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It's 2022 and you're browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica. But somehow, that deliciously lulzy article or image from the old ED website is missing. Blame our incompetent lineage of ex-sysops for not keeping regular backups, or for being too paranoid/busy doing drugs to provide backups of the site. As it stands now, a fuckton of the old images are missing or broke as shit, mostly cause the stupid things weren't included in the images backup we sourced the newest version of Encyclopedia Dramatica (.online) from. Pretty gay amirite? Articles past late 2016 may be MIA war victims as well, and many, many, many of them are gone too.

But, there is still hope, and that's where your sorry ass comes in.

So where do I come in?!11


It's going to be an uphill battle with restoring ED to its former glory. We do have plans to gather delicious drama and attention, but in the meantime, we need YOUR help with restoring the 404'd content from the shoah gulags of history. Whether you want to to help with image restoration, template restoration or article restoration (We're missing a lot of pages from 2015-2020), is up to you, but either one is appreciated by the lulz connoisseurs who frequent ED. Below are a list of things YOU can halp with!

Roles you can play in helping

Image Reharvester

In this role, you are Finding missing images/files and reuploading them. See Template:FullImageWanted and Image Selection Process for moar info on finding missing images. If all you can find is a thumbnail, just be sure to put {{FullImageWanted}} or {{thumb}} on the file page's description after you upload it. However, we'd much rather you upload the full image if one can be found.


Almost all images uploaded to the wiki prior to June 2017 exist in this archive. A searchable google drive of this image archive is provided for convenience in finding individual images here. Try searching by filename or keyword. Some missing images are hosted on The Wayback Machine's backups/archived versions of our articles. Keep in mind, we've had several domains over the years, including, (most recently) .rs , .se , .es, (and before that we had .se - as well as .ch for a very brief time); As such you may need to go thru several archived domains of the article to find the thumbnail/image you are looking for. On most domains, like .rs, .es, .ch or .se, there wasn't an "index.php" between the domain and the article name, so you may have to get rid of it to get results. Other missing images are on archive.is, but you'll need to save them with the proper/original filename. To do that, right-click the thumbnail/image, click "copy link location"/"copy link" and then when you save the thumbnail or image from archive.is, you'll have to copypasta the link into the "Save As" filename box, and remove everything from the linkname pasted except the actual filename. Then, re-up it obviously. Additionally some images may be available on KYM or on Russian Lurkmore. Google Search-By-Image and TinEye are your friends!

With some missing images that you may reupload - you may run into an error message claiming it's already uploaded. That's because the image metadata/filehash is stored already (From a faulty backup) but not the actual file itself. Just ignore the message, keep on reuploading other images. The error message just means you've successfully put the exact ORIGINAL FILE image back on the site.

Pictured below is the forementioned error message glitch:

Exact duplicate of image false upload error.jpg

The "Error" you may receive if re-uploading an image missing from the server, to the server. Ignore it, and then and just keep reuploading more pics. If you don't want to ignore it because you have OCDs, you can delete the pic, and reupload it with the same name.

if you have questions, feel free to grab an ED Government official to help you out.

PROTIP: When grabbing images from Archive.org/Wayback Machine - the archived pages on the ED.rs domain have bigger and better quality thumbnails, but the ED.se domain archive generally has the full images saved on a separate page if you click the image thumbnail.

FULL IMAGES PREFERRED OVER THUMBNAILS, IF YOU UPLOAD A THUMBNAIL IMAGE BE SURE TO ADD {{thumb}} to the file page for it. We'd rather you skip the image for now instead of uploading a thumbnail as it creates more work in the future.

Article (and Template) Restorationist

Article restoration/necromancy, simply put, you are bringing some of the missing articles and/or templates back from the grave with this role. 'Nuff said.

For some of the articles missing you can go to Wayback Machine and do the "edit/view source tab" at the top, and if that's been saved by Wayback Machine then its just a simple process of copypasting the wiki-source into the corresponding "new page" on encyclopediadramatica.online. For others, it may be a long hard process of copy-pasting the article from the actual non-markup page and reformatting it into a new article from scratch. For other missing articles, archive.is has them archived on their site, but you may have to search for them by url in archive.is's url search feature.

We are past the point of being able to grab Google Cache archived revisions, unfortunately.

Again, this is also something you can ask ED Government for help with - especially if you need help with some of the special formatting like color image gallery boxes, gathering the YouTube embed video links, etc. For files that are missing from the articles - it is recommended to put them in the article anyways, as we will be gathering the images/thumbnails (and recreating them from screenshots in some cases, even (FUCK THE "WEBP" IMAGE FORMAT FAM))

Praying to God

As we all know by now, this site and its ownership tends to make people autistic. ED's resident jew Oddguy summed it up pretty well on The Dick Show. For only one prayer a day, you can help keep the gay away. But seriously, let's hope the new guy doesn't lose it as well. Also, pray that they do a monthly archive of the site.

delicious coffee. not shown: you on the missing bottom half of the pic


The bottom role. You're doing fucking nothing so you might as well get down on your knees and start suckin' dick, suckin' clit, and/or eating ass. You are the bottom bitch, the fluffer, and the refreshments server. You're really not that much of a help, but who doesn't like receiving oral copulation? And we could always use moar Wilkins Coffee and cake.

But.. what if the site goes down again?

In that case we're all fucced lol! :^) In that case, we'll rebuild again. But with our current administration, we are doing backups and in the result that we get FRICKED OVER AGAIN UGH, we will just use those backups to restore the website. And nothing of value was will be lost. Or just archive it yourself, fucktard.

El Líder just recently made an archive on December 6th.

Isn't that great?

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