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Totally not a pedophile

In 2003, the world's most popular former male cheerleader signed the PROTECT Act into law. While it mainly dealt with providing bibles to abused stem cells, there was also a minor rider to the bill in it which partially dealt with something about obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children. In other words, it made cartoon cp illegal. Still, the legality of loli is a very controversial issue, and the courts needed someone so clearly and obviously guilty that no judge could possibly be lenient in order to set a precedent.

Meet Dwight Whorley, a 55 year old registered sex offender from Richmond Virginia. Whorley awoke on one particularly sunny day in 2004, struck with an epiphony. "Egads!" he proclaimed, "I shall go to the Virginia Employment Commission office and download some hawt loli on their public computer! Foolproof!" The VEC exists to help Virginians search for jobs, as unemployment is actually the officially recognized state sport. When Whorley was discovered by one of the many state employees who just happened to work there he had downloaded 20 hawt loli cartoons, 14 photos of real cp and had sent and recieved 20 steamy emails which "graphically described, among other things, parents sexually molesting their own children". Whorley was convicted of 74 counts of obscenity and child pornography, sentenced to 20 years on anal rape island and fined $7,400.

Great job assclown, you ruined loli for everyone. lol jk, it's now legal again as of 2008.

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