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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

DragonFan Hooper (a.k.a. "Whiny Peter") is a supposedly 27 year old pixel artist and writer that cares nothing about anything or anyone but himself. He is a classic attention whore and basement dweller, living only off the light from his computer and the constant ass kissing from all those brainwashed into his society. If he isn't on Second Life emo crying about his mom, he is off fapping to jailbaitgallery.com. He also has "ass-burgers" syndrome, which means he can treat you like his biatches and will get away with being such a twat. Some still question whether his claims about his age and disability are true due to the lack of proof. But most of all, he is a dragon! A big blue furry mutant 13,000 year old dragon, a protector of dragons and a dragon teacher. He teaches how to have buttsecks BTW, at the dragon school in his homeworld, so bow to his superiority!

The REAL Retard
Your local blue retard
...that DragonFan does not belong.

The One Lie to Rule them all...

DragonFan is a Christian autistic pixel artist, fantasy writer, and photographer, who lives in Wisconsin. His fursona is a blue dragon.


—WikiFur intro for DragonFag.


It's DragonFag people, get it right!

...is a Christian...

Sorry, this couldn't be further from the truth. Mr. Whiny Peter thinks that the entire universe revolves around his ass and that everyone must bow down to his bidding or face his wrath. Isn't the Antichrist supposed to be the same way? Also, if there are not at least two cuss words in his sentences, (his favorites are FUCK or FUCKING) then it can't possibly be DragonFan.

...pixel artist, fantasy writer, and photographer...

Pixel artist, NO FUCKING WAI! If you call drawing shitty looking sky scrapers a 4 year old could do artwork then damn, the entire population of the world is an artist.

Fantasy writer, LOLZ, plz! Writing faggoty stories about people's fursona characters in some retarded make-believe holiday is NOT fantasy. You want fantasy, learn from Anne McCaffrey or Terry Brooks you low life!

Photographer? If you call yourself a photographer because of a picture someone else took of you standing next to your cheezy collection of shit, hell! I'm going to go out and steal all the photographs from the interwebs so I can be a professional photographer. STFU ass!

A picture that Dragonfag took of his retard self because he is TEH AWSUM PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

Give Me FUCKING Drawings!!!

"Classic Fanart" from an all time favorite fan.

Word of Advice - Never do any kind of art for this douchebag.

Much like his good friend Werechu, he has no art skills whatsoever. Aside from his shitty looking skyscraper buildings that a 4 year old could draw and his stories that could be used to fuel a fire, he has most of his ass kissers do his work.

Ever since his arrival on the internetz, the Society of Dragonfag Fantards have been forcefully pushed around and demanded to draw him in his faggoty self character and non-existent "mate". He usually prefers to have is retard self character drawn, or even better, him and his make believe gf making hot sweet love or buttseck with Werechu. Here recently he has been demanding countless numbers of other pictures of his other 200+ faggotry characters. Anyone that does not stop everything that they are doing in their lives and does not draw him pictures is not worthy of living, so says the basement_dweller. Something that is still not understood, though, is the fact that he hates fanart. You must first ask him if it's okay to do a "surprise picture" before you can do anything, otherwise "YOU ARE FUCKING STEALING [HIS] CHARACTER!!!!". Makes perfect sense to me...

The crappy, blue, gay fuck.
Someone drew this shit?

I still don't want DragonFan drawn but they still do it, without my permission and without noting me...WTF!


—Dragonfag speaking to a victim of his torture.



Be one of the lucky people to request Dragonfan to get someone else to write a story for him to give to you. Limited Offer!

Society of Dragonfag Fantards

DragonFag has no real friends. DragonFag has no real life. DragonFag lives on Second Life. DragonFag fantasizes about fictional Disney/cartoony dragon characters - did someone mention "Figment"? Damn it always comes back to pedophiles and fursuits!

However, there's the ever lulzworthy Werechu - they love the buttsecks. Werechu cums to being buttfucked by Dragonfan like the big gay dragonfag he is. There are also all those that kiss his ass and bow down to him because of his disability. They really aren't friends, but really brain washed slaves to do his dirty work and to make him fell better when someone tells him that he is the biggest asshole on the face of the planet. There are a few out there that actually try to be friendly to him, but they soon find out that unless you suck his dick, it's better off never speaking to him to begin with.

Although they approve this article, since it is truth, they are still angered at the fact that this guy keeps whining all the time about invisible people stalking him. In China, they've got ways to stop that whining.
Surprise buttsecks!
X-rated buttsecks!

