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Benjamin Alan Cohen in the flesh
Alright, seriously, I'm tired as hell but why am I so worthy of an article? Basically all I've done is shitpost, done a few isolated dumbass things on the forum (and yeah that incident IRL), texted some fucked up shit to my dad (really instigated by a specific incident last June involving him losing his shit last and yelling at me nonstop for half an hour over how I literally deserve to kill myself), and have a cringy internet history from when I was like 15. I don't even act retarded anywhere else, this isn't even my main forum anymore. Wanna know why I've been extra autistic since the site came back up? Because literally all I use the forum for is shitposting now. I'm on several other communities nowadays and haven't been called out once; I do learn. I just don't give a shit about taking this forum seriously. Was the true purpose of the article just to fuck with me? I'm tired as fuck.


—Benjamin "Dropdatwat" Cohen

Dropdatwat (Powerword: Benjamin Cohen), a.k.a. Redvibes99, Atheistgod1999, Dropdattot, Droopytwat, Dropdatsoap, and various other aliases, is an Americunt Jewish retard from Newtonville, Massachusetts. Ben first crawled onto EDF2 on April 10, 2017. At 5'8" and 250 pounds, Ben is also a fat virgin manlet.

Born on November 13, 1999, Ben's parents had him later in life, which clearly accounts for his unhinged autism and makes a great case for abortion in pregnancies conceived after 35 years of age. Ben created his EDF account under the moniker "dropdatwat" and began his near-constant quest for attention in any form possible. While many of Ben's EDF2 posts were lost to the tides of time, much of the content was saved. For instance, his penis has been saved on the hard drives of many EDF users. One of Ben's favorite pastimes is to post his wet cum covered 3.5 inch microchode around the forums for everyone to see. Ben's tater tot penis is so small, that if he hadn't already doxed his parents, you'd swear one of them was Chinese. Much like other documented shamefags, Ben is a glutton for punishment. Nothing gets Ben's slimy little chode harder than reminding him that his dick looks more like a tater tot than it does an actual cock. In fact, this article probably has Mr. Cohen harder than trigonometry.

Early life

Ben loves his father

Like most autistic children, Ben wasted his childhood doing nothing but watching cartoons and playing vidya. This petulant only child's upbringing was privileged and easy, he received almost everything he ever wanted due to his parents being well-off. As a true spoiled child, Ben would throw temper tantrums on the rare occasions he didn't receive the things he wanted.

At 22 years old, Ben still throws tantrums. In one instance, in order to get a gaming laptop, Ben's temper got the best of him. He bit the seat of his father's BMW in a fit of tardrage so intense that he managed to take a whole chunk from the leather, and spat it out for his father to see. Frequently, if Ben doesn't get his way, he will pit his parents against each other. Ben grew to be so adept at manipulating his parents that they have begun sleeping in separate bedrooms, and will probably soon divorce.

Ben's entitled and unwarranted self-importance has always resulted in him being labeled a freak and resulted in alienation from every IRL or OTI community he has ever participated in. This motherfucker even admittedly managed to get himself permabanned from the Sonichu wiki IRC for refusing to stop talking about diaperfurs. SRSLY.

Ben graduated from Newton North High School in 2018, and the drama detectives at ED have managed to locate a video of his graduation ceremony. Notice the virgin walk, New Balances, mom jeans, and tucked-in gown so he can awkwardly stick his hands in his pockets while slouching over.

As painful as it is to watch, it explains so much, and gives you an idea of the kind of person you're dealing with.

Pepsi Beer

Bearing an uncanny physical resemblance to The Amazing Atheist, Ben is also a fat atheist with a micro peen

At the ripe old age of 19, Ben decided to get drunk for the first time. Because Ben's delicate tastebuds were unable to appreciate the refined flavors of Bud Light, he had to mix the beer with Pepsi.

Once ingested, Ben proceeded to drunk text in the EDF Shoutbox, revealing some very deep personal secrets, such as:

Benjamin's Hub

In the gallery below are the remnants of Benjamin's Hub. Benjamin's Hub is a website he created to chronicle his sad autistic life. Pages include his trip to ComiCon, video games he didn't make, and a story about him being suicidal.

