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Eden IRL

EdenHeroineGirl is an 18-year-old whore who has nothing to do at all. She has Autism, which explains her stupidity that she spread through DeviantArt along with her Shit that she calls "art". Judging by her name she's on heroine, crack, pot and all the drugs you can name under the sun. She also stalks Sonicrocksmysocks because she has no life.

Eden's "Profile"


EdenHeroineGirl thinks because she is an aspie, she is a fucking God and can do whatever she wants. One day, being sad about how retarded she is and always will be, she created a Mary Sue and joined DeviantArt. She claims to be a kind-hearted girl with powers to help people, when really she is just some bitter bitch with no proper discipline and who can't take "no" for an answer. She also has insane levels of hatred for fictional characters. Why? Because she can't stand that fact that they hit a guy for comic relief, even though she is just a big whore. Being horribly shallow, she also judges them by their looks, and inability to do some things, which is incredibly hypocritical coming from someone so humongously fat and untalented. For these reasons she spends her life drawing crudely-made hate comics. Not only does she make hate clubs, she also started her very own fan club! What can you expect from a person who is so self-centered? She's desperate for attention and love from other people with personalities and talent.

Hi, i'm edeninfinityadventur, & i created & owned this club! I have autism & it's hard for me to comunicate. This club is 'bout being friends, doing things together & supporting each other. We can do alot together if you all would give me a chance. We can share everything we're interested in like stories, music, drawings, favorites, what we like, what we hate, etc. The entire reason i needed friends to understand me is cause no one understands me. I get alot of problems from having whacked emotions, expressing myself, etc. Would you like to know more?


—EdenHeroineGirl, being the fat attention whoring bitch she is

She is, of course, a furfag. A notable fursona of hers is Eden the mouse, which is just another Sonic rip-off, since she has no talent or originality in her small brain. With her childish personality she will always whine and moan over the simplest things. They probably do overwhelm her, since she doesn't think much. All in all, Eden is a dumb, fat, ugly, childish, bitter bitch. Eden's inability to stand her own repulsive obesity is one of the reasons why she is emo and why her character is nothing but a Mary Sue.

Her Sue-ness

An example of her "talent"

When Eden first came to DA she modelled herself after Sonicrocksmysocks. Not only because of her shit art, but because Kylee also had a Mary Sue character and was popular. Eden, again with her aspie logic, thought that if she imitated Kylee she would be popular too. Eden had forgotten that her art is over 9000 times more horrible than Kylee's art. Eventually failing to be an exact replica SRMS, she made hers even worse.

According to Eden, she is a human that is the 8th princess of heart from Kingdom Hearts, has the power to control light, Emotional Vibes, Shikagami (from Inuyasha, a waste of a power), black magic and White magic (technically impossible) (bitch is a Red Mage), and any other power she wants. She also inserts herself into her crappy fanfics.

The picture on the right only proves her to be more of a Mary Sue. She inserted herself and stole Inuyasha from Kagome. Other than that it's a fucking Sonic crossover. What doesn't she draw with Sonic?


Like 90% of all aspies, Eden thinks that she doesn't need to take responsibility for her own actions (which NORMAL people have to do), she blames every wrong thing she does on her autism. Even though she claims that wants to be equal, she just wants to be the wicked queen of everything. She also made an Autism Supporters Club. In other words, she just wants attention from other people and aspies. That means, in real life, Eden has no real friends, because people are probably picking on her for being fat, untalented, ugly and autistic. Some say that everyone online has their own fictional portrayal and that Eden has a right to make her own. Eden is just trying to escape reality and made her own dream character because she knows that she isn't like that. At all.

Don't tell her the truth. EVER.

Eden, that fat bitch that doesn't understand what hypocrite means.

Last Thursday, the same person that trolled DBoyWheeler called Eden a hypocrite, since she is one and that'll be her identity throughout life. Eden, not able to take criticism or negative response, deleted the journal in which the troll commented on and reposted it as if the person never commented. She then 'blocked the troll and even noted the troll. However, the troll looked through Eden's activity and responded to one of her comments.


Ha! You must REALLY misunderstand things, huh? Do you even know what hypocrite means? First of all, judging by your anti-Akane club, you hated her because she was 'ugly'. I saw pictures of you, and you look overweight. Should I hate you for that? You also hate her for her inability to do thing, should I hate you for being autistic? For no knowledge in anatomy? Bad colouring skills? Nope.

Second of all, you hate opposing opinions and criticism! HOLY CRAP!!11 THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND U!!!!!!!1111111111oneone I called you a hypocrite because you ARE a hypocrite. Look up hypocrite and re-read your fake profile in that journal of yours. M'kay?

Thirdly, I would like to say, that I have hated you ever since you were fighting Qu-ko. All you do is hate, hate, draw your fake self killing fictional characters, oh, and let's see here... HATE. You are FULL of hatred. Kind-hearted, my ASS. Try and BE what you SAY you are.

UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE AT FIRST BEFORE SENDING YOUR FUCKING NOTE! And I know what I typed. You... you misunderstand things and thinks that people will forgive the great lovable you. You wish...

