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Moarknow.png Did you know that this entire article was created in only one day after DracoGuard's massive block of almost 80% of the users on furaffinity? In fact, if Dracoguard had shut the fuck up and not created this shitstorm of attention towards him, this page probably wouldn't exist! Great job, Dracoguard! You really know how to solve problems like a pro!

Furry Ginger Face thinks it's ok to fuck dogs (he is also gay).

DracoGuard is a disgustingly hideous ginger animal fucker with a penchant for dogs. A user of Furaffinity under the same name, he also uses the name on several gaming forums, as well as Furcadia. Even at 19 years of age, he's a gaiafag. Not surprising for a dog-raping manchild, though. Dracoguard talks about his character online as if it was an entirely separate person, as you can see here. Both are 5'8", 110 pounds and are "Bi Curious." The only difference is that while one is an Anthropomorphic Dragon, the other is a pizza-faced moron that fucks dogs. That's painfully 'coincidental' because the typical furry defense is that they are not in fact sick fucks because they don't have sex with animals. His denial of his ttly murry carnal relations is not out of some mature realization that dog raping is sick or wrong, it is because it puts him at risk of being B& from the furry community LOL B&..

Information about the sick fuck: This dogfucking gay furry can be found on his new MSN, [email protected] Since he probably baaaaleted his old one due to people trolling him, he is obviously troll-able (meaning you will get pretty desperate after trolling him and can't resist) he will start to send at least 100/1000 nudges after you if you start to "bore" him because he can't take the pressure of internet trolling anymore, he will also "stand up" for himself a little because there's a little internet tough guy hiding inside him, so good luck with trolling. (It should be noted that he does know about "Hi im your friend i am not a troll and i don't pretend to be a friendly person and i won't troll you :)", but this is mainly because it was friendly trolling that got him to admit his dogfuckery in the first place.)

Sob Story

Dracoguard's reaction to everything ever, especially you.

DracoGuard's life has been rife with strife (or so he claims). He's said to have a father who abandoned him after raping him, and a mother who Jewe'd his money. He has claimed numerous times that he's oh so sick and unable to move, and that his mother won't take him to a doctor/hospital. Yet SOMEHOW he has quite a few doctor "bills", and won't you please buy him some Xbox games? Oh, and it seems he can afford a Jew for his reams of medical bills, u guise. Most of his friends have abandoned him because of this sob story. He has threatened suicide and constantly whines about how he can't get a girlfriend.

Fun Reactions to Leaked Dox

I've registered under a new account so you wouldn't know who I am. My mate an I think you have taken this to far. This is no longer trolling, this is harassment and illegal. When I troll people, I never bring their real life stuff into it. I'm sorry but I've notified the administrators about this. I've reported several topics in the past for attacking real life and submitting things like the home address. In fact, if DracoGuard were to get private hosting the administrators would delete all personal information from this page and ban you if posted again. Please be more careful when posting from now on and keep your trolling to online only. If this.... 'person' was murdered because of the events here, this site would be forced to banish you and give your personal information to the police and you would be arrested for murder. I've seen it done too. I'm merely trying to protect a friend without getting blocked on my main account for suggesting this. Goodbye.



—by Dracofag, completely unaware that Dox have entirely legit uses for bringing down dogfuckers, and that you can find it simply by googling up his domain's whois

Dog Secks

This is not a shoop, but the pictures in that gallery totally are.
proof that gingers are a disgrace to humanity. And look at his fagstache.

Dracoguard's favorite past time is boning his dog who he claims is mostly wolf, but is clearly an Akita. He tries (and fails) regularly to get the dog to fuck him up the ass. In the two videos obtained of him from Anon, he's trying to coax his dog into fucking and giving him a rimjob. Dog obviously does not want. It's genuinely sad when not only are you so desperate for the hot touch of another living being that you resort to this, but you're so ugly even the dog doesn't want a piece. Both videos he linked to girls he liked, and then when perfectly foreseeable reactions of disgust were displayed, he claimed the videos weren't of him and that a hacker put them on his site. He's now changed his story to them being shopped from stills of him and his dog, into videos. DracoGuard insists that if he knew how to use Photoshop, he'd be able to make the same things, but he's never used it in his life, yet he's photoshopped backgrounds onto several artist's images. He also can't keep his story straight. One minute he says it's stuff from his past, and the next he claims that the videos are shooped. He's also said that he no longer walks his dog because of it and calls his faithful companion "the damn thing". Which is it? Photoshop isn't magic, sry. Anon believes he may have raped over 9000 dogs. Not just dogs are subjects to his sexual prowls. He also has sexually harassed a number of women repeatedly, even after being told they do not want. One such incident in particular involved a woman with a fiancé. His lame, asterisk-encapsulated attempts at bringing his dragon character to life only stopped when the woman's fiancé told him in no uncertain terms that if he were to try that shit on her again, he'd gouge Dracofag's dogfucking eyeballs out his asshole. Also, he sends videos of himself masturbating with a dildo to every single person he talks to. How kind.

