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Dulm.blue is a website hosting webapps and an imageboard conceived by an alias Vincememe (or Vince) which disproportionately attracts carbon-copy shitposters and autists, and acts as crucial social networking for an exclusive group of said autists. The website gained momentary popularity from internet surface-scrapers as the site's "Normie test" was popularized and circulated on Reddit, which serves as enough of an outer proxy to hazard a guess as to what the residual audience is.

ok chill out edgelord


—Anon on every post pertinent to Dulmbox

>live in "humid """subtropical""" climate" at latitude 37 N at a higher elevation

>july, 90 degrees and 100% humidity at midnight

>november, 18 degrees and 0% humidity this morning

>house became nose-bleedingly dry, have to constantly humidify or get sinus-raped



—Anon on the shitty climate in Klaise

Hanover is a suburb of Melonside-Vipoville, although it is closer to Vipoville than Melonside. It was founded on June 18th, 2021

at 5:30 PM. It tries to take more inspiration as more like a New England town than the whole mixture of M.V., where there is European and American influences, sort of like Europe in the 2000's. It has its own mill called Dover Mill, the first structure in the town excluding the buildings north of the river. The buildings north of the river were owned by Vipoville till the new town came to be in June of 2021.

Hanover, along with Lancaster, were known in April 2021 as rest stops to reach M.V. area alive and not having to deal with the ferocious creatures of the wild, since much of the area was indeed still fairly wilderness, despite being a not too far hike to Gaumley. The rest stop was built with oak logs and cobblestone as the maystay of the local architecture, which was later incorporated in late June into the local downtown area. Next to the Dover Mill is an amateur hospital and humble living houses, which do not tend to be as fancy as other areas. Also, there is a tower representing the architectural imperialism of Gaumley, despite the town being extremely stagnant over several months from the founding of Hanover. The difficult terrain of a canyon-esque area makes it hard to do almost anything, except if people wanted to build more and more towers with no windows on some sides. Hanover has been recently known for the first introduction of Cape Dutch architecture, which is a descendant of Dutch architecture. Local limestone was founded by the beach east of Hanover to make the new, beautiful building.

Some rural developments have happened in the area as well. For example, an entire berry farm was constructed on the north side of the Hanover River for the production of such berries. This will help local residents to gain more vitamins and minerals than just a monoculture of potatoes and wheat.



— Presumably Vince on one of his patented Spergrants .

We know it's a big deal to be invited to breakfast and we're beyond honored that you've chosen to start your day with us. After all, there's nothing quite like passing a box of cereal around the table while sharing your plans for the day. So, we'll continually strive to make these moments matter. We'll see you again tomorrow morning.


— Wholesome Dulmbox post.

The Community

Vince's insight into roastie flapping

While the rest of the website has become completely barren after accidentally colliding with a small clique of deadbeats, DULM IRC harbours a revolving cast of characters revealing Vince's social circle and acts as a launching pad for collective antagonism against any social club's typical suspected categories.

User "termer" produces a pie chart of people who are promoted in the category of DULM IRC shitposts
A very safe and unchallenging website design. C-


Rizon goes as far down into the platform now offered to NAP and MAP auditors as any free speech insight into human nature will do, but in such a way that their toxic sludge never cross-contaminates. Vince's personal bent is someone who perceives misguided Classicube windowlickers as reacting to his incredibly controversial views with the intensity of a personal vendetta rather than a typical temperamental reaction, and he'll remind others of the perceived effect he has on people all the time through such efforts as chronicling the imaginary transactions of internet real estate on a dedicated wiki.


Some continental DULMer who has hopefully spared himself in a permanent hiatus from involvement in the website or community after a remark by Vince about one of Daeslender's recently murdered relatives. A big fan of trailblazing game developer MDickie and probably a pretty cool guy, all things considered.


Values his time and spends it bootstrapping programming languages absolutely no one will hear about from languages no one has heard of and developing a barely palpable type of software. Termer's clamorous agreement with Vince on the habits of soydevs is hypocritical in practice.


In a cesspool of bad vibes, finlaypatrickduffill stands out as a uniquely duplicitous coward unable to exercise free speech for fear of social ostracization having not realized that any chance of socialization for a degenerate of his magnitude was exploded a long time ago. Finlay is a Welsh NEET who squanders the brevity of human life creating shitty drawings and talking to people on the likes of DULM IRC.

Dulm.blue and the NA2 Classicube server

Vince depicting the interplay of great powers with Chiricoesque imagery

Vince devalues his time by parsing it out as a combatant in the unwinnable battle of online sexual predators. Instead of healthily hating Minecraft due to all of the interminable lust for novelty spectacle the game has caused since it was created, Vince only hates what Minecraft has become, and as a consequence maintains his own server-list on a voxel clone of Minecraft known as Classicube as well as the backdated Minecraft DULM server. NA2 (Not Awesome 2) is Classicube's personal hive of decadent liberal attitudes and something Vince is this close to crushing with his bare hands. While the NA2 clique might initially seem slightly more literate than Vince and associated peoples, they quickly seem twice as mentally mercurial and stunted as the people they eject for a substance as harmless and innocent as words.

The Gimp War was a conflict on ClassiCube primarily between Not Awesome and Gimpers but also featuring other parties. The conflict wasn't a real "war", but could be compared to a cold war. In late September 2018, Goodlyay, the owner of Not Awesome banned gimps to pander to his new demographic of players. Due to this, a schism among the ClassiCube community occured. Empy, a long-time player on Not Awesome, created Gimpgasm. The Gimp War had begun.


— The DULM Wiki on the NA2 Gimper conflict]

Through virtualization, the victor no longer writes history, and in fact nobody wins because the conflict generally manifests as one or more virulent thought-germs which an individual can't get far enough away from without forfeiting certain luxuries, the likes of which no previous generation has ever seen.

Through May 2019, the Do You Like Memes? ClassiCube server experienced a lot of popularity, it was the most popular server on the whole game, and was evenly matched with Not Awesome 2 which had gained its players back. A reason DULM was so popular and enjoyable was its freedom. NA2 wouldn't allow you to speak against their "homosexual" narratives, but DULM would allow the speaking against of any narrative, and wouldn't ban anyone just for their opinions. Of course, this led to a few edgy players to saying stupid things on the server, causing a few suspected glow-in-the-darks to join. The people who played on DULM could not help what others said, but it was the server's responsibility to regulate the chat. Edgy players were first temporarily muted, then they were permanently demoted, but what happened later caused something catastrophic for DULM. After a few weeks of edgy people saying very edgy things for apparently no reason, and a few left-leaning players joining to criticize DULM's administration style and warning of "consequences", it was apparent that DULM was being targeted.


— What the fuck

The Normie Test

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