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A screenshot of Duke Nukem Forever.

Duke Nukem Forever, Aka DNF (Did Not Finish), so named because that's how long it took to finish it, was a game released in 2011 after a whopping 15 year development cycle, which only resulted in a abortion of mediocrity of a game. The game was thought to never be released and was the butt of many jokes, and only became a bigger joke when it was actually released to the dismay of the Duke Nukem fanboys who couldn't even defend this crap.

You can rest assured that we are moving toward a goal.


—Official DNF Press Release, 6 Feb 2008.

"When it's done"

Doesn't Does actually exist.

DNF's Creative Director George Broussard is famous for having mercilessly abused the phrase "when it's done". Doing so was a smart move on his part since he never actually intended to release anything other than screenshots of the game. Saying you won't release a game until its "done" implies, in the video game industry, that you won't release it until you are totally happy with the quality of your product and will therefore be a good game. This stance has earned them a permanent seat in interweb history as a completely unintentional meme.


How to Fake a Game: A History of DNF

The truth is out there.
Duke fully misunderstands his target demographic.
Duke meets with George Brussard for another "staff meeting".
"Hey, are these fake?"

The real genius behind DNF is that it doesn't really exist at all. It's all been an elaborate hoax from day one. Luckily, 3D Realms was clever enough to realize that the promise of another orgy of boobies and violence is all that it that it takes to stir internets fanbois into a masturbatory frenzy. Thus, the fairy tale of Duke Nukem Forever begins...

Step 0: Make up some fake in game footage

At least 10 years ago, while PC Gaymer's own Coconut Monkey was laboriously working on his magnum opus, Gravy Trader, the fags at 3D Realms tossed them some 'screenshots' of what DNF was looking like... which were, of course, completely fake - composed entirely of modded Quake levels.

We didn't get Quake 2 code till Dec 97/Jan 98. We made the mistake of mocking some stuff up in Quake 1 (like a user mod) for PC Gamer... Most of that was stuff we did in spare time, jacking around, as we were finishing Shadow Warrior, and waiting on Quake 2 code. We didn't even have programmers for DNF until late 1999.


—George Broussard on the early DNF screenshots, May 2003.

Step 1: Announce it

The first step in this grand scheme was to make up some way for the game to exist in the first place. The idiots at PC Gaymer were more than ready to take on this task by making this elaborate forgery their cover story.

That's what they get for trusting an inanimate paperweight with a conflict of interest.

Our goal is to release Duke Nukem Forever no later than mid-1998...


—George Broussard, the original DNF 3D Realms Press Release, April 28, 1997.

Of course, Duke Nukem Forever's announcement came as no surprise even to the ancient interwebs. A sequel was eagerly anticipated and Duke Nukem 3D was one of the hawtest Doom rip-offs that nobody actually paid for.


However, the fact that the game was not going to contain buttsecks with either alien mutated pigs or pixelated wimmenz enraged the furfags and 13-year-old boys. Everything was going perfectly according to plan.

Step 1.5: 'Tard around.

The next stage of the hoax was to bullshit the public into believing the game was in development hell. 3D Realms decided to do this under the pretense of constant engine switches.

The game should not be significantly delayed...


—George Broussard on the switch to the Unreal engine, 3D Realms Press Release, June 15, 1998.

Thus, after making up screenshots styled after Quake, they switched to making screenshots for Quake II. Afterward, they decided they were bored making screenshots with Quake II and decided to make them with Unreal instead. After a short "adjustment period" they released their next batch of bogus screens to a starved public. Fans were dismayed to find that there were no polygonal boobies featured in this latest round of fakes. The charade would continue for three years:

A bottle of Jack and a young warm belly
Awaited Duke like pink nubile jelly.
And I heard him exclaim saying 'Never say never,
A good year's to come with Duke Nukem Forever!'



—3D Realms 1999 Christmas card.

Duke Nukem Forever
Coming 'when it's done' in 2001



—3D Realms 2000 Christmas Card.

