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Hey hey, Mistah Shih-LAHTCH-ee!

Dylan Thomas, Renaissance Man, recognized "pedo-saint", long-time webmaster of notorious pedophile den Boychat, internet radio personality, and philosophically-oriented defender of man/boy sex, is a pedo, will always be a pedo, and is friends with pedobear. He has been identified as fugitive Jon Schillaci and has been an occupant of "the pedophile slot" on the America's Most Wanted Top Ten List since September 2007. Thomas abandoned his site after eight years (presumably because it was getting a little too old for his tastes) and began living as an outlaw in Mexico. Last Thursday (6 June 2008) Jon was tracked down to his lair in San Jose de Gracia, Michoacán, and arrested for abusing the 5-year old son of the New Hampshire family that had befriended him upon his release from prison in 1999.

If you are looking for information about a certain sheepfucker who drank himself to death, then you are on the wrong fucking website.

Who was Dylan Thomas the webmaster?

Such a warm smile, I bet he loves children.
Boychat.org: Where people who look like this...
...can achieve social acceptance by pretending that they look like this.

Here are a few classic Dylan Thomas posts, archived at Boychat's Digest.

Please note the Pedosmile. Further instruction on identifying the aforementioned feature here: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=spot_the_pedo

Dylan Thomas the Satirist


Dylan made the following MODEST PROPOSAL, in which he called for:

Mandatory penile plethysmograph tests for all males upon reaching sexual maturity. Since all reasonable people are opposed to sex with children, the only people who would be opposed to such a measure, as intrusive as it may be, would be those with something to hide: those people who know they have inappropriate desires and wish to conceal them. Those are the very people we are trying to catch.


Dylan Thomas

This was taken up and immortalized as the "NO MORE VICTIMS ACT OF 2007."

Write your congressman today!

The Picture of Dylan Thomas Gray


Life in Mexico seems to have turned Dylan Thomas' hair gray. Oscar Wilde is amused. There would have been a lot more plays and bon mots, if HE'd taken the "night train to Paris" like Dylan did. Wilde's Portrait of Dorian Gray is said to be an allegorical description of the way moral degradation is reflected in a man's portrait. It's not allegorical at all. It's the plain truth, as can be seen at the boychat gallery.

His new mailing address

Will Robinson of Boychat provides Dylan's new mailing address:

"If you're a little braver, you can snail-mail to Dylan at:

  • Rockingham County Department of Corrections
  • Jon Savarino Schillaci
  • 99 North Road
  • Brentwood, NH 03833

The website for the jail, for inmate visitation and mailing info, is linked below.

Also, snail-mail is so important to many prisoners because it is one of their only contacts with the outside world. "

  • I'm sure Dylan would love to hear from you. After all, you're still on the outside, getting away with it....reading fagfap threads on /b/ every night, and unable to forget how what you & Timmy did that one night at summer camp was the high point of your sexual career.

The darling of the Mexican Press

La Voz de Michoacán arbitrarily declares Dylan Thomas a murderer, on general principles. No word yet on whom exactly he murdered, but I'm sure our Amigos del Sur will release that information as soon as they've made it up. He is also listed as living in squalor and "managing 20% of the pornography in the internet."

Following the arrest of Jon Savarino Schillaci, one of the 10 most wanted by the FBI for the crime of pederasty, and also suspected of managing 20% of the pornography in the internet, local authorities were tight-lipped about the case, as well as the neighbors in the community "El Durazno", who knew the pederast and murderer.


"El Duranzo" means "the Peach", probably due to his young looks, or perhaps his predilection for young butt. I apologize for the educational entry. Its referring to the name of the community. Apologies for the out-of-context are accepted.

Dylan as Radio Personality

Pedophilia's answer to Rush Limbaugh, Dylan Thomas was very much a public figure, active in "Corrupting the Youth and Introducing Strange Gods." David, an anonymous poster at "Agetaboo, The place for young guys who like younger guys," gives an account of what listening to Dylan on the radio meant to him: DAVID

Sure Quality Radio also opened doors; it is a boylove radio station, for those who don't know. The first time I tuned in, I pumped my fist in the air and laughed. I am extremely auditory and hearing the voices of my fellow people was a very powerful experience for me. I listened to Dylan Thomas' show every night; he went on the list of people who I respected highly.



