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Yup, These Guys Did It For the Lulz. Blame Them.

EVAR, which is commonly misspelled "ever", is a word that has something to do with time. Derived words include forevar and nevar.


The term was frequently used at SomethingAwful, where JeffK often wrote "EVAR!!1" to emphasize his point. It was subsequently picked up by LJ fags like Jameth and Catsluvdmb in unsuccessful attempts at funny. Currently in mainstream use by 16 year old girls to inform you that the newest Twilight book is bestest bewk EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 they nevar read EVAR.


EVAR is mandatorily preceded by a superlative (often "best" or "bestest") and a noun phrase, is fully capitalized, and is followed by no less than three explanation exclamation points. It is often used because No Child Left Behind has reduced the emphasis on spelling, so children don't know how to spell let alone know that this is a run on sentence and instead there is too much emphasis put on Standardized Testing which requires no effort at all other than filling in a little empty circle with a #2 Pencil.

Official use of the word

Epic use of the word

  • At end of very important sentence: "He shall be encased in carbonite fo' EVAR!!!
  • As part of another word: "nEVAR", "forEVAR", "howEVAR".
  • As a tool to feel obnoxious when texting to friends.
  • WhenEVAR you fucking feel like, dammit.
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Evarlasting buttsecks.