Does that dog look familiar? Yep, it's Broccoli Dog!

Continued Stupidity

Apparently, DracoGuard has had repeated warnings and problems from the Furaffinity owner. DracoGuard very much believes that some special rules apply to him and that he can have whoever he wants banned. No, I am not joking. This same attitude has also been seen on a blogger post found in Google, in which he screams at people to stop spamming him. Little does the retard know, the spammers are bots. He tells the site that he will have his lawyer handle any problems with the site if they don't start banning people who are spamming. He then threatens to spread the word to all his friends that the site spams people and to stay away.

One other thing that seems to elude DracoGuard is how to quit the internet. He bawwleeted FUCKING EVERYTHING from FA with a journal stating that he was being harassed, no surprise. Three days later, he re-uploaded everything and listed the names of the people harassing him on his profile information. Months later he decided to unblock and "forgive" those who disagreed with his dogfucking ways.

Little did he know it would lead to havoc and lulz. The videos and photos were once again leaked (he never provided evidence of where they were leaked, however). He proceeded to block everyone who had harassed him previously once again, and bawww'd about it in his journal. A few days later, the videos were uploaded on Rapidshit and shared on threads about him on lulz.net, where much ridicule began. His failure was also documented on a LiveJournal community.

Reaction to This Article

Posted from his shitty website so no one has to bother signing up for the place.

this post was formatted for furaffinity and will be reformatted soon

Alright you mother fucking bitch, I'm getting sick of your bull shit. You know what, if you keep uploading this dog bull shit and trolling me for life. deleted before posted I'm dead fucking serious. I'm sick of you and everyone else ruining my life. The admins don't do shit about it even though they know for a fucking fact it's you. I've repeatedly shown them posts on your FA that were about me but you still don't get in trouble for it. You must be paying the site to keep you from being banned. You are the worst fucking person I've ever met and are the only person in the world that I hate so much that I'd love to see you burn in hell. I'm fucking sick of it. Get the fuck off the internet and go fucking die. You are the "Anon" source that is repeatedly uploading the videos and images of my dog and me. Big fucking whoop, I was experimental a while back. Who gives a fuck, there is bestiality all over the fucking internet you stupid fucking cunt. It's people like you who drive others to be hateful and cruel.

Oh and if you want your fucking stories to be straight on that bull shittery site you use, let me help you so you don't look like a fucking retard.

  • Quote from: Bitch

DracoGuard is an animal fucker with a penchent for dogs. A user of Furaffinity under the same name, he also uses the name on several gaming forums as well as furgaydia and he's a gaiafag*

Draco on above: Furcadia and Gaia were both just tests. I haven't played either in ages and never will again.

  • Quote from: Bitch

DracoGuard's life has been rife with strife (or so he claims). He's said to have a father who abandoned him, and a mother who steals his money. He has claimed numerous times that he's sick and unable to move, and that his mother won't take him to a doctor/hospital. Yet SOMEHOW he has quite a few doctor "bills". Oh, and it seems he can afford a lawyer guiz. Most of his friends have abandoned him because of this sob story. He has threatened suicide and constantly whined about how he can't get girlfriend.*

Draco on above: My life has been tough but it's made me tougher. My dad never abandon me, he only moved a few states away and has 25% of his paycheck being taken out due to economic problems. My mother is a total bitch, she took money out of my bank account because she assumed I stole money from her. I owe her money for the camera that was stolen from her too. My mother never takes me to the doctor unless it's something that could be bad. The doctor bills were finally fixed, insurance took care of it (which I no longer have). Lawyer is a bluff, have you ever actually paid a lawyer before bluffing with the other person to see if you could get off the cheap way? God your an idiot. Yes I've threatened to kill myself when I was depressed and people like you were picking on me because your assholes but I'll never kill myself. That would make a lot of people sad and I'm here to take care of my friends. Just because people like you are heartless doesn't mean there can't be people like me who actually give a fuck about their friends. No, I can't get a girlfriend but I don't care anymore. Most women are bitches, like you. No I can't get a boyfriend IRL either. I do however have the most wonderful boy I could ever have online, and his name is Gonnir. I love him more than anything and you can't take that away. So what if I don't have an IRL mate, I don't fucking need one.

