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eRepublik is about changing the course of history in a huge virtual society. As a citizen in this New World of 237,069 you have the power to make a difference and fulfill your economic, political or military goals like never possible before.


erep Admin

eRepublik is an online political game that allows participants to embark on a virtual journey, helping a country of their choice e-prosper and eventually even rise as high as governing it. The game itself started in 2007 with just a small following, though now members have risen to nearly 250,000, and recently different online communities, such as 7chan, 888chan, 4chan and Something Awful have taken to using the game as a platform to outsmart and in doing so one-up the rest of the internet. The sheer amount of e-power one can feel from ruling a virtual country makes one of the freshest grazing grounds for srs bizness, internet tough guy lulzcows known around.

Object of the Game

A player will start off as a lowly level 1, before working their way up both monetarily and politically till such time as they are in a position to do things like join congress, Jew, or begin a newspaper. Once there they can begin to change things, like encouraging the country to go to war, make peace with another country, or as many have taken recently to doing, hijack and royally buttfuck the entire economy. The fact that it takes so long and a lot of dedication to do any shit in this game is the reason why people rage so hard when we fuck things up.

Quick Newfag Getting to Lvl 5 Guide

"Your first week

7chan Victory Thread

Day 1

NOTE: Only work in Q4 companies at start.

You are now level 2

As you are level 2 you can from now on train once a day, just follow the advice from good old Plato.

So the basic things you should do every day is to train and work.

  • Train (gives 2xp)

You are now lvl3

  • At level 3 you can change your residence (you need a moving ticket in your inventory, which can be purchased in the Market place).

NOTE: Move to region that have a Q3(three-star) hospital. Search here!

Day 2-5

You are now lvl 4

Not much you can do and maybe you'll get bored, but don't!

Day 6

You are now lvl 5

  • Fight in a war (gives 2xp/fight)
  • Visit hospital to get free wellness after the fight. Then fight more.

NOTE: you can only visit the hospital once every day."

Raids and Drama


Midway through 2009, having seen 4chan /v/ complete a successful takeover of Pakistan, and Something Awful control large portions of Russia, 7chan decided they would try to get in on the action; citing "SeVenezuela", a passionate yet smaller country full of spics as an easy target, raid leaders Wilko, Ignatio and Tietovallu set about recruiting personnel on 7chan /b/, and setting up the raid channel #7leaves for co-ordination.

Needless to say, despite over 120 active members, 3 months later their attempts to take over congress and have any say in the running of the country had proven fruitless, and they were now openly mocked by the Hispanic natives. It was at this moment that Tietovallu decided it would be a good idea to recruit at the home of the raidfags, 888chan /i/. Within days a new raid channel was set up as an alternate base, and through the combined efforts of the two groups and the following month's congress elections 888chan won 15/40 seats, and 7chan won 9/40, meaning that between them 888chan and 7chan finally had the majority congress seats needed to pass their own laws and in doing so serve Venezuela their own brand of rapeage.

Thus far, all taxes have been raided to the maximum, minimum wage raised to over9000, and natives did not stop their butthurt whining for weeks.

Total Destruction

When you have a wart in your toe, you don't cut the whole toe off. However, this is exactly what the president did. He basically gave the whole country to eBrazil, in order to revert our new laws of pwnage, and abolish our parties and economics. Win from the native side was very scarce here. Their economics were utterly raped, a hospital that took almost an year to build and defence systems were destroyed. Not to mention the obvious: they will have to reconquer the country back and start the parties again if the wish eVenezuela to be independant once more.

Win was gained from the 888chan side. Although this wiped out the chan government, it destroyed eVenezuela more than the chans could have ever done. Everything important with the economy of eVenezuela was done before it was capitulated by eBrazil.

Kittens' Butthurt

Kittens, one of the original 7channers behind the erepublik raid, felt betrayed by 7chan’s forming of alliance with 888chan, and sought to upstage the raid at every opportunity possible. Having tried to PA 4chan into helping him overthrow 7chan, and having bawwed several times in #7leaves and on 7chan /b/ threads he now sits on SeVenezuela congress harmless, but awaiting the first chance to strike and destroy the raid.


