison then feigned Troll's remorse, reading out a press release, no doubt penned by an army of lawyers, in which he promised to quit Hong Kong showbiz indefinitely -- "indefinitely", of course, simply meant that he did not set a come-back date. People in Hong Kong, never known for being smart, misconstrued that statement and believed they had seen the last of him. They were to be disappointed in two years' time.

The Defense

Regardless, he will still have gotten moar pussy than all of you whining syphilitic slant-eyed gook motherfuckers. Too bad he was too much of a faggot to point out this fact.

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