  • Quote from: Bitch

Dracoguard's favorite past time is boning his dog who he claims is mostly wolf. He isn't just the pitcher however, he's also the catcher.*

Draco on above: No, I was ONLY the catcher in your terms.

  • Quote from: Bitch

Dog obviously does not want.

Draco on above:I wasn't doing it right, but since I no longer care about it and didn't like the experience I don't care to learn how.

  • Quote from: Bitch

DracoGuard insists that if he knew how to use photoshop, he'd be able to make the same things, but he's never used it in his life, yet he's photosopped backgrounds onto several artist's images.*

Draco on above: That's not photoshopped dumbass, there are many programs out there. I used Photo Impression 4, came free with a camara my mother got.

  • Quote from: Bitch

Anon believes he may have raped over 9000 dogs*.

Draco on above: You fucking drama queen, I only have 1 dog and I haven't raped shit you stupid fucktard.

  • Quote from: Bitch

Not just dogs are subjects to his sexual prowls. He also has sexually harassed a number of women repeatedly, even after being told they do not want.*

Draco on above: Tell me one person I've 'sexually harassed' that did not want. Let me remind you that harassment is repeated. If I asked them once and they did not want it, then I stopped and it's not harassment. If they believed I was harassing them, then I'd tell them I was sorry and it'll never happen again.

  • Quote from: Bitch

One other thing that seems to elude DracoGuard is how to quit the internet. He bawwleeted FUCKING EVERYTHING from FA with a journal stating that he was being harassed, no surprise. Three days later, he reuploaded everything and listed the names of the people harassing him on his profile information.*

Draco on above:The internet is my life you damn cunt, I love it here at furaffinity. This site is like my home.

In short, a lot of your posts are fucking lies or stretched truths. I admin I had sex with a dog, note the word HAD not HAVE but HAD. I don't give a flying fuck what you think of me because of it, but the personal attacks are pissing me off. Go post the correct story you damn cunt and go die. This post will soon appear on my website for those of you who come here only to find the journal deleted. Anyone trolling me on my site will have their IP's recorded and banned, IPs may be sent to Admin of Fur Affinity for profile verification and you will be blocked on my profile but possibly banned on furaffinity. I don't act like I am special and the rules are below me. I just find loopholes and work with what I got. Rereading journal before post; The only rules this may break is: TOS; A user may not intentionally harass, slander or disrupt another User of the site, or, through inaction, intentionally allow another User to come to be harassed. The staff allow this to happen anyway. I have yet to see this enforced. TOS;FA does not tolerate bigotry, and will take action against users found to be crude and vulgar. Crude and vulgar is defined as, but not limited to: racist slurs, anti-Semitic insults and/or other derogatory remarks regarding philosophies, religion, sexuality, race, gender or association. In addition, users will not engage in "disruptive behavior" meant to purposefully interfere with the normal flow of website enjoyment, personal galleries or dialogue in the chat or forums. The staff allow this to happen anyway. I have yet to see this enforced. Deleting this post merely means you support the trolls in their plan for making people upset and hate themselves because I have repeatedly shown you staff posts of trolling and it just slides on by your noses. I know you have a lot to do but when you can't help members on your own site when they are driven to the point of suicide, you aren't doing your jobs. So far I've been driven very close and by the time I got helped I was already so hurt by everything that I hadn't eaten in days. To prove you are willing to stop troll attacks and follow those 2 TOS rules mentioned, You can start by deleting all the harassment posts on 2nd Venus. I don't give a fuck about the people harassing me right now, 2nd Venus has it worse.


Shortly after this response was plastered on the internet and showed signs of lulz, he deleted all traces of this from his forum and FurAffinity journal thinking he can hide from the internet just like his buttbuddy 2ndVenus and his penis.

