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A typical dramacrat.
A dramacrat as portrayed in the movie "The Dramacrat Returns."

A Dramacrat is a connoisseur of drama, a man who savors the best in internet hatred and destruction in the same way that an audiophile savors the sound of a $500 cable. Some Dramacrats create drama, becoming a sort of avatar of chaos; others involve themselves in drama while, somehow, remaining personally above it all. Dramacrats are the generals of all trolling organizations, the instigators of all conflict, the puppet-masters that use the lesser trolls as their personal armies from behind the scenes.

When you see trolling in the news, it was a Dramacrat. When someone joins your IRC channel and the operators pull a fire drill rather than ban and potentially provoke them, that's a Dramacrat. When all the local trolls start sucking up to someone for no apparent reason, you're looking at a Dramacrat in disguise.

Dramacrats are at the center of all internet conflict. The names of trolling organizations change, they come and go with the seasons. But the people that run them are always the same.

Etymologists theorize that the existence of Dramacrats implies that there may be a hidden Dramacracy, a shadowy organization that controls the internet from behind the scenes. At Encyclopedia Dramatica, our extensive learnings allow us to exclusively tell you that this is the case. While no clear command structure exists, due to the massive egos and manipulative nature of all dramacrats, there appears to be a mutual understanding and respect between members of this secret cabal.

If you see a Dramacrat in the wild, stay very still and don't say anything stupid. If you do arouse the wrath of the Dramacrat, /part the channel immediately to show respect and to avoid the unfortunate experience of having your entire family raped by goats.

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