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Info non-talk.png This meme is currently being killed by carmax. They will play it over and over again until you buy a car.
It all started so harmlessly when this lulzy .gif turned up on /b/.
Things quickly got out of hand.

Drama Prairie Dog is yet another case of an alarming trend where the cancer that is killing /b/ has spread to the prostate that is JewTube and the colon that is MySpace. These GIFs surfaced about 100 years ago. Some argue that it is from a Japanese game show. It has since been associated as a parody for dramatic turns.

/b/tards were dismayed at the realization that the gif they had come to love and fap to showed up on digg, where random Jews with computers would use their interweb powers to discover the true source of the considerably unfunny clip, and therefore reduce the effect of the mystery of such a meme.

The Original
The Meme


The Drama Prairie Dog is from a Japanese Show called Hello Morning. No moar info, sorry.

The cancer continues to spread.

A challenger appears!

Dramatic Chipmunk, more like Dramatic Praire Dog.



Now a forced meme

The company carmax decided to force this meme in order to gain added publicity.

Dramatic monkey


Dramatic Cat

Dramatic Maki


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