#7leaves experienced some inner trolling during Operation SeVenezuela, which some say it was the reason of it's downfall. In late July, a young chap with the stench of a troll on him joined the channel. Under the guise of a guilable shota loving Miku Hatsune fan he worked with the resident troll, poe at pissing off the 7channers. After the first congress elections after 7chan's arrival, the scoundrels of #7leaves managed to win a total of 15 seats in the congress, one of which was taken by Roberick. One day after the elections, he decided to leave the 7chan party and the channel, thus sparking a huge shitstorm that ruined Sevenezuela from inside. Sometime after he departed, poe and another so-called leader, Rodrigo, decided to claim that all leaders behind Sevenezuela are Croatian spies, apparently to root out the faggots. The plan backfired (or did it?), making half of the people from #7leaves abandon the operation. It's fate was sealed with Roberick returning, thus beginning his trolling crusade and managed to succeed where Kittens failed. He claimed that he did it because of 7chan's alliance with 888chan, but in reality, he did it for the lulz. He managed to cut any support #7leaves would have from 7chan by flooding eRepublik threads with pictures of shota and convincing the [Fags|Mods] to support him. Finally, together with poe, he wiped any influence 7chan would have in eVenezuela by creating a troll newspaper, namely The Secret Gazette, where he claims that 7channers are white supremacists and all they want is to conquer eVenezuela and turn it into an English country. Unfortunately, the admins deleted his racist articles.

Insurgen Compromised

As a somewhat unwanted side-effect of the newfag participation in the raid, and the then-lack of robots.txt blocking google from indexing w/i/ki pages, for one reason or another the relevant address of the page was compromised. Of course, this fail was quickly turned to win as the page was transformed into a shock page and any unwitting erepublik visitors were scarred accordingly, as the forum thread was also trolled in an attempt to get the poster banned for linking to such horrific content.

7chan Faggotry

Despite early teamwork, frictions have threatened to split the 888chan/7chan alliance from the dawn of its existence. The problems stem from the fact that this raid was initially a 7chan effort to control, not harm the country of Venezuela, but power struggles and lack of /i/nsurgent know-how led to their initial failure. Recruiting at 888 was seen as a last ditch effort to bring the raid back on track, and many original 7channers felt this was conflicting with their rudimentary goals and left. The 7channers who stayed underwent continuous internal power struggles and changes in direction; playing the part of the hormonal 16 year old girl in the inter-chan relationship they loved 888 when 888 showed signs of bringing the success they couldn’t achieve on their own then blew them off when a new personality took charge.

Ultimately, what success the two groups had together was blown apart when those 7channers who had initially left in disdain of the new relationship with 888 came back to bask in the congress glory they had contributed nothing towards, and decided that the best way forward was severing all ties with 888.

They became known as ungratefulchan.


<@Sancho_Sete> we needed to appease hurp888chanxD
<@Kurt> what.
<@Kurt> are you fucking kidding?
<Guillermo> t'was their idea
<@Kurt> Those little shits have been nothing but trouble
<@Kurt> It was a horrible idea
* David_Davidson42 ([email protected]) has joined #7leaves
<@Sancho_Sete> It was the way to work over the natives.
<@Sancho_Sete> We should have waited till we had the presidency
<@Sancho_Sete> they acted too harshly
<@Kurt> ^^^^^^
<@Kurt> ugh
<@Kurt> i hate 888channers

