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Thnak Dog lilbe is wirtent and salndre is spekon.

Daily Sex is a diesaes ersulitng in difcifutlys in raedign, wirtign and spenligl, sa wlel sa soemtiems infleuncign shrot-trem mermoy, mahtemitasc, concetnartoin, persalno hyegien and sqeuencign. The medacil trem for oen who sufefrs from dylsexai is "a big spaz".

Ferqulenty cliamed as an excuse by ploepe on the intrenet hwo:

  • cantno splel becusea all thye raed aer Livejournal etrines by ohter trads hwo slimiarly cantno splel, or becusea thye aer two Riltaiend too hit kyes in teh crorcet order; and/or
  • dindt bothre to raed whevtaer sauce post thye aer repsondign too - noet that thiis is an unusaul usgae, becusea mots ploepe thnik dylsexai is awl abuot splelign.

RIL ilsdexiks otfan uz thire codnison az un exquz for been jurkz ur havn no sence ov humr.

Dylsexci ploepe shluod not meak websiets.

The onyl knwon crue for dylsexai is a lagre bwol of alhpaebt suop.

If I cna raed this, am I dsylexic?

Althuo yuo kan raed msot of ths stoff evin thuo it is wrung raely all yuo naed is teh firzt and last luttars of ani givan wurd. If that's nut enuf u kan uz a fonetik sistm two red ur wurds. In aul onesti teh onli peopl who kant red dis R Kumplete phucktardz Comnolmy a plorbem for 16 yaer old grils


L33t H4X0r?

Popel wiv lydixia shid nut b miztakan for leet hazorz bekuz tehy no fuk all abutt tarslating leat intro Egnliz. Althou itz nott liek taht evar sopped temh form pretandin.


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