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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Dustin (also known as dusty, rusker, russkie, rusgay, bountyhunter7 or Dalkmaro) is an extremist pedo furfag. Like a classic struggling dog-fucker, Dusty uses all his time not spent fapping to the thought of wolf Hitler raping him to stalk furfags and other degenerates in search of his one true love. Applicants need only a high IQ, good hygiene and a love of handsome neckbeards. He additionally claims to have schizophrenia, intermittent explosive disorder, ADHD, bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Suicide attempts are a regular thing in the life of Dusty, with applicable triggers including being friends with Dusty, not being friends with Dusty, not e-dating Dusty or getting a Christmas present.

Thankfully he is a moron and can't do anything but fail at all of his at least 100 suicide attempts.

The Beginning

As well as being trolled multiple times, and his dick pictures being leaked to everybody he knows. He is normally found trying to blame everybody else for his autistic outbursts (which are normally very loud). He thinks hes one of the so called cool furs, often bragging about how intelligent he is, the typical neckbeard he is. He will also try to explain how his fursona is very unique, and that nobody else has one quite like it!

He follows the general format of an atheist extremist furry, ignoring anybody elses opinions other than his own. If you correct him, or do not specifically share his views, or you call him a creep or he makes you feel uncomfortable, he will shitpost about you on all the sites he can. This person is also an attention whore, often adding the people which also share the same reasoning and forming a group out of it.

The Haskell Saga

Haskell added Dusty in early February, after being sent a request by Dusty to bitch about another furry. He told him that the furry he was friends with, was evil! (much like he's now telling other people about Haskell, but nobody fucking believes him) Haskell ended up seeing potential in him for the lulz, and began to be his friend.

Furry relationships in a nutshell.

After 3 days of knowing Haskell, Dusty tried to get in a relationship with Haskell. Haskell of course being well known for being a huge fucking troll. Haskell at this point knew that he was in too deep, but wanted to see what he could get, the answer was many lulz and autistic chatlogs. Haskell knew this was a good idea and then began to date Dusty (not actually liking him one bit). He then after two days, broke up with Dusty, after he started getting more and more creepy. He also began to become more racist, which deemed impossible at first.

The First Breakup

Im not stalking you... I swear!

After the first breakup, Dusty became enraged, and would constantly stalk Haskell. Noticing his every move, and whiteknighting some of his trolling attempts. After this had happened, Haskell agree'd that he would not troll anymore for the time being, seeing as Dusty was now stalking him so intently. Dusty would often comment on Haskells steam profile, wanting him to be re-added so he could say more shit to Haskell. Haskell would often ignore his attempts, but sometimes would add him just to see what he says, it was normally just creepy bullshit.

The Second Breakup

After much convincing from his friends, Haskell decided to retry with Dusty, to get the final outburst we was looking for. After being threatened by Dusty for Haskell to add him, Haskell finally accepted his request 2 weeks later, and continued to gain his trust, Dusty then wanted to date Haskell, even though Haskell had made it very obvious that he was a troll the previous time. They then proceeded to date for 2 days. Sadly, Haskell couldn't do it anymore, so he canned the relationship after 2 days, much longer than the average furry relationship!

After this happened, Dusty threatened to kill him self, and said that his life was over, he also found away to blame it on black people too.

The Final Sequence

After a month of not speaking, he admitted too lurking on Haskells profiles. He would often add friends of his, and tell them that he's a naughty human being, and should be sent to death! Of course, nobody believed him! His chat logs had been spread around steam, and he casually got told to go fuck him self.

He was then posted on the facepunch thread worst steam profiles v3, where he was publicly exposed for his strange and creepy actions towards Haskell, even to this day he still holds a vendetta on Haskell, as the last thing he said to Haskell was, that he would not be safe. You can find a pastebin here if you would like to read more about it. There are currently 9 collected pastebins of his outbursts.


I don't hide the fact I hate 85% of the earth And most religions jews and muslims more than anything


— Oh Dusty.

also, I had a hand in your other accounts banning just thought i would let you know


— Dusty the internet policeman.


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