Delusions of Win

He soon found out that Asphyxiation, who is also the author of this page and Dracoguard's number one enemy, had left FA due to dropping all her commissions and refusing to do the art or pay back her customers, since she was a typical woman. Anyway, she's long since gone and he just couldn't resist popping a little sweaty victory boner and believing all his problems had been solved. Dracoguard is apparently unaware that anyone can edit a Wiki.

Oh happy day.

wewt, gone forever? happy day! good riddance. i agree with 'cece', at least you didn't commit suicide like all the other people you've torchered and are still torchering. Yes, i can't spell. big whoop. bye now!


—Dracoguard and his inability to English.

He then proceeds to comment on other users' pages (that also disliked Asphyxiation) as if this old news is one big celebration. In one comment, he proves to the internet that he has no life.

I'll sure show that bitch now!

lol, has asphyxiation ever picked on you? I saw your post. I went to her account as quickly as i could once i heard she was gone for good! I'm totally going to make a post after i unblock her temporarily.


—Dracoguard before he totally did make a post, and totally didn't get a response from Asphyxiation

Sob Story Cont.

His watchers or friends have wised up and figured out that Dracoguard is a whiny, sick fuck, basement dwelling, bitch and dogfucker and began blocking him with every chance they got, hoping to avoid being caught up in his drama. He has caught on as FA lets users know when they are being unwatched.

what the fuck is up with the mass unwatches? i've had like 20 unwatches so far in the past 2 days. if you are unwatching me then tell me so i know WHY you are unwatching me. also, if you block me, tell me you've fucking blocked me rather than to let me watch your sorry ass just to comment on good art work only to find out i'm blocked. if you guys are unwatching me becuase of some troll bull shit then fine, just tell me and i'll rid you from my watch list and never fucking talk to you again. i hate when i'm blocked for no reason at all and i go to comment then all of a suddon i'm blocked. Catwolf did it to me already, never done anything wrong to her and i just comment one fucking day to tell her i liked one of the pics she uploaded and BAM i was blocked, couldn't post my comment. fucking losers and your mysterious block buttons. i swear they need to add a function that sends all your blocked users a message saying "You've been blocked by %user". they also need to fix the replying to their comments on other journals/submissions when you are blocked cause then they get all pissy at you and shit saying "i've blocked you, why are you talking to me" and shit. I don't even know who i'm blocked by anymore other than catwolf for no fucking reason.



Just as predicted, he did bawwwlete his journal trying to hide his fail.

Quotes from the Dog Lover

Having admin abilities for my own account would be nice, I wouldn't have to bother administrators with deleting troll attack comments on my own page nor would I have to worry about unfriendly comments to my shit that are 'within rules' but go against the rules at the same time.


—Dracoguard - Dictator anyone?

some people don't have that much of a life, i don't have a job and have been looking for a job for a long time. while i keep applying for jobs i stay online to comfort my friends and play games every so often. maybe you should be more sympathetic to every one else around you other than thinking your the big man for having a life that you can go use. others however are not so lucky, especially in this economic failure.


—Dracoguard-little does the fucktard know that he doesn't have a life either.

these people registering under alt names of my name. Yet the staff don't know how to ban more than just the alt. "OH BIG FUCKING WHOOP, Dragoneer banned my second account that ment absolutely nothing to me! lol, retard!" That is exactly what the trolls think. Ban the original accounzts, delete all their shit. Black list them as a troll. THEN they'll fucking care. Maybe.... Probably not, but They'll have to go make all their shitty little friends all over again. Someone really needs to introduce a new ban system so banned users can never come back on any accounts at all.

P.S. I know that's hard, don't fucking criticize me on "how hard scripting" is because I FUCKING KNOW IT ALREADY. I don't need Yak, Dragoneer, and any other coding staff telling me how complicated a ban system like that is when i already fucking know it, it's just i wish we had one.


—Dracoguard - Yet again proving he still has no life.

So ya.. I'm being watched like a hawk till I do something ban worthy. Can't wait till I violate one little rule once more and get banned for being a troll target. I can't help it that this site has so much drama to it, don't blame me for furs being dramatic all the time.


—Dracoguard - Being watched all the time.

What is a book? Never heard of such a thing :P


—Dracoguard - once again, proving that he is dumb, on myspace this time.

