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Yeah, E is pretty lulz.
Typical ecstasy users.

MDMA is the short name for 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a drug commonly known as Ecstasy. Ecstasy is number one in the rave scene. Ecstasy makes you dance like a retard and participate in "glory holes". You probably often stick your penis through a hole in a bathroom stall and have it sucked on by a gay man, even when not on ecstasy, but it's ok, cause you can't see his face. You're utterly, utterly gay anyway. Everyone knows, they just have not told you, but they tell everyone else behind your back. On the bright side, women on ecstasy tend to take their tops off, providing for many boob shots and the possibility of hot sex (or lulz if the girl is fat). Makes you grunt like a retard, take your clothes off and then proceed with chewing your own face off and rubbing yourself.

Ecstasy tends to cause a feeling of epic win with the first few tries, and can even make you enjoy trance music. Once the feelings wear off, all e-tards realize that the real world is actually full of Goatse and fail, rather than the utopia their drug induced delusions have shown them.

Side Effects

Being a lulz-drug, Ecstasy typically has has many lulzy side effects. The most typical side effect is of course looking like a retard, usually resulting in less than flattering photos and a police record that you won't know exists until you try to leave the country years later. However, some users will have lulzier experiences such as getting your butthole pierced, participating in the making of the next Great sex tape, and of course sniffing propane. Hank Hill would be proud.


With graet lulz comes graet responsibility. Those who take ecstasy are prone to crashing; crying; thoughts of suicide; and trading your car for magic beans. Speaking of cars, NEVER, and I mean NEVER let someone on E drive, especially if one of his or her most used word is "Man". This will usually result in you looking like some other people. Probably the best way to placate your friends is to give them a guitar and silly string. This way they will be to preoccupied shooting their stuff and jammin' out to cool music to be awesome.

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