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Dyna showing how he likes to treat his boytoys.
Pucker up because Yahweh loves you.
Offical fapping pic for Dyna and the YTV
DynaCatlovesme was powerless. The boy's name was so similar to "Galipoli", that he HAD to subscribe.
Dynacat also loves to pretend he's a little 15 year old twinkey boy called Stillbellykai
Dynacat artist rendition
Groovy baby!
Jim on a night out with friends

DynaCatlovesme (A.K.A. James E. Henry of Silver Spring, MD) is an ancient hippy douchebag and registered sex offender who's bent on making pedophilia as mainstream and socially acceptable as faggotry. Next to LoganSperman2, Dyna is Irish282's and Updownmostly's BFF on YouTube. Dyna has recently joined the Jesari Crusade, and has become a very vocal critic of anyone who doesn't think that 12 year olds should be allowed unsupervised on YouTube. In fact, recently Dynacat joined Updownmostly to form Jimothy, a vile being that can molest all boys in a 300 mile radius at will. Their romantic meetings can be viewed on Dynacats channel, they are expecting a buttbaby.

As of July 22, 2010, the whereabouts of DynaCatlovesme, aka James Henry are unknown. Many speculate that Jim may have suffered a fatal overdose after his early morning battle with apricot brandy, YouTube, and his usual cocktail of psychiatric medications. Whether the YouTube Vigilantes and Circarigel intervened, and called the internet police is unknown.

Compassionate apathy

Dyna has taken it upon himself to play anti-troll in the battle for YouTube. He suggests that suspected pedophiles should be allowed to continue doing what they're doing, so that they can be apprehended by the police IRL. While this sounds well and good on the surface, one look at his subscriptions will tell you that this is a ruse, and he is in fact a NAMBLA supporter. Amid the cornocopia of subscriptions to little boys can be found a subscription to dendrophilian, who has stated in no uncertain terms that it's absolutely copacetic to rape children.

DynaCat explains his affinity for the kiddies

DynaCatlovesme in his sunday best
"I'm a little teapot short and stout..."
This explains everything.

In a lulzy 7-part series of TL;DW videos, DynaCat gives very logical and rational explanations for his excessive subscriptions to 13 year old boys, along with his thoughts on what "real pedophiles" are.

  • YouTube Favicon.png Youtube, Kids, Predators and Me - A Series (Part 1) - deleted
    • Dyna had heard the buzz about YouTube, and started checking it out. He stumbled across Galipoka, and found himself uncontrollably compelled to subscribe to him since his name was so similar to "Galipoli". Dyna searched and searched, but just couldn't find any good videos by adults! Not only that, but strangely enough, he couldn't find any good videos by little girls either! They all had shitty video cameras, and only talked about "girly things". Placed in such a precarious position, DynaCat was forced to subscribe to a myriad of "very talented" little boys with good quality video cameras.

  • YouTube Favicon.png Youtube, Kids, Predators and Me - A Series (Part 7) - deleted
    • Dyna, still pulling theories out of his rectum, says that the chances of a kid getting molested online are about 0%. While he's able to sniff out a belly-dancing 12 year old boy from 1000 miles away, googling up the actual figure of 12-24% was just too fucking difficult. His final words of wisdom were on the topic of fixing the "hate" situation on YouTube. The Dyna-solution: when someone gets banned, they should stay banned. That's brilliant. I guess he missed the memo about the whole "Restore Jesari" crusade, essentially an attempt to get him and Galipoli unbanned.

Trolling DynaCatlovesme

oh shi-...call the netcops!
Jim confesses to looking at cp!!1
Dynacats dad on chatroulette, even he is dissapoint.

When trolling Dyna, one should always make it absolutely clear that they are indeed a nazi. Dyna has a deep-seated love/hate obsession for nazi's, and always sends out lulzy dramatic bulletins whenever he feels he has found one. Dyna has stated on several occasions that his arch-nemesis the YouTube Yahweh Clan are a neo-nazi group, despite the fact that one of its most prominent members is, in fact, a black woman.

Quotes from the Lollercaust(now deleted) video

I really didn't want to make this video. Complex circumstances, which I am not a liberty to divulge, required that I make it.


—DynaCatlovesme, on what a melodramatic faggot he is

I wondered if you were dead serious posting this. If so, I thought it was a particularly ill-fitting comparison, equating the Holocaust with kids getting suspended on YT.


—richieprep, on what a melodramatic faggot DynaCat is

I consider the slaughter of over 6 million innocent people equally as enraging a company's choice to suspend children from their website. Great video.


—yankeaze, sarcasm ninja

Do you have any Jewish friends? I'm sure they would appreciate you making such an utterly crass comparison.

Have you no shame?


—TonyWyoming, on what an insensitive fuck DynaCat is

My final comment. Your video does show persecution

of Jews and other minorities, and does equate it with suspension of kids on YouTube. I think that's an inappropriate comparison. It's Godwin's Law in full flight. Frankly, I would have expected better judgment from a historian!


—richieprep, having to explain the obvious to DynaCat

You are entitled to your (wrong) opinion.