Are you aware of your own Encyclopedia Dramatica page? Because you should take a look at it. :)



Eden then figured out that she had her own page on ED, and either had her or sent her sheep to vandalize it. Everyone knows that VANDALISM IS FUCKING POINTLESS.

Her so-called "Art"

True originality

Eden can't draw at all. All she does is draw crap and scribble it horribly with the same pink pencil crayon. She's so self-centered that she pretty much only draws her own character. The other shit she draws is Sonic. Pretty much every work of "art" in her so-called gallery is about Sonic. The other crayola shit in her gallery is hate art, usually towards Misty from Pokemon. She's actually jealous of Misty and would love to be her– Eden is such a big weeaboo that all the animu shit she watches has rotted the remainder of her brain. Hell, what would you expect from Eden the great aspie? She also makes Wallpapers that are OUT OF RESOLUTION and shamelessly copies and pastes copyrighted official sonic art in MS Paint. Like your oh-so typical aspie, she has absolutely NO originality in her fat body; a strange and scary place where only fat and fail seems to exist. She will get inspired by a piece of art and simply reproduce a crudely drawn version of the same picture, changing nothing other than the focus which will always be made to be her shitty Sue, as it's only about her, her, her, her and HER. The picture on the left proves her unoriginality by displaying a picture that was inspired (And by inspired, we mean shamelessly stolen) from Sonicrocksmysocks.

Eden usually requests drawings about her. She pretty much knows that she can't draw.

Eden's wonderful spelling

How kawai i luf it!



Like many other retards on the Internet, Eden can't pass a common first grade spelling test. If you call her a Mary Sue she'll bitch at you, but at least half of the time, you can't understand what she's trying to say. This only proves that she is actually retarded. If you fight back, she'll ask you if you're on her side or the enemy's.

How 2 rite fanfick!!1

Thinking that she has a no-rules-rule, she just does whatever she wants to make herself feel better. On her new fanfiction account, she made not a fanfic, but a hate speech. See it for yourself.(BALEETED)

Okay, I'm going to say three words, and hopefully I won't upset you:




Honestly, are you that concerned? Shes a video game character. I understand not liking a video character, but you feeling the NEED to post this on a site for FANFICTION angers me. Find something else to do if your bored, for our sakes. Again, sorry if I upset you. Ret


—A Sonic-fag telling Eden to GTFO

I'm sorry to say this, but this doesn't classify as a fanfic. You either want people to agree with your so-called 'points', or flame you, which both would be considered as craving attention.

Anyway, I could point out everything wrong about this, but... Well, I've probably already wasted enough time on this. Besides, it seems like you put way too much 'thought' on a subject that obviously doesn't require it. Who needs to say that much on the subject of a single Sonic character, anyhow?

If you're going to put something up on Fanfiction, it should be a fanfic. Otherwise, don't bother with it. Go post your opinions up on LiveJournal or some other blogging site where people actually act like they care.


—Another sane person tells her the truth

Eden vs. Qu-ko

Most wonderful spelling in the world

On January 26, 2007, Eden foolishly requested a drawing from another artist named Qu-ko. She requested her to draw her horrid mary sue in a YuGiOh GX uniform. Qu-ko (the one with a brain) refused to do it simply because she dislikes Mary Sues and Eden's personality.

Well can ya do me a favor & draw me as a Slifer Red Student with Jaden Yuki & Syrus Truesdale?


—Eden, completely ignoring the fact that Qu-ko refused to draw for her

...You... have trouble taking no for an answer, don't you?

Let me put it this way, then.

I do not draw Mary Sues.

So the answer is no.

Is that clear enough?


—Sane person aka Qu-ko

Qu-ko and her friends kept talking sense to Eden, but obviously, she was too stupid to even know what they were saying and misunderstood "Mary Sue". Qu-ko even linked her to the wikifail page and Eden still had no idea what the definition was, since she can't understand words that contain more than seven letters. Eden also sent her sheep she calls "friends" to attack Qu-ko because they actually know how to spell and use real grammar, which makes one wonder why they defend a dumbass like her.

Pissed off with Eden's shit, Qu-ko made a self-insert picture a day later as a joke. IT WAS A TRAP. Eden was lured there so Qu could talk some fucking sense to her. The fight was over but the scars of butthurt still remain on Eden's fat ass, however she admits that she is a mary sue in her journal, when really she is an ugly troll, and not the good kind.

Eden's Ex-"boyfriend"

Eden claims that GothicEmo fell in love with her over the internet. It's possible that this guy is retarded to not see what a bitch she is, or that he's Eden's slave. He too is emo but at the same time he's GOFFIK. The only reason why he's her boyfriend is because he felt sorry for her. Lying would be best for her though. But as a "boyfriend" he acts all creepy for a 15-year old and draws creepy fetish bondage.

Recently he has been seen engaging in BDSM on YouTube with a friend, possibly meaning he has dumped, or is cheating on, his former lover. He also looks like some sort of caveman.

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