Anything related to my dog:

I will not answer any questions pertaining to my dog due to the fact my answers will be ignored regardless of what I say. If the question should happen to be something like 'Did you fuck your dog?' and I answer NO, then all you'll do is say 'But this guy said different, and there is a web page about it, but there are pictures, but this, but that, you lie!' or any of those types of things. If I should answer YES, then all you'll do is say 'You sick fuck, eeeeeeew, that's sick, DOG FUCKER!' or any variation of those types of comments. So in short my answer will be a warning to step off the territory of the dog before I report you to the staff for harassment. Thank you and good day.


—Dracoguard -- Doesn't like the subject because it really is TRUE.

what the fuck is with you people and blocking for no mother fucking reason. Someone I've done absolutely nothing blocked me, i found this out today when i went to his page. I've always been friendly to him on MSN and shit, done what he wanted.


—FuckoGuard -- Isn't it a bitch when people block you due to your AIDS infested drama?

The Faggotry Continues

Each day is just filled with more delightful info on our favorite retard. Trying to be smart, he gloats on his FA journal about putting up a new forum post that Dragoneer can not delete because it is not on FA. What he seems to be forgetting is that his journal is on FA and can be deleted. Not that it matters since he will probably do it himself anyway.

Your trouble tickets are closed without you having a chance to prove your being harassed. The ticket system says a ticket can only be closed when YOU close it. BULLLLLL SHIIIIITTTT.......

Now for the side news,<DEAD LINK> [[1]] Enjoy! Oh and Dragoneer, this is posted on a different website, I'm sorry to say but as YOU TELL ME, you can't do anything about it. Sorry bud but I can use your logic against you. Oh and I do have proof of most of this and the things I don't have proof of, I said was opinion.


— Dracoguard being stupid again.

Did I mention the title of the journal was "The staff like to lie."?

His Forum Post

Back on his website forum, he started a new topic titled "Corrupt FurAffinity Staff?" with a poll up top for his users (I.e. nobody as no one actually registers) can decide if the FA staff is corrupt or not. Take a look before he deletes it. Bawwwwwwleeted.
He makes various "corrections" to FA's Terms of Service such as:

  • A user may harass those who deserve it and slander them all they want, and allow others to intentionally harass those who deserve it.
  • A user must obey the requests and guidelines given to them by the administration, even if it conflicts with the first law.
  • A user is not allowed to protect their interests at all.


—--Dracoguard on Code of Conduct

And lets not forget:

Correction: We will select who we tolerate, and allow those who pay money. Especially people with my same preferences in life.


—--Dracoguard on Terms of Service

He ends it all with renaming the site "TrollAffinity.net".

Some argue, that the reason the staff is not helping him is because they have grown tired of his bullshit and that he is even more of a faggot than the other users on the site. Even more than Dragoneer.

The Trolls Attack

Anonymous is sick of his bullshit

Having put up with Dracoguard's faggotry long enough, trolls began their attack on his userpage, spamming him mercilessly. This was not limited to only him, however; his e-boyfriend was not safe from their troll wrath.



—Dracoguard after having his ass handed to him.

Turns out his boyfriend has given up on the little twat for someone better than him and most likely not a dogfucker.

He did the right thing.

Seems the trolls have seen his repentance and ceased their attack on him, but Draco is far from safe.

BAWWWletion of his Gallery

Having been taught not to be a dumbass, Dracoguard got severely butthurt and deleted fucking everything in his gallery...well whatever was left. His journal is still up, though. He deleted the previous rage journals and put up a new one apologizing to the staff and trying to be nice.

Sorry Staff: But untill that new ban system comes in, you'll most likely have a lot of work to do. If i could get a block all command i'd block everyone on FA for a short duration while you worked things out or something like "name*" so any names with numbers will be killed.


—Dracoguard trying to be nice now.

The Attack Continues

By now, Dracoguard is shitting bricks as he has continued to be harrassed to no end. The lulz he is giving off is reaching massive levels and continues to rise. His Artist profile page was wiped and replaced with a challenge to Anonymous.

Can't you spam any faster? You fucking losers. Bring it on, you'll be banned soon anyway. Besides, I'm just letting you fill my page with spam. I want to see how high the number goes. Once your banned I'll just clear it all up and giggle.
  • staff, don't worry about the shouts, just worry about the ban. i'll get the shouts myself.
  • Holy crap a total of 400 shouts so far! WEWT! Got anymore??


—Dracoguard being a cocky asshole.

