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Less convenient than a sidewalk caricature artist, but with equivalent results!

There are many pay-to-play cartoon porn sites out there, filled with lots of pictures of Homer sticking it in Marge's pooper, or Fred Flinstone shoving his face in Wilma's cunt. We see them all the time. But none of them are quite like Drawn Sex. To get an idea of what Drawn Sex is like, imagine an orgy of poorly made surrealist art fucking each other with 2 foot long dicks. That's basically what Drawn Sex is, and it is somehow worse than everything ever posted on /b/ combined. The site is run by a group of foreigners who know less English than a mexican immigrant. We here at ED can't imagine why anyone would pay to view this shitty porn, besides from the fact that it yields many lulz. It is unknown whether or not Drawn Sex.com artists are aware that they're the laughing stock of the internet.

A severe XSS vulnerability has been recently found in the comment system where if a user wanted to hack the site, they could include some malicious JavaScript code and do an amalgam of hilarious things, such as redirect the page to Goatse. The foreigners running the site will frantically try to dish out banhammers long after most of the damage has been done, while they sob as they fap to Bart Simpson naked, trying to figure out how to secure their code.



Drawn Sex also gave birth to the mini meme, 'BART GET OUT I'M PISS', which originated from the Simpsons comic to the right. /b/tards tend to shout it out during Drawn Sex threads or Simpsons porn threads, or just to show that the porn being posted is of a very poor nature.

In fact, the translations are so bad that you can base a drinking game on it: While Drawn Sex porn may be unfappable, its entertainment value is not untappable. Whether you're just perusing the comics for the lulz or trying to find good shoop material, be sure to keep your favorite forty ounce nearby and knock back a shot each time you come across one of these Drawn Sex trademarks, enjoy your hepatitis.

  • "OPS!"
  • Inexplicable close-up of a poorly drawn penis
  • Inconsistent character appearance
  • European-Mexican Engrish
  • Bizarre crossovers
  • "Ah, Men"
  • Cocks that look like orange peels
  • Obvious traces of other internet porn artists
  • Obvious stolen pics with a hueg DS watermark on them
  • YEACH!


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