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copyright intellectual property stealing whores
Drew saved us a trip to the photoshop

Oldnataliedee and her boyfriend Drewtoothpaste, are easily one the most fucked up pair of jokers to ever grace the internets. They are both considered noteworthy for scamming into the hearts and minds of YouTube moderators, while making love to their dog Charles for subscriptions. More over, Drew and Natalie argued to be completely worthless for stealing ideas from other people (see EXPLODING DOG) and selling their warez for bestiality. It is speculated confirmed that drew has well over 16,000 Sockpuppet / Ghost accounts on YouTube.

Youtube Crap

polluting your internets!

This confirms what we already know


When they are not busy whoring themselves out for attention on youtube and raping their dogs, Drew and Dee make some of the most horrible webcomics known to man. The reason they are so bad is not just because none of them has any talent to speak of, but more because the comics are nothing but an online T-shirt factory meant to scam their fans out of some money.


Made by: NatalieDee

The most desperate attempt to make money out of all three comic. The drawing style is an autistic collection of stick figures and incomprehensible doodles that say nonsensical things and never make an actual joke. Since the drawing skill required to make these is that of a five year old, each comic consists of one panel and no effort is being put into trying to be funny, Natalie is able to churn an endless crapflood of these ugly doodles.

Toothpaste For Dinner

Made by: DrewToothpaste

This comic somehow manages to be worse than the previous one. The drawings all look like big headed, deformed mongoloids, which is fitting because all the text is something a retard might say. The only notable thing about this comic is that it's the origin of "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR!".

Still no jokes and this time they don't even bother to color.

Married To The Sea

Made by: DrewToothpaste & OldNatalieDee

In this one they don't even bother to draw. They just take old Victorian art and superimpose words on them with MSpaint. By eliminating the need to actually draw and combining the efforts of two people they were finally able to come up with something that is halfway funny.

EDiot Research

Natalie's response to the allegations:

Drews first child


Decide what your problem is, dude. Are you pissed because you think my drawings look like explodingdog? Or are you pissed that my videos are so much more popular than yours? The fact of the matter is, I get more than 20 million hits to my site a month. I have creating online content for almost 6 years, have been nationally published, featured on television, interviewed in major publications, lectured at universities, and have been making a handsome living solely off my content for years. if you think that a fan base large enough to accomplish everything on that list isn't going to follow me to whatever new thing I try, you are wrong. You're not the first person who has accused me of "cheating" on YouTube. More than 20 jealous, pissy people reported me last week alone. You know what getting reported got us? More attention from the YouTube moderators, and a feature on the front page. Make all the stink you want, the moderators know we're not cheating, otherwise they would have shut us down by now. And it's not that they haven't gotten around to it yet, because last time I reported someone for harassing me (like I am thinking I might do to you), they got shut down immediately, and I got an email from a mod telling me how much they like my videos. So do whatever you want, accuse me of whatever I want. The people who run the site can see all the different IP addresses of my subscribers, and they WANT me here, because I am driving more users to their site, and more users to their advertisers, which is more than you are doing. And when you write to Sam, tell him I said hi. If you think you are the first person to try to start that shit, you are wrong again.I have no worries at all about you contacting him, or trying to start something with his fans, because the last person who did that was ignored by Sam, and laughed off his site's messageboard. You aren't intimidating me at all, you are just a sad little man, who has nothing better to do than shit on people to make yourself feel big. Sorry, though, dude. Maybe your fellow YouTube police officers think you're hot shit, but you are barely tepid diarrhea. This is a public website, like any other one. You don't see roving gangs of kids accusing people of cheating at Hotmail when the people get more emails than they do. Sour grapes all around, huh? And if you write me again other than to apologize for being such a tool, I will report you for harassment. have you looked at my site compared to exploding dog? did you notice that the only thing similar is the slash mouth? were you aware that my husband and I both know sam brown, and that HE saw all my art before i even HAD a website? he doesn't have a problem with it, because he knows the difference between stylistic similarities and "stealing" someone's comic. Oh, and by the way, I can list off 4 or 5 artists who drew in the same style, even before sam. you are a charming individual, though. really. completely charming. I wish you luck in speading your sunshine all over the internet. is the real weather underground aware that YOU are stealing their name?


—OldNatalieDee, making a convincing argument.

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IRL fan of suttsteve.

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Drew is a well known male model
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