His journal was replaced with a copy of his original artist profile, then proceeded to make a blank one to cover it up.

Dumb or just Stupid? You decide!

More Stupidity?

Trolls spam an admin

Due to his own blunder (or perhaps an attempt at being clever), Draco has revealed that his mate lied about having a RL boyfriend while talking with a troll. Whether this is true or not is unknown seeing as anything that comes out of his mouth can't be taken seriously. Or perhaps he has confirmed that his mate is such a massive whore that he has multiple boyfriends online and offline.

Regardless, Gonnir continues to maintain his innocence.


His grammar, however, is horrid.

In another act of stupidity, he dared the spammers to spam Dragoneer, which he then quickly removed.


The trolls took him up on his offer and started spamming Dragoneer's page, in which they were quickly told to gtfo and were swiftly B&

Asphyxiation actually left FA and was never banned
Also thinks she did it.

Obsession with Asphyxiation

For some reason, Dracoguard is obsessed with Asphyxiation. He thinks she has been updating this article and carrying out all of the troll attacks on him. Although she did actually start the article with only 3 topics in it in total, this was back in 2008 and was then abandoned. Only recently Draco found the page thanks to a kind Anon and this sparked the insanity as seen above. Draco is too stupid to take time to learn how a Wiki works and figure out that ANYONE can edit and update an article. Apparently his pretend mate Gonnir thinks it is done by the same person, too. Here's a hint, spazface: most of the edits were done by a furfag named Sonicmega (Sean Chiplock), a troll named 'Bateleur/Blackeagle' and "Troop69". Meet your worst Internet enemies, faggot. Also, learn to check upload tags and crap if you want to know who did it.

Attack Against Dragoneer

The following is a journal that Dracoguard had put up after finding out that Dragoneer had blocked him, read his private notes and basically told him he does not like him. Yes, because of his constant petulance and douchebaggery, even Dragoneer got fed up with him. Why he has not been banned from FA it is still a mystery; OH WAIT! However, some argue that it is because Dragoneer is too much of a pussy to actually use his admin powers even when presented with undeniable proof that Draco is a dogfucker.

Yep, Dragoneer blocked me so i can't talk to him at all, i blocked him for encouraging the trolls and he can

still message bull shit to me while I can't reply to him. what a dick, i typed a whole paragraph in reply to the BS he told me and i'm blocked still. Oh and there is more. It's against the rules to read messages sent to other members of furaffinity through notes unless he is looking for something illegal. There is nothing i've done that requires him to read all my personal messages but he is reading them anyway. He mentioned stuff from my notes to another site admin on here so obviously he breaks quite a few of the rules just because he is site admin. He tells me to use the trouble tickets so they have an easier time ignoring me.

Oh Dragoneer, since you wanted to block me so i couldn't argue your little note. I'll post the reply publicly just for you. :)

DracoGuard to Dragoneer wrote:

I know you don't like me, and you do encourage them. You posted a bunch of stuff on my journal that made them attack me worse. It's actually your fault for the continued attacks because they had snapshots of YOU telling me that 'i shouldn't have fucked dogs' and now they won't stop because it was YOUR messages that encouraged them to continue. #takenout#. I've had about 12 people so far tell me that you live for the lulz and these trolls are your best friends. Also, I had an admin ask me to just note him because trouble tickets take 3 to 5 days to get answered and sometimes never. Unless i make a custom title that sounds interesting, like "corrupt staff" that was answered nearly instantly but my normal being harassed stuff wasn't answered nor taken care of until a week had passed.

I had to take a certain part out that was more private to only Dragoneer but eh. Also, Unless Glaide tells me that he told what i said in the note. You are reading my private messages for no reason which I think is against the law, I'm not quite sure about that one but it is against the rules YOU made because I haven't said anything to be under investigation for illegal bull shit that you need to look for. Oh and don't go saying "This journal is against the rules!" when you can't follow your own rules.


Not acknowledging the fact that his furfaggotry is over 9,000, DracoGuard also goes onto attack anyone who criticizes him for his own short comings in an futile attempt to escape the fact that the furfag produces drama and lulz at an alarming rate.

He now has added a line to his shitty artist profile in response to his recent butthurt.

Furaffinity has no privacy rights, my notes are monitored just because the head admin doesn't like me. I mean, it's against the rules but we have no privacy on this website. Enjoy!



