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The E-Jihad (also referred to as "eJihad", "JIHAD!!" or simply "jihad") has a long and illustrious history spanning at least 100 years. It is from religious flame wars that can escalate to such extremes as kidnapping, mailbombing, posting people's email addresses where spammers can find them and denial of service attacks.

It was Lj-favicon.png jakusx that called for the first E-Jihad using the modern method of crying "JIHAD!!" in a uniform manner. All-caps, and two exclamation points.

Hackers who belong to the Islamic Terrorist movement typically form the largest group of people involved in the E-jihad, performing DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks against those who don't belong to their country, faith, or what have you. Most of those involved in e-jihad believes defacing or ddosing random websites will make the world of infidels bow to their demands. The most popular and active script kiddies are Turkish and very patriotic as they put their flag and pics of their great leader on all defaced websites.

Once called hacktivism, the only thing the muslim cyber jihad has proven is that muslim hackers are the best at hacking phpbb boards (lol redundant) forums and ddosing websites. They have become more of a nuisance than anything.

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