—DynaCatlovesme, butthurt

I've accomplished everything I've set out to accomplish, rational people would say I was pretty sucessful. Granted, there are some plans that have not yet played out, but that doesn't mean they failed, only that they are in progress.


—DynaCatlovesme, On his life's success

Mirrored for the lulz

Dyna threatens a Lawlsuit

Good luck Dyna.
File:Dyna pajamas.jpg
lawlsuits or a sewing kit? we know which one jim picked.

When Troy Riser included Dyna in his list of YouTube pedophiles, he was furious. He contacted attorney Robert Levin, and had him draft up a very dramatic "cease and desist" letter. The jury is still out on what's lulzier, Dyna believing that he can sue people for their opinions, or that he was actually able to find some two-bit ambulance chaser that was willing to initiate court documents under the title of "YouTube User: DynaCatlovesme VS Troy Riser".

Can you say "obsession"?

Since getting trolled by the YouTube Yahweh Clan Dyna has been completely obsessed with bringing about their demise. He's decided that the best way to do this is to make video after video about the history of the Clan. Each video is lovingly crafted in the traditional DynaCatlovesme tl;dw style. Here is the current round of samplings available on his channel:

Dyna responds to his ED article

The Yahweh Clan and Encyclopedia Dramatica supress free speach, not I. Do I have any ability to rebut the fantasy that is posted on ED about me? I do not. Anyone who even slightly opposes you in any way is terrorized with the sole objective of shutting them up. I am the perfect example. For making ONE COMMENT challenging 'Roo's logic, I have been terrorized, threatened, and vilified for six months. DO NOT try to say you support free speach!


—DynaCatlovesme needs a whaaaaambulance

Absolutely harmless? Are you drunk? I have a friggin' ED page that say I'm in a friggin' SOR! That isn't harmful? How would you like it? How hard have you tried to get my real address and full name? You commited felonies to that end. I was forced to pay thousands of dollars of hard-gained money to prevent it! Sorry, that is hardly harmless. And you WILL pay for it.


—DynaCatlovesme threatens moar lawlsuits

You have no right to harass people and invade their privacy and surpress their freedom of speech. Why you believe its funny to do those things is beyond the comprehension of anyone sane. ED is only pathetic and sick. Parody and satire are legally limited to PUBLIC FIGURES eg. politicians, celebrities. Having a YouTube account does not make someone "fair game."


—DynaCatlovesme, on how to fail Law School

DynaCatlovesme vs. Pigslop

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In a bizarre turn of events deposed YouTube method actor Pigslop has returned, and come out swinging at none other than DynaCatlovesme. Piggy had heard that Dyna was mentioning him in his 29-part mini-series on the YTYC, and decided to take Mr. Psuedo-intellectual to task for it. You're watching these lulz in realtime.

Fourth Of July Getaway With UpDownMostly

Jim won this hat.

Last Thursday, Dyna and UpDownMostly (Tim) decided it would be great fun to spend the Fourth Of July weekend together, so they could do many, many things that DEFINITELY have nothing to do with pedophilia and delicious cp. It is rumored that both of them brought Polaroid cameras with them so they could take pictures of the night sky set ablaze with flames and light to commemorate this great country's independence from those tea-drinking, scone-eating, limey Britfags and to discuss many important sociopolitical issues such as Social Security, Medicare, the environment, civil liberties, as well as their favorite travel destinations and favorite hobbies. As such, we should show these two fine, upstanding citizens our support and gratitude for their noble patriotism. Be sure to let them know how much you love them on their YouTube channels!

Lolsuit: Dynacatlovesme VS YTYC

The Judge's verdict: "i lol'd"

Recently Dyna has revealed that he did indeed try to pursue his internet lolsuits IRL in a court of law. Still under the belief that it's entirely acceptable to sue using YouTube usernames, he revealed this disheartening news on LoganSperman2's comments:

...advised that on February 28, 2008 he furnished copies of this office's report, and all information furnished by [myself-DynaCatlovesme] at the meeting held at the State Police Cyber Crimes Office on Wednesday, February 28, 2008 to the Federal Cyber Crimes Task Force.

...also advised that on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 he formally presented this matter to the [deleted] County State's Attorney's Office for that office's prosecutorial opinion. ...advised that on today's date, March 26,2008 he received a letter from the [deleted] County State's Attorney's Office declining prosecution in this matter. ...stated that the letter cited "limited resources" and lack of clear jurisdiction as reasons for the declination but opined that neither the State Police nor [deleted] County are willing to expend the time and man power on a case of this nature without the clear possibility of successful prosecution and jail time for the perpetrators.


—The Government, pwning Dyna at the Federal, State, and Local level

Not what I wanted to hear, but at least I heard.


—Dynacatlovesme, pouring sugar on epic fail

Did you show them your YouTube video's too Jim?




In short, the po po said that it would be a total waste of time to even look into this because quite frankly, no one gives a crap what the fuckwit reported.


Screen capture taken from Boychat:


About Justin Bieber

Contact Information

Don't expect to be able to contact Jim via YouTube without a license to internet. Here's a better alternative:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

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