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Dumuzi-ouji = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Good god, ED. I think I found Chris-Chan 2.0

Who The Fuck Is This?

Information icon.png While reading this article, this asshole is misgendered on purpose for lulz.
The ugly hambeast in all of her former glory

Dumuzi-ouji (Now PrinceDumuzi, allegedly also named Taylor Griffiths) is a 22 year old nigger hating scumbag from the deep dark pits of deviantART's asshole. Considered by BSParty to be the next Chris-Chan due to her being a total fucking retard and an uneducated dildo, turned her into a lolcow within a matter of hours. She believes she's a tranny, and has the ungodly obsession with the worst anime ever - Hetalia.

She also has genocidal fantasies against all of Christianity, and she legitimately believes she is a god sent from the planet Nibiru on a mission to bring "judgement" to all Christians for being a false religion and "rebelling against her kind". Because hey, she's a REAL god and is actually the messiah.

She also thinks she's a nazi, if the genocidal shit didn't give it away, and is a titanic hypocrite. She believes that during the Civil War, the South paid the blacks to be in the war and thinks that Yaoi is a Japanese word for gay. Dildo also claims that she is emo, has depression and believes that she is the only one allowed to voice their own opinion! OTHERS ARE FORBADDEN!!!1111

Here's just one example of her pure faggoty-ness:

Orly now.png

If that's not enough to convince you, do not fear, there is so much more where that came from, like this piece of gold:

It should be noted that the Japanese don't have syllables "Du" and "Zi", so her nickname would be correctly written as "Zumuji". Remind her that she failed even with her own weeaboo nickname any chance you get.

The Anti-Yaoi Stamp Drama

That comment at the beginning of the article? Yep. That's what started all this.

Just like any other redneck with a baseline IQ, she is very pitifully uneducated about Japanese. When many TARTlets tried giving her the facts, she got butthurt and BAWWWLOCKED them. Grrr, that's a way to win an argument! Just block people for no reason! Below are screenshots of the best dumb-fuckery seen to date.

You can find more of this dumb-assery here.

What happened next...?

Well. After everyone tried calling her out on her shit, she made a journal BAWWWWing:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

How did the rest of this journal turn into about how bad humanity was

And then another one was made, this time about the Confederate Flag and a bunch of other Civil War shit:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Are u srs.png

Oh yeah the Civil War was totally not about Slavery.

I'M GONNA SUE YOU!!!1 (Dildo's reaction to this article)

It didn't take very long for her to find her article, and this journal she makes just proves more stupidity.


I see no intelligent life here.

And half the people who commented on this journal rushed to her to pat her ass. And no, you cannot sue anyone for making a page about you here on the lovely Encyclopedia Dramatica. It is a satirical site, you thick cunt, and pictures that have been put here have no copyright.

Also, Dildo, YOU can get charged for harassment against a minor.

And what's more, when she made someone cry, she played the "Freedom of Speech" card, saying it wasn't her fault the other person can't Internet.

Christianity is evil, I will never ever be nice too it. It's not hate speech either since that only applies when it promote mass genocide. So I can hate on it all I want too.


—According to her, the Holocaust isn't as bad as hating Christianity.

She asked me to do a task I would never agree too. I never meant for her to cry though, I thought she would of been strong enough to handle reality. I wouldn't never be banned for free speech.


—Apparently, it's okay to say you want and make others cry if you claim free speech. ALso, double negatives, FTW!


And when you thought Dildo was done pulling shit, she isn't.

Here's where she argued with someone over WWII(they then somehow settled it):

WWII Comp.png

Then pulled some shit on someone, called them a ugly piece of shit and blocked them:

Ok by nikkineko333-d8ksfhc.png

And just because someone stated their opinion, she said this to them:

Are we really.png


Just like any other faggot on dA, this chick has a self-insert Mary-Sue OC that's just fucking ridiculous.

TL;DR: Boring gay ass prince whose overpowered as fuck and apparently pukes rainbows and shit since he's gay.