The Truf About #7leaves

<ignatio> lemme tell you a story
<ignatio> once upon a time
<diehard8903> in a land far far
<ignatio> no right here nigger
<ignatio> its my story shut up
<ignatio> once upon a time
<ignatio> this channel
<ignatio> had 100+ users
<diehard8903> o.k.
<ignatio> and everything was cool
<Professor_Bidoof> lol
<ignatio> then this faggot named poe showed up
<ignatio> and brought raining death in the form of 888
<ignatio> and then roberick gayed everything up
<ignatio> and there were these faggots
<ignatio> named toast
<ignatio> and stinger
<ignatio> and they derped up our shit
<Professor_Bidoof> u mad?
<ignatio> and then rodrigo was all like u cool ignatio
<ignatio> and then bidoof was all like 'lols guns'
<ignatio> and shot our friend godrich
<ignatio> who died
<Professor_Bidoof> wat
<ignatio> and then 888 came back for a sec
<Professor_Bidoof> i must've been drunk
<ignatio> and then bidoof was sop
<ignatio> then i went through a phase where i was experimenting with painkillers and beer
<ignatio> and then i trolled some faggots
<ignatio> and then there were only like 20 of us left
<ignatio> oh and then scruffy came 
<ignatio> and deleted fucking everything
<ignatio> and zlined everyone
<ignatio> and then we all came back
<ignatio> but then i registered the channel
<ignatio> and cockblocked roberick
<ignatio> who was still gay
<ignatio> but now hes kinda cool i guess
<ignatio> and then poe started new meme
<ignatio> called ok
<ignatio> which is preceeded by h
<ignatio> and then new meme became cancer
<ignatio> and now theres only like
<ignatio> 5 of us
<ignatio> and thats the story
<diehard8903> cool stoy bro
<ignatio> there was also something about erepublik too, but i forget what it was
Wilko's betrayal

A plan of getting epic win from eVenezuela was made: a plan to issue over ninety thousand eVenezuelan currency and turn it to Jew of epic win, which is the main currency of the game. Three irl american dollars is worth five Jew. There was doubts of Wilko's trustworthiness, but as laws to issue more money and donate them to the chans' private bank passed, no one was in doubt that this would provide great success, deflating the eVenezuelan currency and leaving the chans with a huge stash of Jew.

Then who was economy?

There was no word from Wilko (who was unfortunately the only person who had access to the bank) for a few days after the money was issued and donated. Then was that some brave /i/nsurgent found out that Wilko had spent all his Jew to fund his own resistance war, making him a battle hero (one of the various "achievements" in the game), and the president of eVenezuela if the resistance war would succeed.

Mexican will get revenge

Alot of raeg was had in 888chan's IRC. No news was had from #7leaves, obviously because they followed Wilko's selfish ideals. It is alot of Jew he wasted in order to make himself an hero of theungratefulchan, but this is when the fagmasters Teronism, DentalPlan and Tietovallu of the 888chan had pure optimism in their minds.

This just proves my point: 7chan is full of cancer and aids. If four months of playing the game so srs bsns is called win by 7channers, I cannot say anything but that they are the cancer of the internet. But do not falter /i/nsurgents, eVenezuela was just a stepping stone in a much greater plan. One day we will free our Great Motherland Best Korea. We will troll eRepublik into submission.

Maybe he even boosted some little business' economy by using all his money.


— Tietovallu

eSouth Africa

A country where we have friendlies that are already attempting a takeover and have a party. The whole country shat bricks when /i/nsurgents landed on the beaches of eSouth Africa, being handed effort-free citizenships.

eSouth Africa forums

One of the /i/nsurgents' covert operatives Exilious found the forum. /i/nsurgents registered there and bricks were shat. Posting a simple "introduction" cause epic butthurt and baww.


Hi my name is MuscleRoller and I am here with couple of my Harvad University student friends and Prof. David to test his new business schemes. He is a professor of macroeconomics.

Apparently we tested them in eVenezuela but the president got jealous and sold the country to eBrazil. It was unfortunate because I couldnt finish my economics project.

Heres my project paper: (it was too big for the forum page) I'll be hanging around here for some time!

Good luck!



Successful troll was successful. Rage replies and the OP himself convincing that they never did anything bad to eVenezuela and that they are here to help. The troll-defence was bad though, all they did was being srs bsns and saying that OP is obvious. No shit.


MuscleRoller is a PTOer. Ban him!


A Faggot who made a great conclusion


Trolling is not funny, it just makes you look like a complete douche.