Pedophile radio has had a hard time finding a foothold, as can be seen in the sorry sagas of Rookiee's podcasts and Sure Quality Radio.

Perhaps Bill Evans or one of Dylan's other pals at BoyTalkRadio will share some clips of Dylan's voice....


Bill Evans of BoyTalkRadio delivers! All the Dylan Thomas you can handle! Check out the Dylan Thomas Archive at BoyTalk Radio.

Outcry on the Tubes

It seems that everyone on the internet wants to get a word in edgewise on our favorite new child predator.

The loving and affectionate tribute from the good people at Absolute Zero


Will Robinson of Boychat wonders...

Maybe the spirit of Leonardo was in our midst


and Absolute Zero makes it official.

Formerly Anonymous "Expose" blogger ILuv2Surf wOOts it up

The Sacramento Cop.jpg
Good work everyone! wOOt!


Stereotypical Pedo-Squalor. What, exactly, is a vivienda de interés social?

A news article from Michoacán, translated by Nish, from the original Spanish reports that:

Jon Savarino was detected by personnel of the National Institute of Migration in a house of social interest [I don't know what they mean by this], of one floor en the barrio of El Durazno in the mentioned city, located in the Sierra del Tigre along the border with Jalisco. The house that he rented for 2000 pesos per month (US$200), furnished with a mattress and blanket, as well as a few articles of clothing, most of it torn, muddy, smelly, in which he went into the streets to beg for handouts, in order to justify his shadowy existence.

In the apartment measuring 8 x 4 meters, there was trash all over, rotting food, cigarette and marijuana butts, and a fetid odor, according to testimony of the Migratory personnel and the elite police force from the special operations group.

Savarino was described by his neighbors as reserved, shy, little sociable, calm, someone who left and slept little and never wanted to converse with anybody.


Oddly, this description is virtually identical to what was reported about former Boychat posters Aztram (Harold Spurling) and The Night Raven (Jeffrey Brisson), who were also recently arrested in New Hampshire.

i think Jeffrey Brisson is a pretty cool guy. He fucks 3-month-old baby girls, and doesn't afraid of anything!

The door is open at 237 Washington Street, but there is something wrong -- garbage up and down the stairwell -- and nobody home. This is the home of 39-year-old Harold Spurling and 29-year-old Jeffrey Brisson -- both arrested Wednesday by New Britain police and charged with, among other things, sexual assault and risk of injury to a child by sexual contact.

Neighbor Juan Jimenez often saw Brisson with children. "Actually it's kind of shocking to find that out about him," Jimenez said. "Seemed like a pretty cool guy playing out here with some kids not to long ago." An anonymous tip led police to this apartment. Spurling and Brisson wouldn't open the door, so police forced their way inside. Once there, they discovered a 3-month-old baby girl in a car seat, and a computer filled with child pornography.


The BAWWWWW at Boychat: Josh His Silicon Carnival

The openness of this discussion, which almost fully acknowledges the links between TPKA "Dylan Thomas" and the fugitive Jon Scillaci, is all the more noteworthy, given the normal BC Cog policy of stonewalling discussions of arrested Boychatters (e.g., Robbie Malloy, Sparks, Aztram, dannywyatt, ghostwriter, and many others.)

Noted Boychat moralist "Enochian" discusses the lofty moral stature of past BC webmasters:

I don't suppose anyone thought it worth mentioning that the Webmaster was on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted" list. Now we're all smeared by association, and everything we say will be discounted accordingly. Didn't we learn our lesson when Robbie shot that kid in the back of the head? Can our next Webmaster be someone without any criminal convictions or outstanding warrants? Talk about being politically tone deaf.


Love and Sympathy from Didaskalos at Christian Boy-Love Forum

Love does not rejoice in the wrong....but Satire laughs its ass off!


The Party at Perverted Justice: Narcs Jail His Cool Vain Icon

The brave pedophile hunters at Perverted Justice clap their little hands and dance:

The celebration at PJ upon DT's arrest hasn't slowed a bit. It's been a long time in coming, but a pleasure well worth the wait. The Wikisposure people are just so proud of their part in this historical moment.....the capture of a pedo-saint, and of course, they're already working on who will be next.