Full name

Nibirian: Dumuzi Aeolus Aisha Nibiru

Earthian: Saiko Izumi

Name: Dumuzi/Dumuzid/Sin/Nanna/Tammuz/Hades/Adonis/Baal/Krishna/Mithras/Osiris/Jesus/Máni/Tsukuyomi/Artemis/Diana/Aeolus, but prefers Dumuzi the best, also has the past lives of Vlad the Impaler(Dracula) and Edwin Haddesley. Why so many names? I don't know, ask the fucking humans! They give us to many names! And like changing our sexes! Fuck are we marionettes to them?! Dammit!!

Eye Color: Yellow(chartreuse mixed with golden yellow)

Hair Color: Blue Black

Skin: Pale as a ghost (I actually was confused for one once XD)

Relationship: With Marduk

Rank: Prince

Age: 22(rebirth), 500,000+(actual age), I look 10 in appearance though, so I'm a 'shota', I actually have two cousins that look loli in appearance in my human family. Angels are like the Kokiri race from Zelda, we look child like naturally. So fuck you if you can't handle how I look. Go cry to yourself if you can't handle people can actually look extremely young. You can ask my sister in law on my age, it's legit.

Sex: Male

Height: 5'3"

Nationality: Prussian American

Element: Ice, Dark, Wind

Species: Angel (I am the Minister(correct term) of these Fertility, Food, Sheep, Moon, Vegetation, Death, Rebirth, Time, Afterlife, Life, Resurrection, Desire, Beauty, and Underworld)

Personality: Shota, timid, can be mouthy and swear, yandere/yangire, somewhat scary, cute, loves cute things, can be scary when angered, has anger problems, but is actually very caring and gentle, motherly-ish, good at giving advice, born leader, can be rational sometimes. He has trouble understanding human emotions, and isn't sure how to act 'human'. He's also very clumsy. He loves joking around like a jester, but when leadership abilities call can be extremely strict and serious.

Clothes Style: Jeans, oversized sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sneakers, etc. Also loves dressing fancy sometimes, as well as goth/emo/punk/visual kei.

Family: Enki/Ea(father), Ninsun(mother), Nanshe(sister), Gilgamesh(half brother), Geshtinanna(sister), Ninsar(brother), Utto(sister), Ninmu(sister), Nindurra(sister), Asarlubi(brother), Enlil(uncle), Ishtar/Inanna(ex wife/half sister, most hated enemy), Erishkigal(half sister), Marduk/Ra(older brother/lover).

Talent: Singing/Drawing/Psychic Abilities(I'm able to remember my past self, as well as my babyhood memories, plus I can see ghosts, sometimes have some visions in my dreams)

Religion: Enkism/Sumerian Religion/Satanism

Their Art

Mostly traced bases or bad anatomy.

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Current events of Dumbassery

More bile fascination About missing Pics
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The Eyepatch

Of the many fairy tales dildo has thought up, the eyepatch story remains likely the most retarded. Dumuzi claims that when she was still jacking off old men at the age of 4, some brave young hero shot her in the eye with a bee bee gun "on purpose!". While we all wish this was true, it clearly isn't. Dumuzi, now at the ripe age of 22 claims that her "wound" still causes her pain to this day. Because of this, she says she needs to wear an eyepatch. Not a medical eyepatch of course, instead she plays pretend and dresses up like Solid Snake. Like all sufferers of GOTIS, she felt the urge to post a "selfy" wearing said eyepatch, trying and failing to look like a badass. She doesn't mention the patch at all, acting like it's absolutely normal to walk around like a fucking pirate. Needless to say, White Knights play along.

When anyone tries to tell dildo that there is no way an 18 year old poke in the eye could still hurt, she resorts to her alien-god-magic bullshit. Her "real father" Enki has told her that she has a "large concentration of mana" in the eye. Unsurprisingly, any chance of anyone believing her is nil after this statement.

White Knights

  • Deviantart-favicon.png Iggster-von-Burai - A furfag who not only stalks comments against the guy but annoying puts in implies _____. Responsible for the death of BSParty's reincarnation because she was butthurt about it.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png BlackRose-Wolf - A pseudo-intellectual super christian who never stops riding the imaginary dick Dumuzi wishes she had. When anyone says anything 'offensive', she will remove her mouth from Dumuzi's asshole to tell them that "the war is over," as if lulz were some political movement. Even if it was, why shouldn't we start a new one? Likely a wolfaboo or at least a furfag from the look of her user name. She's also a hypocrite considering she has this stamp, which seems to be made to specifically target Dumuzi, on her page.

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