Step 2: Goatse your publisher

Meanwhile, when Infogamers acquired GT Interactive in 2000, they were actually smart enough to see DNF as the nefarious bait-and-switch scheme that it was. Thus they shoveled the rights for the game onto the poor and naive Gathering of Developers (aka G.O.D.) for good ol' cash/money. GOD promptly folded after releasing, like, 2 shit games and managed to pass the buck to Take Two Interactive.

Being the fun loving criminals they were, Take Two didn't put up with Broussard's bullshit. In their yearly earnings statements from 2002 to 2005 they repeatedly questioned 3D Realms publicly about the status of the next batch of screenshots. In a fit of prepubescent rage, Broussard responded by trolling 3D Realms' own forums:

Take Two needs to STFU IMO.


—George Broussard on Take Two Interactive in an actual forum post, May 2003.

Step 3: ????

No one really knows what happened over at 3D Realms from 2004 to 2007. Some argue that 3D Realms had actually closed up shop entirely. Then they came out with Prey, a crap FPS about some prairie nigger who gets kidnapped by Xenu. However, it turns out that they were, in between alternate bouts of buttsecks and trolling, in fact working on their most convincing fake yet.

Step 4: PROFIT!

Note how that meme is also used in the demo

We've spent years bukkaking in our offices and all we got to show for it is this stupid video.


—George Broussard's T-shirt, December 19, 2007.

Whether any of this footage is actually taken from actual gameplay remains to be seen. However, if DNF's history is any indication, this is just another in a lucrative series of bogus videos thrust into the limelight over the years. At this point, if the game ever actually does come out, it will most likely be a tremendous pile of dog shit like its brother in hell, Daikatana.

Step 5: Or maybe not

The fans' reaction

After 12 years of hard work, and money spent on development and artwork, 3D Realms has finally announced they are shutting down for good. Duke Nukem Forever will go down as the biggest failure in video game history. Chances that the game will be released now are pretty much zero, not like anyone ever thought any differently. George Broussard is likely in the process of deleting all evidence that the game ever existed giving Sending Concept Art, Screenshots, and the entire plot to every major video game website and magazine in existence. The End.

Step 6: Take 2 suing Microsoft

Following the closure, and leaks, Take 2 quickly pulled $30 Million Dollars out of their asses in order to bribe George Broussard for the rights to Duke Nukem, while there has been rumors Microsoft has bought out 3D Realms after quietly selling off $4 Billion dollars worth of bonds out of the blue, while Take 2 still holds the publishing rights.

Take 2 has decided to sue 3D Realms for utterly failing to deliver DNF, which was vaporware from the start.

Step 7: The Truth Comes Out

Now that the Duke Nukem Forever team have been laid off, the truth about some of the "in game footage" came to light on the 3D Realms forums from pissed off ex-employees, although unsuprisingly it was deleted:

The 2001 trailer was 100% scripted cinematic, and not actual gameplay. They built specific demo maps just to record video from to make a trailer. Everything you see in that trailer was phony.


—Anonymous 3D Realms Ex-staff Member.

Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage released following the closure of 3DRealms in May 2009. This leaked video was to serve as a demo reel for animator Byan Brewer.

Shit that didn't take Forever

Info non-talk.png World War II, the entire Manhattan Project and going to the Moon took less time than DNF's development.

A metric shit-ton of stuff has happened from 3D Realms announced DNF to the shit was released.


"Popular" Culture


Release Date

An elaborate hoax from day one. Unfunny and stupid,just like the game.

According to Amazon and Gamestop, the release date has been set for February 1st May 3rd, 2011 June 14, 2011. Gearbox has stated that this date is a place holder for now. Only time will tell whether another twelve years will be needed to complete this game.


typical gameplay

On September 3, 2010, Take Two allowed 150,000 people to play a copy of the game as one of the greatest acts of trolling in history. Consequently, 150,000 people subsequently vanished from the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. Initial reports from the PAX floor is that the game isn't anything special and is your bogstandard FPS with the best bit being Duke's one liners with no strippers. Whether the game will be released in 2011 as said by 2K and Gearbox is yet to be seen. The game was released in 2011 and was a standard run of the miller shooter, which nobody liked.


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