Some faggot after being trolled


That sig is freaking weird. Get lost and get a life you loser. -.-


Some faggot after seeing MuscleRoller's signature


Muscle Roller should also be banned or have his signature which is really strange, removed.


Another faggot who has seen the signature

Billy Herrington in eHungary

They continue to call /i/nsurgents PTO'ers (PTO = political takeover), it's just a game man. Its not like you can discriminate if you are an immigrant from eVenezuela.


I don't know for sure if you're in SA to take over or to honestly try what I believe is a flawed economic plan. Either way I think you'd be best leaving. The people of this country now believe that you're here to do them harm, and they won't allow you to carry out your plans easily. If you really want to do this so much then you should go to a country like Pakistan. They have a much lower and less active population and it would be easy for you to do your "Experiment" there. South Africa doesn't want you, so why don't you just move on.


A discouraged faggot

The /i/nsurgents have been challenged

A plan to spam the forums with gore was made. Every /i/nsurgent posted a tiny pixel image to their every post. When the time was right, it was replace with gore. Thus epic win was achieved, giving the fear of an /i/nsurgent to the minds of every eSouth Africa forum inhabitant.


you absolutely disgust me, you sick sick bastard.


—A shocked faggot after seeing gore


Can someone ban him for those images? Surely THAT'S reason enough.


—An another shocked faggot after seeing gore

The anti-troll brigade

After recovered from the vast spam of gore on eSouth Africa forums, the hopeless faggots started to organize their defence. Posts on /i/ were made, implying that /i/nsurgents should stop fapping, and get out of the basement - so on. Is that even an insult?

Some win was had, when admins were convinced to give out the dox of the certain poster.


Nope Frank, I'm thinking that you might not be able to handle these morons all that well.

Btw, Musle, your gallery of butthurt on the ED article is lame. We weren't really butthurt, it's like when you have someone come in and start spouting of old lame jokes... oh wait, that's what you WERE doing. XD lrn2comedy kthxbai


—Jew, saying that this very ED article is lame :(


Not really. I read ED all the time, or used to. I was comparing it to past raids. This is niether really notable or all that good tbh. :3

You going to add yourself to the list of famous trolls as well? :3


Amun Nefer, who claims to be an ED oldfag


Yes, well, the's... :( What can you say? FatRoller is fucked in the head if he thinks he can get away with this. People go to jail for less than this.

Hang in there everyone, we'll get through this. Together.


Nosferat0987 , typical african faggot

Apparently /i/nsurgents are now against a well-trained army of internet oldfags who know how to lurk and steal information from IRC channels that have no restrictions. Oh the horror. I think it is the time to pack the bags and leave because we are against such a blatant army of experienced oldfag trolls.

Defiling the President

Eventually WilkoDentalPlan had an idea: if you can't destroy the country in one go, why not destroy the life of the President? Her in game account was logged into and quickly suspended after posting some shocking statements, her email was penetrated and the eSouth African forums were plastered with shock images.

After being under attack by such grievous force, she decided that it would be good to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and proceeded to deleting her credit card and human contacts.

Seriously, MuscleRoller, Exilious, DentalPlan, FredrickVonHaupstadt, et al... you are a blight on eRepublik. The delight you taking in ruining the enjoyment other people get out of a game is perplexing to me.


Nigel Read, well be perplexed no more!!!

Bro, i'm so sick of your fucking arrogance. Your not a real professor in real life. Your a fucking teenage CHILD sitting infront of his computer screen trying to impersonate as someone else. Normally I wouldn't be so annoyed but your so FUCKING SMUG about it. You won it by a fair democratic election? Gtfo, you and your friends just brought you and all your multies ther and took it over. And he saved them. You smug faggot fuck. Really just delete your account and throw your comp out the window for trying to screw so many hard working players.



Vile cretins.. Doing underhanded tactics to get what you want shows the world you are weak, scared, and unfit for even manager of cleaning up dog $#!7.



Admins listen to this request, people like this deserve a special place in Hell and should not be welcomed into this game. You know of two channer target nations, Venuzula and South Africa investigate all of the people who have moved between these nations and ban them as hard as you can. If any truely solid information is found pass it on to Ines so she can initiate legal action against these scums of the earth.