—"anti em" posting at boychat on the 14th, NINE DAYS after the arrest...

As you can see from the Wikisposure history, Xavier, YOUR INTERNET NEMESIS, took the time to put the boot in personally:

Schillaci was added to the FBI's top ten most wanted list in Summer 2007, he continued on as Boychat webmaster and didn't change his online activities. Exceedingly arrogant, Thomas/Schillaci felt that he could never be tracked down or caught. Less than a year of being on the top ten list, he found out otherwise.


Apollo's blessings on your head, Xavier! Keep up the good work!

Boy in strawberry festival hat.jpg

Xav's quoting of Dylan Thomas on Strawberry Festivals is also a classic. In the wake of much anti-pedo blogging, in which pedophile quotes were taken out of context and deliberately misinterpreted for the lurid pleasure of the anti-pedo bloggers, Dylan had laid it out as a game for the Boychatters: How exploitable a post can you make? Dylan's offering was the following very ironic fake "quote" about Strawberry Festivals . . . and Xavier seized the bait like a starving trout.

Ah, I miss the Strawberry Festivals of old with their wanton licentiousness, the days when little boys and little girls were passed around like blunts, to be placed tenderly against the lips of each taker before all collapsed into a naked, writhing mass of debauchery and pedophilic strawberry delights...


The Strawberry Festival (Spring) now joins International Boy-Love Day (at the Winter & Summer Solstices, more or less) as the THIRD great holiday in the Pedophile calender. Can't persecute us, we're a religion, nyah, nyah, nyah!!! Halloween, of course, is the fourth; but pedophiles have always owned that. Little kids come door-to-door in costumes for candy? No wonder Christians hate it....

The Writeup at Wikipedia: Lo, Anarchic Jovial Sins

  • Wikipedia tells you all about his lurid sex crimes: Jon Schillaci

In 1989 then 17-year-old Schillaci and a then 20-year-old man were accused of having sex with two 11 year-old boys they allegedly featured in a video. They invited them to Schillaci's home, showed them a film of child pornography, then asked them to engage in sexual acts while he filmed them. After filming them, he sexually assaulted both of the boys. He was arrested days later in January 29, 1989, when he tried to sell the video for 500 dollars


  • As Didaskalos says, weeping, "The Warren Cup CURES your Butthurt, because the Warren Cup KNOWS your butthurt..."

The Bonanza at Google Books: Hi! No Crass Vocal In Jail!

The poetic soul of Jon Schillaci was apparently quite moved by the case of Sam Manzie, a 15-year-old-boy who had a loving and consensual relationship with a pedophile in his 40's whom he met on-line, Steve Simmons. Unhinged by anti-depressant medications (Paxil Poster-boy), full of the spirit of the Greek Pedophile God Apollo (Apollyon = He who destroys), and well-tutored in the gentle art of Platonic Love, Manzie, in turn, raped and strangled an 11-year old boy who was selling candy door-to-door. Manzie continues to defend Simmons as "a good role-model."

Behold: The Proto-Stache.
  • Here we see the power of the Goddess of the Internet at work: Seven lonely years into his sentence for making child pornography, Jon Schillaci stares into the web like Pippin into the Palantir, and, from inside his prison cell in Texas, sees beautiful but deadly New Jersey teenager Sam Manzie. His Classical Muse is stimulated, and he writes the following shota-ku:

. . . (was there something beautiful
Inside a teenage softskincandywrapper?
Art in smashed pumpkins?)



A more balanced view of Dylan Thomas

(From Boychat) "Daneel," a Boychat poster, writes:

Dylan Thomas is a poet. He has the ability to see the world uniquely, deeply, truthfully, passionately, lovingly, and share his soul's poetic sight with his readers. I mean, have you read "Do not go gently into that good night?" its about raging against the police when you're about to go down for over 9000 charges of pedophilia


And yet, he is also a boor who has thrown a man through a window in a bar-fight, who drinks too much, smokes too much, is overweight and out of shape, and delights in causing people discomfort in his posts and radio show.


it looks like he'll now be going away for a very, very long time.