Dragoneer's reply

Dragoneer replied to his butthurt journal. But all records were deleted because everyone knows Dracoguard deletes journals when there is proof against him to cover his tracks. However, a quick prntscreen of the reply was all that is needed. He could delete all the journals he wants, but Anon knows how to save shit that not even Draco can mess with.

Use scrollbar to see the full image


2nd Butthurt Journal.

Yes, another journal that was bawwleted by him. Fear not, for it has been saved by the power of screenshots! This time he complains about why another person has blocked him for a change. Dragoneer comes in and feeds the dumpster fire. Lulz ensue.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Speaks for itself.

3rd Butthurt Journal

Apparently having been fed up with all the drama, he declared June 29, 2009 as the start of a whole month without drama. Nothing special about this journal...yet. We'll see how long this lasts.

Yep, lets see if I can do it. Starting June 29, 2009. If your trying to start drama you'll simply be blocked.



Could this be the end to all the lulz that he has been generating? Has he finally smartened up and decided to stop acting like a cunt?

Could it be?! Could it be?! NOOOOO!!!!

Dracofag, in his previous butthurt journal, declared as of June 29, 2009 that he would commence a drama-free month. Unfortunately, the scaly pizza faced moron failed to ring in the new month with non-lulzy drama and made a journal about how his dog fucking ways aren't a form of animal abuse. This time Tara_Swift_Claw joins in as his White Knight defending Draco blindly while arguing that just because the information ended up here on ED and on Lulz.net that it therefore becomes void. PROTIP: ED chronicles the drama. If all this was faked there would be nothing to write about. Everything here is 100% true.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

He saved the dog from an abusive owner so it is alright.

...I did fuck the dog but[t]...



Since when did the dog have a fucking momma cat? The baby kitten was with the father (the dog)? Was the father (dog) cheating on the female dog (bitch)? Is there some hint of bestiality outside the human realm!?


—Some idiot on ED

This idiot still doesn't get it in his head that there's video, picture, and text evidence proving that the sick fuck did, in fact, rape his dog. I mean, it doesn't get any better then him saying the video and photos were shopped when the retard changes his story every fucking time. Thanks to an awesome average Anon, we have evidence of Draco's admittance to bestiality.

At this point, we must ask ourselves:

"Is this the end of the dramatic cycle?"

I fear it's only just begun.

Reported to the Feds


Dracoguard has had an official, confirmed complaint lodged against him via the IC3, or 'Internet Crime Complaint Center,' which is a subset of the FBI. His case will be forwarded to his local authorities. Hold your collective breath for his journal screaming about some friendly bacon visiting his property.

On 07.07.09, an officer from his county contacted the person who filed the IC3 complaint and a full report, complete with video, was issued. Super-sweet.

Also on 07.07.09, a lieutenant from the Arkansas State Police was given DracoGuard's video, address, name and phone number. They will be forwarding the case to the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

Again on 07.07.09, the Arkansas State Police have confirmed that the Benton County Sheriff's Office has opened a case regarding DracoGuard.


Dracoguard has blocked 90% of the users on furaffinity, so no new lulz will arise until the inevitable FBI complaint gets through. Great job, Dracoguard, simply saying "fuk u troll" and blocking the person (preventing any rebuttal) means you WIN the argument!! You sure showed those trolls!

He has also recently messaged some of his friends from the past in order to yiff with them.

UPDATE: Dracoguard was b&. Also his butthurt complain account (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dracoguarddg/) was b& as well. He still has an old account (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dracoguard2), but he has not used it for a long time anyway.

According to DracoGuard, he has several people working on ED, un-noticeably changing parts of this page. Which is obviously a lie as every change is documented in a wiki and vandalism can be easily spotted, no matter how small.

Apparently, after being talked to by the police, he explained that he wanted tests done to prove that he didn't really fuck his dog, "they examined the pics, found that they were taken with a camera I have never owned in my entire life and also found that the pictures were taken on a large TV." He still denies ever fucking his dog, even though the evidence is stacked against him. And don't forget most of his text was edited by hackers. Although his parents, knowing that he has been raping his dog for years, have taken his side.

Draco Still Around

Seems Dracoguard still hasn't learned his lesson and routinely demonstrates exactly how much of a fucking idiot he really is. He returned, just for a brief visit, before being B& again on FA. He returned on the account so aptly named "dragoneerdouche". His reason for this?