Pedophile in disguise

Like many furries, Dragonfan is into some sick-fuck fetish. His crime, "BabyFur". His present fav whoring on FurAffinity just goes to prove this sickening fetish! His IM's with Jonas-Shifu also prove this horror (see first image of gallery below). He's also been known to have a liking for bondage and pictures of furries with huge tits.

But wait, what is this? Dragonfan appears to hate babies because they can't control their bodily functions. Looks like he loves babyfurs, but hates actual babies. Logic is nothing in Dragonfan's furry autistic world.

Babyfur fucker
He LOVES his babyfur.
The true form of his fursona.

The Trials of Dragonfag

Since he is such a fucking whiny fucktard, it is a trial to remain sane when dealing with him, you will almost certainly need a heavy dose of the brain-bleach or mental-floss afterwords. Take precautions and don't ever get into any sort of conversation with him.

FurfagAffinity Forum Whore The admins on FurAffinity are sick to the back of their sweaty fursuits of Dragonfan whining like a bitch with a sore pussy on the forums. Reading his forum threads is enough to make your eyes bleed, he whinges about the most random and trivial matters, other commenters go round and round telling him the truth that they call the moderators, the thick twat just doesn't get what they say and argues persistently to the point that he is right. Some anonymous person spent much time trawling FagAffinity for Dragonfag's most lulzy threads - which can be seen further down in the gallery. For those who would like to endure the torture, here's the links: on autism calling him out being attacked bot account

devianTART stalker Unlike the admins of FurAffinity, the admins of devianTART have been brainwashed and now become just another sex slave for him to rape when he feels alone or down because another person has told him what a pussy he is. Thanks to the new block feature on the site thanks to Dragonfag constant whining about how people are flaming him telling him the truth, anyone that stops by and breathes on his page that he doesn't like will be instantly blocked from his page.

DragonFag's Philosophy Like all furfag cock-suckers, DragonFag has his own set of rules towards internet and real life (though the line between these too worlds is as blurred as an Irish man's vision the day after St. Patrick's). Many of his lulzy rules can been seen especially on FurFagAffinity, mostly regarding drawing and use of his wank characters.

However, the general attitude of the moronic blue retard is: "You don't agree with me/you aren't doing exactly what I want/I can't control you. You're reported."

Today on Jim'll fix it

DragonComedian is watching you, Dragonfan.

Dragonfag is currently having a moan about these three artists.

Zha'krisstol Apparently was in league with DragonComedian and ScarredDragon, once mentioned by Dragonfag in his forum whinybitchfest.

How can the artist steal their own work?

Whining on FA again

DragonComedian Proven to be Jonas-Shifu, banned from deviantARSE. Always a target for fucktards, which is usually dangerous for them because lots of shit about them sometimes ends up on ED.


ScarredDragon Known associate of Jonas-Shifu. She is one for the lulz and a friend of ED.

Dragonfag's problem may have something to do with this load of horse shit Gone. But seeing as he's always complaining on FagAffinity's forums, he's usually told to stfu by the administrators.


Hello ED, I am an individual that had an encounter with this retard furfag a couple of years ago. This encounter took place on Yiffchat, the chat room and terrorist furfag training camp arm of Toumal's Yiffstar furfag liberation front. Now, I'm not sure whether this all happened before all this DA shit that he became involved in, but let me tell you that he was not always a Jimmy Jones-esk attention whore that had followers, he was the follower! He followed another attention whore know as Queen2 (modeled after the queen alien thing from the movie franchise "Alien"), who also went by the name cassie7 or something stupid like that (this one being modeled after the pink dragon from the kid's show "Dragon Tales"). Well, a fellow furfag and myself decided to have some fun, so we waged war on them and eventually got Queen2/cassie7 banned for social engineering, where by she/most likely he was using multiple accounts to influence other users and cause furfag drama and otherwise lulz for anyone who happened to be watching. Another fun thing that we did was to actually become queen2! This was accomplished by simply entering a username after the chat server went down, which made it so that a password was not required. Well, I did this, and sure enough I logged on as Queen2, then proceeded to the idiot room and began giving stupid orders and otherwise fucking around. Eventually cassie7 showed up and told everyone that Queen2 wasn't really Queen2! Apparently she had been h4x0r3d! But alas, this was not so, as I simply put in the username and hit enter. But anyways, they proceeded to call a mod and said that I was a evil hacker terrorist or something. Growing bored, I logged off and sure enough cassie7 too logged off and queen2 logged on. Convenient, eh? Anyways, she was eventually made to choose between one of the two accounts and she chose cassie7 I guess, then was later permabanned when she was found social engineering again. Well, Dragonfan went apeshit at this point and started growing to the size of a sky scrapper and shit like that, which he actually did anytime you called him out on anything. He got permabanned for being a pain in Toumal's pedo-Austrian ass. THE END.

