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Drinkingwithbob (IRL name Bob Thompson) is a 30-something year old overly-patriotic Americunt YouTuber who spends his all of his days ranting about the very politics he clearly doesn't know shit about IN A VERY LOUD VOICE. As one will discover, Bob is a batshit insane alcoholic who still lives with his mom. The reason for his insanity can be easily be determined by the fact that he guzzles a large amount of alcohol much like how his mom would swallow cum (and that's a lot of cum!). Or it could be that he ran out of his medication....or he's overdosing. Although his JewTube account was around for years, he didn't receive much attention until around the middle of 2010, in which he made a rant discussing the making of a Mosque at Ground Zero.

Due to the process of being unemployed, he takes much of his hatred and directs it on Obama, Libtards, and Muslims (but then again, who can blame the guy) whom he blames all of the world's problem for when the culprit of that is quite obvious. With YouTube, he practically goes on how his right-wing belief is far superior and that Faux News is the truth. Because clearly, Bob is the voice of reason and knows more about politics than anybody with his high school diploma and his few remaining brain cells. Because everything he doesn't agree with "DOESN'T MAKE ANY FREAKING SENSE!!".


Bob is, more-or-less, an obnoxious faggot who will most likely die from high blood pressure from all the rage he exerts in his videos. All of his videos consist of the same thing; whining in front of the camera about how evil the government is. Surprisingly, Drinkingwithbob isn't exactly a believer in conspiracy theories that involve masons worshiping a furry goat man. Within all of his videos, Bob plays the victim as he believes this will sympathize with his viewers. He then proceeds to convince all that he "speaks for the people" when he clearly is speaking for himself and those that kiss his ass.

Bob also has a little radio show which he basically discusses the same thing he did in his last 3 videos. Due to his rage and stupidity, many of Bob's videos are unintentionally lulzy. It hasn't exactly been confirmed whether or not all of his videos are staged or if he really is a batshit crazy fucktard with anger problems. But then again, it comes to no one's concern if they are or not. All that is needed is for Bob to get some anger management class before he pops a vein and dies from a heart attack.

Be sure to take note on how every single one of his video's thumbnails consist of him screaming in agony like a person whose suffering from constipation trying their hardest to take a shit.


How does He Do it?

The process Bob uses in his videos is a basic formula of copypasta. Make a rant, and make the next rant exactly the same but with another topic. Making rants the way Drinkingwithbob can be easily replicated through these very simple procedures. And since it's on YouTube, people will definitely take you seriously and see how intelligent you are!

  1. Get drunk
  2. Skim through Yahoo! News and find a subject that is appealing without doing any research. Reading the title gives you enough knowledge about something as it is
  3. Start the video with "What's next? I'll tell'ya what's next!". Saying "You're gonna freaking love this" after "what's next" is fine too
  5. Throw in some bias and mention how Obama is ruining America even if he has nothing to do with the topic
  6. Mention how much you hate Dramacunts but how you clearly aren't a Republicunt even though you're a redneck and get all your news from Fox
  7. Get angrier throughout the video until you're done recording
  8. Scream some more
  9. End the rant with "WHAT'S NEXT??! WHAT'S NEXT??! WHAT'S NEXT??!"
  10. Look at the camera and sigh heavily. Continue to breathe in and out until you calm down

His Fanbase

Surprisingly, Bob actually does have a fan base/following; albeit a pretty small one. When approaching any of Bob's videos, one will see that half of the comments will go something like "Seriously man, calm the fuck down. You're only making an idiot out of yourself" and the other half "BOB FOR PRESIDENT 2012! TELL THEM, BOB!!1". Of course, it is quite distinctive when distinguishing the commenter's with a brain and the rednecks sucking Bob's rather small E-Penis. When criticizing him within his videos or YouTube page, his fans come to his aid and spam your page on why you're a "freaking moron". Apparently, according to Bob and his retarded fanbase, any one disagreeing with him is automatically a Left-wing Liberal. On the opposite side however, agreeing with everything Bob says according to him will make you a bright, enlightened individual. Amazing logic it certainly is.

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