A Tribute to Dylan: Dylan Thomas was one of the first friends I made when I first began posting on BoyChat over five years ago, and one of the first with whom I had real-life contact (over the telephone). At the time, I had him up on a pedestal, admired the hell out of him, and was very grateful for his friendship. The problem with putting people (including oneself!) up on pedestals is that you will, sooner or later, have to knock them down off that pedestal, and perhaps even make the reverse mistake of putting them into a pit. Not willing to do that, I was forced over time to gradually bring my perceptions of Dylan back into balance. There are plenty of good things one can say about him; there are plenty of bad.


Dylan Thomas preaches Pedo-Geddon. Is he armed?

This post from Boychat shows Dylan Thomas moving in the direction of armed resistance for pedophiles who have nothing else to lose:

Stereotyping: Questions Posted by Dylan Thomas on 2007-June-25 03:05:42, Monday I want this post to have nothing to do with boys or boylovers--in fact, I want this post to be inappropriate for the main index. I want it to be OtherChat material. But the fact is, it's not. It's a metaphor. Let's see if I pull it off.

I am a black man living in a rural area of a southern state in the United States several decades ago. Now, one day, I'm walking around doing my business when I am approached by several white guys--stereotypical rednecks at first glance--who tell me, "We don't like niggers," and proceed to threaten me and make sport with me, but, fortunately, it doesn't pass beyond threats. They don't actually beat me.

Now, in the course of working my trade--perhaps I'm some kind of craftsman or laborer--I do a job for a white man and his wife is at home. She is pleasant to me, so I am pleasant to her. Her husband is not happy that I would dare to address his wife, so next thing I know, I'm getting hauled up in court for attempted rape or something. Fortunately, I'm friends with a good civil-rights attorney from up north, so despite a few harrowing days and at the hands of small-town cops, I eventually am released, perhaps with a warning to keep away from white women.

Nonetheless, a few days later, a few more rednecks catch me somewhere and tell me, "We don't like uppity niggers," and they proceed to tell me that I'll get what's coming to me and they know how to put niggers like me in my place and all that. But it's a public place, so they stop short of actually assaulting me.

See, the thing to remember in my situation is that I haven't actually been hurt. Sure, there are threats--some of them quite explicit--and there are people following me around and "keeping an eye on me," but it's important to note that no one has ever laid a hand on me. Sure, I was subject to a false accusation and jailed, but I was acquitted and walked free, not unjustly imprisoned. I've been inconvenienced a bit, perhaps, but not actually harmed.

Maybe I've gotten a few poison-pen-pal letters. Badly spelled, atrocious grammar, letting me know I'm going to die. Maybe I've even overheard other people having conversations as I walk down the street: "Yeah, that's that nigger I was telling you about. One day, I'm gonna teach that boy a lesson."

Now, one evening I'm on my way home when, in a completely isolated location, I cross paths with three or four good ol' boys. I don't know them. Maybe they're not local boys, or maybe I just don't get out much. So I have no history with them; I can't say they've ever done me harm in the past because I've never even seen them in the past. You see the situation? I've never been physically harmed; merely threatened. And these guys aren't even the ones who've threatened me; they're completely new to me.

And one of them says, "Look what we have here. It's a damned nigger walking around like he owns the place. What do you think we should do about that, fellas?"

I'm armed.

Now, here's my question. When an environment in itself is sufficiently hostile--regardless whether or not I've yet suffered more than mere personal inconvenience--does there come a point when it's justified to assume you're at risk even if you have yet to be physically accosted? Are there situations where it is reasonable to assume, "I am in danger and must act accordingly," even if the other side can honestly say, "We never did a thing to him, hell, we didn't even say we was gonna do nothing to him!" Do they have a point when they claim that anything I might do at that point is an unjustified, unprovoked attack upon them?

Or am I failing to use my basic common sense if I say to myself, "Gee, these guys have never harmed me, they're not even the same guys that threatened me. I should give them the benefit of the doubt"? Did, perhaps, Reagan have a point when he talked about "first-strike defense"? Is there logic to the perversion of the Golden Rule which reads, "Do unto others before they do unto you"?