Do you not realise that whoever is behind this could go to jail for many years, probably a life-sentence (25 years). Do you not realise what it means to go to jail?


Nosferat0987 knows the law well

I'm actually considering leaving the game now. Makes me bleak, but I'll probably recommend to all my mates to stop playing as well. If it reaches the stage where actions in game are leading to real life security it's not worth it.


Hamilton Moore, doing the clever thing

Really, What the hell do you win with this? Do you have principles? Do you love someone? Do you have a brain? All these steroids have perturbed you my friend.



You're probably a socially unadapted person who has no power, friends or social life outside his computer, so that you need to prove yourself that you're something. Well, I'm sorry to tell you, You're not worth anything. You'll have no friends here nor in RL, and you should commit suicide soon, it will be much better than the rubbish life you have and you'll have.


Enbaros, butthurt much?

Shut up Exilious. When I came here I saw you as a nice guy to have. Annoying sometimes, but useful, and we could have a goog time reading your posts. Now you have become a horrendous creature, you coulnd't fall so low. Please commit suicide or change for good. I'll still give an opportunity to you (not to Muscletroller & company).


Enbaros, truly a man of few words

Its not the first time peeps have done this throughout the history of this game and other games :/ but we ALL know you cheats are too shit to play the game its supposed to be played, so you try to cheat to someone satisfy your feelings of inadequacy which are representitive of your shit RL personalities.


Sandar Cain

The 888channers probably aren't old enough to drink, and even if they were, they rarely come out of their mother's basements and have no real life friends.


brinn10, another butthurt South African faggot

If they were RL SAns I was gonna hunt them down through then 9 provinces myself!!


mesu, a real tough guy

I don't think their mummies will let them use anything that comes close to a weapon, mainly because of their manic depression at having no friends.



God DAMN it.. NOsferat has been hacked and send me a message that I am going to be next. FUCK!!!



Of course, enough people have links to their board that they'll have to move to a new chan soon.



Confirmed dox of the president:

Ines Schumacher
2 Ronmar RD, Morningside, 2196
Johannesburg, South Africa
Craigslist made for trollan:
Phone number: +27724613174

Mother's fagbook:
Mothers Dox
Name Gundi Bunker
Address  Up den Pahl 55
         23843 Bad Oldesloe oder 
         22 Flamingo Crescent
         Zeekoevlei 7941 
         South Africa
Address: Up den Pahl 55, Bad Oldesloe,  23843, Germany
Phone: +27 21 7055797, Fax: +27 86 6201434
Mobile +27 (0) 73 1771881
Email [email protected]
Date of birth    18/05/1954
Marital status    Married
Nationality       German
Fathers company and blog
Name Rolf Schumacher Location: Cape Town / Wellington, Western Cape Winelands, South Africa

Raiding from the /i/nsurgent side is in progress. Boxes, prostitutes and korans have been sent. Ines has openly confided in /i/nsurgents that she would love if they would order her pizza.

The Great B&

After three days of continuous trolling the admins finally caved in the combined butthurt of over 9000 bawwing citizens and wielded the mighty banhammer on all the brave anons. eJustice was swift and within a few short hours the main accounts of most of the /i/nsurgents were b& by the eRepublik admins. The natives celebrated this as a day of victory, but they do not realise that Anonymous does not forgive and does not forget. The brave anons have regrouped and are currently making plans to recommence the raep in time for the December congressional elections.


If they are capable of hacking they can also change their IP addresses. I see no light at the end of the tunnel.


Waari knows what he's talking about

After the swift banning, the brave anons began receiving threats from a faggot named Nosferat0987. "hacking eRepublik will get you 25 years. Do you not realise what it means to go to jail?" he said. Then he began threatening Anon with INTERPOL. Right there he broke the Code of Anon. You NEVER threaten Anon with V&. So anon moved swiftly to hack this faggots email. It came easily because the faggot used a faggot email. Within an hour, his facebook had been filled with nasty shit, his Paypal information posted to 4chan, and his eRepublik account B& for faggotry.