Don't bother, I forgot the password and hit the log out button.

I used this account to investigate the REAL culprit behind a lot that's happened to me on FA. If I find out that it's not Dragoneer then I'll be sending a gift to apoligize but if it is him. I'll post the whole story on my website with a link from the main page.


—Dracoguard, Doesn't realize he can't find Anonymous.

He better start preparing that gift. No doubt it will probably be more video of him trying to fuck a dog 'cause it worked out so well for him before when he sent it to some girl.

More Trolling? Really?

He's taking his ball and going home.

Well seems someone still wants to milk this lolcow which has pretty much dried up as he can't even reply and be stupid anymore. Plus he is awaiting to get V& anyway. A totally not obvious troll account named 14675ranchviewrdgarfieldarakad started plastering his dox all over Dracotard's friends' pages and possibly some random pages as well. He had left the account open with the password "qwerty". It was swiftly B& and the comments left on Dracoguards own page deleted by some admin, not that it will stop a few other users to leave whats on their mind. Now if only the admins actually do something to animal fuckers that openly support and declare they are animal fuckers.

In other news, even Dragoneer has had enough of this simpering asshole.


It can only be assumed that at this point DracoGuard is very, very lonely, looking only to the trolls as his only form of attention. In his new DA account, he's made five different journal entries so far, but only ONE has gotten any comments. Deleted his journal entry. Wow, big surprise. Good thing we snagged it lol.

I like how they keep trying to start drama, it just doesn't work anymore. :) Sorry people, I've changed. I will no longer respond to your crap, I haven't even been on much either and I find a crap load of 'reported as spam' comments all the time.


—Dracoguard on trolls, TOTALLY not starting any drama.

Like his shit on FA, most if not all his comments are blocked, both in his journal and his shouts page.

You think you can just cast us aside, try to start anew, and forget about your past.

See the problem with you is that you THINK you're in control, which makes it all the more better when you break.

OH, you didn't know? You'll break. You feed on drama. It is your life force. It is the thick, black liquid that flows through you're dirty veins and pumps that narrow-minded little heart of yours.

I'm not here to troll, I'm just here to watch. See, you can ban others from posting, but we're always... ALWAYS... watching. I know the trolls are out there, lurking, with nothing better to do than to remind you of WHAT you are, and when you crumble under all the pressure building around you, I will sit back, maybe grab a beer, and enjoy a good read. For now, I'll just have to be patient, watch, and wait...

Tick tock dog fucker...




Samuel L. Jackson.

Alright, this is getting stupid

Dracoguard, as stupid as he is, keeps finding new ways to fuck himself even more. Here is his xtube baleeted. that has him dildoing his ass. The funniest thing of all is that one of the tags attached to his video is 'big cock' YEAH RIGHT. His cock is about 2 inches long.

A Challenger Appears...

Recently, Dracoguard found his Akita with another husky beneath his porch. His dog probably wanted to keep her away from Draco for obvious reasons. The dog has several injuries to her teeth and tongue, though we can't yet confirm these injuries were caused by Dracoguard in a fierce act of jealousy for messing around with his beloved Akita. The last thing Draco needs is another bitch ruining his life.

The ever honest and thoughtful Dracoguard has started an online charity to help the poor animal get back on her feet, and while no one should give a dime to this fucking cocksucker, anything that would keep Dracoguard away from dogs is certainly a cause worth fighting for. All the details can be found in his new DA journal here.

For the assholes out there, I don't have sex with dogs so fuck off. This dog really needs your help and your to busy calling me dog fucker to help? Are you there to help animals or are you there to make lulz and watch an injured dog go on untreated?


—Dracoguard, STILL claiming those photos were shooped.

UPDATE! The trolls are still trollin', poor Dracofag has a $500 vet bill, and the bitch is fine.

Anyhow she was fully checked, the finger in butt thing too.




Gone at Last

Draco's message before his self-imposed exile from the internet

On Wednesday Jan 13, 2010, Dracoguard issued an apology to everyone who he caused drama/lulz to and a statement of leave from the internet for good on his Deviantart journal and his crappy website that no one watches, except for his cult of white knights. This further concludes the article. In which, he could have avoided if he listened to the advice of his furry counter parts; nonetheless, gave us an unlimited amount of lulz in the process of this article.

His statement on his "official site"


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