And just for a related question... does being subjected to consistent, regular messages to the effect of, "You should be sliced open and have your balls fed to you," or, "If I ever find out who you are, I'll take care of you my way," qualify as creating a "hostile environment"?

And now a final question, entirely rhetorical. Am I armed?

Much Love, Dylan Thomas [email protected]

Love from the Antis at Perverted Justice

(Didaskalos observes: This was posted at Boychat by "Silly1," who claimed the identity of "Deep South," a known PJ mole. Although the cogs removed this posts in moments, I figured the comments about the pussing sores on Dylan's penis, and the admission that PJ, in its seductive techniques, models itself on pedophiles, were too good to let go. So, Dylan Thomas wanted a memorializing web-site, and PJ didn't think he would ever have one? Hmmm. BTR = BoyTalkRadio, run by Bill Evans.)

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been! Posted by silly1 on 2008-October-11 00:22:08, Saturday First of all, no, melf, you don't get to out me this time. I'm doing it myself. So while I'm sure you are chuckling and rubbing your hands together because you know the IP I prf'd from was from a KNOWN ANTI, you don't get to sit on that info and think you're some kind of know it all. :)

I wrote my last letter to Dylan a few days ago. It is a good feeling to finally close this chapter. Because, you see, doing what we did with this nick wasn't easy. We had to listen to all of Dylan's bullshit on the radio, and I had to pretend I liked him. As a matter of fact, he thought I was his biggest fan. His best friend.

Isn't that what you guys do? Pretend you're a kid's best buddy, only you have another agenda? Turnabout is fair play, and sometimes it's pretty fun.

The day we found out Dylan was finally arrested, after months of monitoring his every move, was one of the most hilarious days in history. Not only had we managed to help the FBI nail a Top Ten Wanted, but we also got to listen in, if you will, on pedophiles freaking the fuck out about it. Oh yes, I have an actual audio recording of that! :)

So, the next time you see a pedo saying Peej had nothing to do with this, you will want to take a short trip back in time and remember exactly how this went down.

And, of course, all the others who were identified were just icing on the Dylan Thomas cake. IRC logs, months of them, of you stupid fuckers typing away about your lives, your "YF"s, your illnesses, your financial problems. What a bunch of moochers and wrecked individuals you are. But your misery is enjoyable to some people, as I'm sure you know.

For example, did you know that Dylan is allergic to penicillin? And that his dick had big pus-y sores on it because of that, when he was having his tooth problems? We. laughed. so. hard.

Did you know that Skylark is trying to fake that he has autism by substituting the word "me" for "I" in his sentences? And that Bill pays for his cigarettes, but makes him make his OWN wine? And that Dacarus is a pathetic piece of shit who's grooming even more kids, even after he was found out about by his community?

There are many, many things we've discovered this year. But the biggest laugh of all is when Dylan wrote to me and said that Peej had nothing to do with his arrest. What a huge laugh we all had at that one line in his letter, handwritten just to me. :) And how funny it was that the rest of this garbage "community" felt that that was some sort of confirmation. He wrote that letter to me, which I passed along to Bill. Starting to see the picture now?

Oh, I sure hope you guys fight about security now. We love to see that happen. After all, I WAS staff at BTR. -waves at toothless ugly ass Bill- You know, the safe and secure BTR you're always being invited to. Yeah, that one.

Ahh, finally, an end to this persona. It feels good to be free. Unlike Dylan. lol. He gets to spend the rest of his life thinking about how he trusted me, loved me, begged me to never forget him. He asked me, get this, he asked me to make a memorial website for him. Not just any old memorial website, but the website of all websites, the one that would make him a LEGEND. Yes, there he is, sitting in jail for molesting a child, thinking that somehow he could become a legend.

He and many of your other friends get to stare at blank walls for years and years, knowing that their very narcissism is what got them busted. All of your idiotic "security measures" will not keep you safe from jail. You're too fucking stupid.

There will be a full write-up about this soon, so keep your eye out for it. Xavier is so good at those things, and it will be extremely amusing.

Cheers from the Deeeep South! :)

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