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Pyramid Missing Top Mosque.png
The Burj Khalifa: Burj is Arab for blocked; the building was closed Feb 8,2010, due to AIDS
Finally, a skyscraper with a reservoir tip.
Typical Sandnigger without the white sheets.
Etisalat ate my /b/.
VPN just kicked nyo!

Dubai is the capitol of the United Arab Emirates and is Las Vegas for sand niggers. It is controlled mostly by the rich spoiled offspring of Arab sheiks and rich eurofag crotch fruit running around in expensive cars and farking prostitutes. Dubai is also full of expatriate American businessmen and pretentious globe-trotting consultants from America and London.

Last thursday, Dubai was a small fishing village. Then, as a result of selling large quantities of oil to American idiots with SUVs, the rich oil sheiks of the United Arab Emirates made serious bank. Once they had made bank, yo, they needed something to spend it on. Since everyone knows sand niggers have small cocks, they proceeded to construct many large skyscrapers to compensate. This brought tons of eurofags and expatriate America douchebags to this new "economy of such dynamism".

Since the world economy has crashed, the sheiks in Dubai are no longer able to rape the west on oil. Dubai is now full of half-completed oversized dildos. lol! fail!

Dubai was the worlds best scam.

Dubai's Internet City

As they had plenty of Jew gelds the UAE decide to buy themselves an internet. Since their knowledge of this was somewhat incomplete they opened an impromptu business park that they called the Renters Infierno, for the unsuspecting company it was labeled simply as "an excuse to hike the rates of the surrounding offices". The parks purpose is to attract as much financial attention to the region as possible so as to compensate for the eventual losses they will incur when the oil dries up, as well as getting themselves some hot network action.

Companies that believe this region will turn a profit include:

National Sand Anthem

Long live my country.

Long live the union of Pedophiles.

Long live for people who are kissing their rulers asses.

Sticking their pictures on the back windows of cars.

I protected the throne of my rulers while they are fucking their Children.

My homeland, Satan protected you from God's wrath.

Protected from God by worshiping Satan. Molesting Raping Molesting Raping Fucking Raping in the Asshole.

The safety remained & the human have been killed by orders of Satan.

The symbol of Sandniggers we all protect the Rulers while they are fucking Children.

We die for you because you pay us Dirhams, oh my homeland!

DuneCoons gonna get trains

Everybody panic... the coons are gonna get a train soon. As with most shit in Dubai the sand niggers fucked it up and its gonna be delayed and over 9000 times over budget. But the trains are coming to Sandlandistan on 09/09/09 ...

Dubai Sappin' My Internet

Like all nations in the Middle East the UAE does not approve of the more visually stimulating asspects of some media the internet offers. So, like your office network, they block all content that is deemed counter-productive; or in this case, "morally questionable". Of course since their information services dept are literally camel based their proxy is easily bypassed by any if not all VPN services. The cockmonglers at the Telecom Regulatory Authority blocked ED after they were done fucking their children.

File:Dubai Ruler Daughter ID.jpg
Princess Latifa National ID card.
"They don't know my secrets, yet."
Cisgender arrested in AbuDhabi after marriage party.

Recently, due to many smart expatis ditching Etisalat & Du by cheap VOIP with VPN connection, the major Telecommunications companies that are owned by Dubai Idiots with no competition in prices complained to God that both are losing funds because they cannot charge 10 times the humane price of normal phone calls. This lead to Dubai Police to use l33t hacks by jailing many indians for using VPN, without passing any law to the National Congress and charging them nominal 2,000,000 Dirhams ($500,000) (13000 days jail) fines for breaking the law! (ignoring Dubai Ruler running Chinese massage shops & allowing the Mossad to freekill anybody pretty much). Therefore, the dictatorship of Dubai sheikhs made many expats immigrate to nearby countries that will not jail you for using a VPN.

A tunnel that Sheikhs built with remote controlled C4 to assassinate Anonymous.

Tallest or blowest tower?

It's time for a revenge. The sandniggers did 9 \ 11, and it's about time that the west will send them a small present back to their own shitty cities. Yes - we're talking about stealing getting the jews to steal a plane and using it to crash into their tallest tower. The sand-black people do not deserve having the tallest building, and we find an irony in the fact that soon or later, something is going to destroy Dubai. We suggest you - the reader, to do whatever you can to destroy the city of Dubai, and the main target - "Dubai's JahjahjahArabshit-Jahjah tower". No one could belive that after the big crisis in Dubai something will come from that shit hole. The world needs YOU to take care of everything in Dubai. And please, do it on a 9-11 date. In the name of lulz and irony of course.


Typical Americunts have limited exposure to other countries, which they assume are populated by Mexicans. Their reaction to Dubai usually consists of "ZOMG Conspiracy! Jews stole my 401K and stashed it here." The second biggest misconception is that Dubai is run by Binladens. To the contrary, hookers from all over Europe and Russia enjoy the freedom to engage in buttsecks. They would never come to Dubai if there was religion here.

Internal Affairs: Exposing Crazy Dubai Ruler

As little known about Dubai Ruler. Eventually his insanity and madness would leave him with no one around. His daughter (one of 30) who came from (number 4/6 wife) is well known among all citizens as a sportperson and a skydiver have uploaded a video exposing her "daddy" madness. Here in ED we don't shit you, Dubai Ruler is complete crazy and idiot who would kill anyone who goes against him even if its about candy or Pizza. While his daughter made failed the getaway[1], Dubai Ruler probably wouldn't care because he is very obsessed with other useless things. All what we know is, within every day. Dubai Ruler and other Royal Family members are losing their reputation due to being selfish sandniggers. Or even worse, Jews puppets (like how they're currently bombing Yemen and contributed to ruining Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Egypt, etc...).


Dubai Ruler is crazy, he tortures his daughters because he's crazy.


They were caught by Indian Navy[2] lol fail, some serious action and lots of drama occurred, rest assured that Princess Latifa is currently being beaten up -again- and raped by Dubai Ruler's thugs. This time it will be different, since the video she uploaded to the internet reached hundreds of thousands viewers. That's gonna leave a permanent mark on the hard worked self-image which Dubai Ruler have projected to the world. Good luck princess.

Things to Do in Dubai

People in Dubai

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