Dox on the Nosferat0987 Faggot
Mr Darren Cristeaan Jonker
64 Nottely Crescent
Secret Harbour WA 6173
Phone# 0416-922-325

Operation Raepublik falls apart

Due to extreme faggotry, butthurt, leaderfaggotry and /i/nsurgent power hungriness the raid was doomed to crash at some point. The inital plan was to take over ePhilippines (also known as Codename "Orange Islands" in case of spais), install MuscleRoller's (Tietovallu) new account as a "legitimate" president, and leader of a new revolution in the small yet hardworking country's adminstration.

The role was played well, and more anons sharing the same goals poured into the IRC. A Finnish imageboard called Kuvalauta was recruited by posting a thread on it's /b/. Everything was going as planned, socks had been made in order to TO the country, proper media shield and census's were made.

The raid had been a little unstable from the beginning, one of the original founders had earlier four other people making decisions how to go forward. Dictatorship is bad amirite? The so-called fagmasters had had their balance last for over 3 months, until the #erepublik SOP decided to Jew opper abuse against an egofag for the lulz, an egofag who admitted to getting everyone mass b& weeks earlier except for his own account. There had always been reported little incidents, but as the channel owner was supposed to be neutral, the power had been in balance.

Drama in #erepublik

<&Tietovallu> i told stinger to get us banned
<&Tietovallu> so yeah
<&DentalPlan> tru dat
<&DentalPlan> WAT
<&teronist> ^
<&teronist> faggot
<&DentalPlan> best be trolling
<&Tietovallu> because it was necessary

Series of severe BAWWW'ing and waves of kickb& caused tremendous ammounts of drama, trolling and butthurt. Tietovallu claimed that he had been behind the massive b& wave, in order to show he is in power and put the other "lesser" fagmasters to their place. He was kickb& from channel due to serious egoistic behaviour, which would have happened earlier but no one other than the supposed "neutral" channel owner would have had the rights to perform such action (because no one asked until then or decided via hivemind consensus).

Tietovallu went Kittens and whiteknighted the whole raid, getting cool story bro'ed by the eRepublik staff and an instant ban.

Supreme Faggotry

Not content with having almost ruined everything and pissed off everyone else in the raid, Tietovallu then decided in his infinite wisdom to White Knight and tell everything to the native Filipinos in their forum. Some accounts were b&, but the vast majority of them survived. Of course Tietovallu being, well Tietovallu just couldn't resist this additional opportunity to lengthen his e-penis and inflate his already large ego over 9000 times bigger. Not only that but he has in fact teamed up with well-known enemy of anon Nosferat0897, that's right that very same faggot who threatened to have us all v&. You've really outdone yourself this time Tietovallu!

I was the leader of the TO group until a leadership struggle came across, the channel owner removed my admin's which lead into massive butthurt kickbanning and abuse on the IRC. Basically the TO failed because of powerhungry faggots.


Tietovallu, Yes Tiet, blame it all on the "powerhungry faggots". Nothing to do with you getting all our accounts b& and bawwwing like a child whenever anything didn't go your way...

I want to fix the illusion how "Exilious" was a "hacker on steroids". He never did hairy anything, the actual "hacking" of eRep accounts was done by me alone.


Tietovallu, nothing like the truth eh Tiet?

I dont certainly like when own dogs bite after you have gave them power.


Tietovallu really believes this. Srsly.

I dont even think they can do any poodle without me, because I was the main "troll" of the group.


Tietovallu, it just gets better and better.

The people who threw me out had no idea how to do anything, they were completely clueless without a leader. Everything basically stopped for a week when they started fighting against me..


Tietovallu, a tragic victim.

Everyone did all the stuff I didnt want to do: making multis, making the offsite and IRC, putting sex requests of Ines Schumacher on Johannesburg's craigslist, getting all IRL information and pictures of a person and so on.....


Tietovallu. Gosh Batman, we've got a bad case of Troll's Remorse!

