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Prior to the term being looted by the gays to describe their petty little cat fights, drama was considered a genre of literature intended for the theater. It was later found by users of teh Internets to describe their violent and humiliating fights. Since then, drama has come to mean any incident, scene, gaffe, rumor, opinion or disagreement that is blown entirely out of proportion. IRL drama almost always starts with infidelity and ends with lulz. Drama is best left for yo momma.

Drama results when matters are made into a bigger deal than they need to be, and it is used to draw and keep much-wanted attention, but it waters down everything to a degree where no one actually cares. Most people will often declare they hate drama, but they are usually lying — because, honestly, why else would reality television be so popular?

Drama is the oh-so-important ingredient to a good article on this lovely site of Encyclopedia Dramatica (hence the name). Any article that does not contain sufficient amounts of drama worth recording will probably have {{baleetplz}} or {{deathnotice}} slapped on the page, to indicate that it should be pwned by ED's sysops, if they have not done so already. Deathnotice no longer exists; ED policy has changed.

Example of A+ drama

A dA conversation that starts out as a joke, then drama ensues


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Drama comes in many flavors:

Notable Drama Whores:

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