Interesting fact: Apparently he was hit in the head with a snow shovel by his older brother when he was a little kid and his parents didn't love him.

DragonComedian says: "He wasn't hit fucking hard enough then, was he?"

Where is DragonFag?

The furry blue faggot has been silent on the internet for a bit now, which is surreal cos he's usually whining like a little bitch or cock-sucking some admin on various internet disease communities.

There have been several theories suggested to what has happened to him:

In jail - Shooting parents - Pedophilia - Sexual harassment of staff at Hooters or - Gay sex with local vicar in public place

In hospital - STD caught from butt-fucking Werechu - Heart Attack from an admin telling him STFU - Being a retard or - Parents committing him to secure facility

Dead - Found hung by computer cable from ceiling light - Choked to death on his own dick or - Electrocuted from fucking his computer Damn, he's been spotted again! And just when I thought the internet was safe again.)

A furry's dream.

HERE HE IS! http://rp.aryion.com/

Recently, it has been reported that Dragonfan has moved onto IM drama. During on set of drama where he had foolishly thought Zha Kisstol may have wanted anything to do with him again, a user told him she didn't and he foolishly left his IM address where Dragonfan could get it. The poor unfortunate soul had kept Dragonfan at bay for a little while.

The user is unavailable for comment, unfortunately for us.

He has been spotted yet again, this time causing even more drama!

He likes resurrecting old topics and arguing with users Gone.

and here yet again reporting users. Gone.

He is still active on his devianTART page Plz note, this account is now mostly inactive. His farewell message can be seen here.

Back with a vendetta

To think it had all gone quiet on the DragonFag front. But it seems that he's been seething and plotting revenge on his Favourite artist A rage like no other, for over six years, for no logical and even fathomable reason. Everyone else had long since moved on/been ignoring his little hissy fits; but no, DragonFan seems to have this Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a truly deranged conviction to keep attacking this artist (who really wants nothing to do with him). At every opportunity this retard has sought out to get round blocks and bans, to find out other accounts in order to make an assault there, emailing dead accounts, messaging abusive notes and emails to people, getting his 'friends' to make slanderous youtube videos (sadly this was removed) and generally breaching all manner of site policies to hound her. He was subsequently suspended from FurAffinity for sending notes to rl friends of Zha'Krisstol and attacking her.

This means war! DragonFag retalitates/gets butthurt Inciting Furry Civil War


DragonFag crawls out from his mould-covered stone to spam the living daylights out of innocent artists on deviantART. And why you may wonder?... their 'crime' is drawing art (be it commissions or art trades) for his Favourite artist Here's some fine examples of the blue baby-FurFag's excellent communication: Artist attack #1 Artist attack #2 Artist attack #3Artist attack #3 continued Artist attack #2

No surprise really when the demented blue fuck gets perma-banned (or as the admins so eloquently put it 'removed from the community') Banned DragonFan To add insult to injury; DragonFag's attempt at making an Encyclopedia Drammatica page for Zha'krisstol goes wrong and fails miserably when it is deleted Zha'krisstol's ED page

Wikifur meltdown

on January 2013, DragonFan deleted his Wikifur account. When asked by the administrators if that was is intention, DragonFan responded with:

Unless you want to have your ass kicked for all time i'd damn well you shut the fuck up and take my info off as it's been stolen on EncyclopediaDramatica now do it before i kick you where the sun don't shine.

Also if you want to be taken down for reverting it without my written permission i could definitely have you arrested now leave my profile blank and shut the living hell up asshole. you have a habit of screwing around with my page dickhead do not touch my page or i will report you as i am not kidding so mind your own fucking business and leave peoples articles alone nigga it's not your fucking job to revert peoples shit okay but your policies and rules suck —The preceding unsigned comment was added by dragonfanhooper (talk • contribs) .


His Wikifur account was deleted shortly. And nothing of value was lost.

Gallery of Dragonfan's idiotness

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