Needless to say that Operation: Orange Islands was mostly a failure. The infiltration and subtle approach of the anons this time round had been completely compromised by Tietovallu's faggotry and whiteknighting. Despite being on course for a congressional majority, the president of the ePhilippines decided to abuse the SOL training wars and bawleet half their regions, making them part of eMalaysia at the close of elections and therefore voiding all the anon candidates running there. Some minor win was achieved since they had to destroy one of their Q4 hospitals in the process, but on the whole the anons agreed the operation was one of gigantic fail and AIDS.

Return to eSouth Africa

After having been forced out of Thailand due to treachery, the brave anons of Harvad University regrouped and decided to make a glorious return to their previous trolling grounds, a place where epic lulz had already been achieved: black person. One by one, the anons arrived on the shores of South Africa, as past friends and allies from all over the eWorld heard Harvad's call to arms. This time round the orders were simple: to wreak havoc, troll, and achieve their ultimate victory: the complete and utter destruction of the country.

Preparations begin


From the channers. They say they are back to finish what they started.


Mark Morcom, the then president of South Africa and all round butthurt faggot

Despite publishing at least 100 articles of obvious trolling, the government convinced themselves that Harvad were no threat. Their National Security Status level actually went down, so convinced they were of their safety. Little did they realise that behind the scenes, the Harvad University rape machine was hard at work.

Bored and waiting for the electons to arrive the anons saw an opportunity for more delicious tears and lulz. To create sock accounts using the IRL names of the government ministers. Dox were uncovered and the accounts were created. The natives shat brix when they realised Harvad University were had the power to hack their real information.

Congressional elections came and the anons managed to take an impressive 14 seats out of 40. Minister of Security Frank Furglar claimed his department had successfully stopped the anons from taking a majority, despite Harvad getting everyone they possibly ran into congress. It is thanks to his good work that Harvad could continue trolling at maximum capacity, yet draw absolutely no attention to themselves. Thanks Frank!

However due to certain anons' tendency to publish racist articles and be subsequently permab& LOL appealed, the anons could no longer block an impeachment. But all was not lost, a certain high ranking faculty member was able to call in a favour from a very old friend in the eUSA military and convince EDEN to stage a Resistance War in Gauteng before the Presidential Elections. Several native members of congress just couldn't resist the chance to be the battle hero and help their country kickban the spics from their land. The war was successful and the South Africans celebrated this as a day of victory. Little did they know they had just wasted 11000 gold for nothing...

Presidential elections arrived and Harvad finally revealed their super sekrit plan. Ronell a serious player who was well respected within the South African community was actually working with Harvad all along! Contact was quickly made with Phoenix leadership and Brazil and Argentina proceded to wipe South Africa from the map as all the regions were retreated one by one. The natives raged like nothing before as blood and semen rained from the sky.


The notion I get from this whole situation is that these channer fu**tards are really good at what they're doing, they cover up their crap professionally and come out clean so admins, although they know 100% these guys are breaking game rules, can't find any legitimate proof that they do and are too afraid to ban them without one as that way they risk the whole game being hacked.

Oh yeah, and they have no balls. For sure


—Feeling scared, Evol Nemo?

Tietovallu returns

Tiet returns to harvad and does not seem like to much a faggot anymore. Disregard, he's still a faggot.

Future plans with eRepublik

The current plants of anonymous on eRepublik are moving ahead. You must be stupider than Tiet if you think we're posting them here. Want to join in and share in some delicious tears? Of course you do, get on IRC nao!| With out the Alliance of 7Chan and 888CHan any "lulz" and "Win" are pretty much out the window. Its also to be noted that the two nations so far taken over for the "lulz" have been small and in essence epic fail. If one really wanted to up the stakes, take over of a rather large nation would be the way to go, but due to the small size of the group and the general Epic Failz of the chan alliances, this will not be accomplished.

Future targets are: eUK, eArgentina (for maximum lulz)and maybe eRussia (but doubtful as it would take more than 10 anons with 10 multies each to achieve this goal)


I will probably play the game legitimately


Tietovallu, saving the best till last.

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