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E is a letter that can be placed before anything to indicate that it takes place on a computer, if not the internets. Love, for example, takes place IRL between a guy and the poor girl he's trying to mouth rape; in cybarspace, the equivalent is e-love.


At least 100 arcminutes ago, there was a nerd, who sent a message to another nerd. The nerds thought this was such a cool mode of communication that they dubbed it electronic mail. After realizing that no one on the internets could actually spell "electronic," they shortened it to e-mail.

A revolution was born. Suddenly there was e-news, e-commerce, and e-aids. TV execs thought it was so cool that they named a cable network that had nothing to do with technology E.

To this day, "e" remains popular on teh web. Camwhores can find out if they are e-loved by how many things have been bought off their e-wishlists. E-Jameth has an e-ass that you can put your e-cock into and become e-gay. Adding e- to anything makes it at least 100 times better e-gayer. Try it!

N.B.: Using this prefix to compile the word "e-nerd" is not advised, as it is considered redundant. If this troubles you, know that your attorney at lol is acquainted with this phenomenon!

e is going out of favor in these modern times for a lowercase i, which basically is marketer attempts to mimic the iPod and spread it super fast. Cyber is also new, with E-Bully getting replaced by cyber bully. This is probably Fox's fault.


Uruguay, lol!
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