Benjamin's Hub About missing Pics
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Ben and His Father

Ben and his father Alan have a tumultuous relationship. Ben shares many stories and texts of their troubled interactions, most of the arguments being caused by politics. Ben being a self-hating jew reminds his liberal father that it is in fact HIS fault that he's an autistic brat by having him in his 40's, coddling him, and never making him work for anything in his entire life.

His father has made the empty threat of cutting him off and would even leave the house if Ben were to come home from college (which he pays for entirely out of pocket). Ben has smashed the windows of his fathers car, ruined the interior by chewing off the upholstery, stolen his alcohol, played his parents against one another, all in the pursuit of personal satisfaction, video games, money, and laptops. Ben is the epitome of a spoiled brat and is fully aware of it, but instead of doing anything to fix it, he embraces it and uses it to his advantage. Ben's parents have been seen walking into yell at him for smoking weed and being loud in the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord on several occasions.


Ben went to college at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, known as UMass Lowell, a public university that pretty much anyone can get into. True to the motif of Ben's childhood he did not have to work a day in his life. His parents paid for his education, dorm room, and expenses. Ben studies Comp Sci and gets average grades, and he'll remind you of it every chance he gets. Unfortunately, Ben is a social retard in every sense of the word. He never left his dorm room to go to parties, hung out with friends, or did anything else a normal college student does.

Instead, Ben jacks off and leaves his crusty, starched, cum tissues all over the dorm room for his roommates to find. It got so bad that his dorm mate actually created a forum account and told us all about Ben's hi-jinks and distasteful habits. He has terrible interpersonal skills, bad hygiene, and as mentioned earlier... the cum tissues. Also, his roommate even found what appeared to be Ben's cum on his laptop, promptly complaining to the campus administration. They had to call Ben in for a meeting, to scold him for his disgusting and abhorrent behavior.


Benny is currently living in his mom's basement contributing nothing to society. It turns out employers aren't interested in fat autists with no social skills. Too inept to get hired at Mickey D's, Ben spends his copious amount of free time jerking off and getting bullied by everyone who comes into contact with him.

Babby's First Real Job

It was at this moment...

In January of 2022, Ben alerted everyone he could that he finally acquired a job with an annual salary of $55k. Despite finding a job that doesn't require him to have social skills or leave his parent's rental home, Ben claims that he makes $55k a year despite working less than 3 hours per day. On the 7th of January, Ben got his first paycheck of around $800 after taxes which roughly puts his yearly salary at $22k. Good job, Ben!

Instead of saving his paycheck, or paying off his credit card debt on an OLED TV he purchased while he had no reliable income, he chose to squander it in epic fashion. Ben fired off $500 in Etherium to the ED donation wallet thinking that his donation would buy him an admin position and get his article deleted. While current administrators have learned from former Sysops about the dangers of deleting articles and giving ops in exchange for money, this MENSA level Jewish maneuver however did not work in his favor. Ben proceeded to cry and shit his pants, and leave the ED Discord with the claim he was done with ED for good this time.

However, being a neurodiverse 140-IQ-Having financial wizard, Ben decided to spend the rest of his paycheck on expensive life-saving medication needed to make his existence tolerable.

Encyclopedia Dramatica continues to thank Benjamin Cohen for his thoughtful donation which allows ED to continue to be ad-free into 2022.

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Ben's Quotes

In between complaining about his article, Ben has graced ED with lulzy quotes reflecting how alone, perverted, and fucking weird he is. For example, his own fascination for other's cocks, his inability to use his CS degree for employment, and hatred for his own race;

can you repost your dick pic i heard someone on vc say you posted it once



—Ben wanting arab cock #hard-chats in Encyclopedia Dramatica Discord VI

i started playing civ v again for the first time in years now with my CS magna cum laude grad brain i know WAY more what i'm doing



Dropdatwat on the value of a US education ED Discord

you call me a fake jew if i call myself a kike Dropdatwat



—Ben, the amazing self-hating Jew

genetically i am half but i'm not actually jewish cuz my mom's not



—Ben, oblivious on the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor


Ben's Greatest Hits About missing Pics
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