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Not to be confused with Google Docs.
Police.gif Remember that Encyclopedia Dramatica does NOT support hosting dox on it directly. If you wanna dox someone, post that shit on an external site and put a link to there instead. Remember, ED is not a phone directory, nor your personal army.
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Docs or Dox are information an Internet personality would like kept secret, such as their real name, current address, SSN, and phone number. These are things they would install a security and phone tracing system, use passwords, and build a moat to protect. Docs may also include information on close relatives. Many people do things on the Internet which they would rather not leak to their IRL circle of acquaintances (such as their sexual practices and fantasies) so dropping dox can be very destructive to victims' personal lives. After notorious hacker/phreak scenester Bobink widely distributed his impeccably complete flat-file docs database named pokemon.txt, it became a long-standing tradition to call your collection of docs Pokémon (Gotta catch 'em all!) and the file that they are collected in a Pokéball.

My Documents

This is the general idea.
Some poor fucker's dox
Internet detective circarigel gets doc'd. Posted accounts of bipolar symptoms, suicide attempts and

Reports are usually made up of both published information and information the target intends to keep confidential. Typically, dox of the latter type are where moar lulz can be found.
Dox usually contain:

Foreign addresses can be a bit hard to decipher. If you have something like a Danish Swedish address (Address:Ekholmsnäsvägen 114 - 181 64 LIDINGÖ) put some kind of note into the bottom, or better yet, split it up into Zip code, street address, house number, etc. This is to be done for BOTH Americans and Europeans. (If you have some kind of qualm about the fattest country in the world, the one with the most niggers, Jews, cats, etc. This is NOT the time for it, asshole)

Before you start your quest

Before you start, you might want to do the obvious and look to see if any one else has already done the work for you. No one is going to be impressed if you spend a week stalking some furry and it turns out it has been doxed for a month. You will also look like a derp. So look around first, the places you want to look are paste-bin ,dox-bin, and Google. You should also ask people you trust in IRC with a PM. You don't want your target to learn about your attempts to dox him lest he leave the internet forever and no fun will come of it. You should at the same time be preparing your army and raid ideas so you don't look like a complete fucking retard making a personal army request. Also, realize that doxing is a lot of work, and will take some time. As you are a basement dweller, you have plenty of that.

Filling your Filing Cabinet

Obtaining dox is a subtle art known only by intelligent internet users. Generally if you have an IRL name or screen name of the target, first Google their name. It's pretty surprising how retarded people are on the Internet. For anyone with any appreciable internet presence, it often isn't hard to find their personal lives splayed across Facebook, internet forums, Amazon, etc. Dumb shits generally use the same screen name on all of the services they're signed up for, so this part is pretty easy. Once you have some information, you can lurk through voter registration records, criminal records, and so forth, getting names of relatives somewhere along the way. Also, don't forget to search the White Pages, since if they are listed, your job is a lot easier.

If looking up a screen name yields nothing, try to get an IP address. Anonymous users on wikis will have their IP addresses displayed, and usually you can extract an IP address from an email header. A simple WHOIS search will give the ISP and general location of the user.


If retrieving docs is going to require you to spend a long time "getting to know" some fag, then abandon fucking ship, as some groups of people, will take their friends to furry rituals where they will forever convert you to a furfag. Although, to a shut-in, an e-friend's (their only friend's) betrayal can be very crushing, making the end result very lulzy, long-term effects on you are permanent. In other words, You're a fucking furry! Celebrate!

Please note that there is a difference between being converted and obtaining knowledge. For example, breaking into somebody's email may require answering personal security questions. With enough research and time spent observing/befriending a target, these questions are usually easy to fool.

Stalker's Resources

...or so the victim thinks

These should be your first stop.

  • Google - Google their name and email address. Use Google's cache to its full advantage. Some forums require registration to view profiles/search, but often you can view them simply by clicking on the cache button. Do the same for sites that are down.
  • Zaba Search - No Success with Whitepages? Try this.
  • Person and Employer Search Engine - Contains information regarding a person's professional career and employment.
Doxbin's logo
  • Wink - Another people search. Not to be confused with Winky.
  • Freeality - Look for individuals based on name, city, and state.
  • InfoSpace - Search for companies by name, category, or city.
  • Spock - One more never hurt.
  • Search People Free - Possibly the least Jewish one (read: Shit's free. Do what you want).

Phone Books

Remember, if they're dumb enough to put such details on the internet it's their own damn fault.
  • Whitepages People Search - Search for people in the US/Canada by name, location, state, and age.
  • Whitepages Reverse Look-up - Got a telephone number and need to find the owner? Use the reverse lookup to get their address with landlines or carrier and general location with cellphones.
  • Whitepages Neighbour Finder - Need to confirm dox? A clever researcher can confirm addresses by calling neighbors and asking for the target. When pretending to be the target's friend, the kind neighbor will often inform you that you have the wrong number, but will tell you how you can reach them/if their address clears.
  • 411 - The white pages phone directory is your source for free people and business searches in the US and Canada on
  • Foo - Yet another number lookup service, with lots of results. TRIVIA: FOO stands for 411!
  • InfoBel - Provides links to almost every phonebook in the world.
  • Telexplorer - Phone and address book for several Hispanic countries. (NOTE: You have to look people up in the LastNames FirstNames format)

Social Networks

  • Facebook - Everybody has one, so this is a good place to start.
  • MySpace - Nobody uses MySpace anymore, but most people don't delete their old profiles.
  • YouTube - Most people have been uploaded to this website at least once in their life. Search their names, emails, etc.
  • Blogs - Search for blogs. Tumblr would be a good place to find kiddos nowadays, but their search functions are lacking.
  • Technorati - Blog Search engine
  • Pipl - Searches quite a few different places, including social networking sites, public records, and other pages you may not find on google.
  • Lullar Search - A profile searcher for Networking sites.
  • m00d - Reverse Facebook image search.

General Internet


  • Reverse Image Search - You can use this handy tool to see what sites have pictures of the target.
  • Photobucket - Right click photos the target has embedded, and see if they come from Photobucket. The URL will contain their username, which you can search for under "People" on Photobucket's website. Usually profiles are private, but every now and then you get a fucktard who leaves it public and uploads nudes. Note that the backgrounds of images are equally important as their subjects, as these can give various leads about a target's whereabouts. Utilizing the target's Photobucket account may lead you straight to their front door, regular hangouts, or bathroom mirror.
  • EXIF Data - Most digital cameras use a format called EXIF, which may contain a geotag that you can use to locate the place of the photo. Note: Facebook and MySpace mongle EXIF data when images are uploaded. Photobucket however, leaves EXIF data intact.

Government Databases

  • Another criminal check site, but you have to pay for full info mostly Home Facts .
  • 192 - Looking for UK docs is a pain in the ass. helps you get around that by accessing voter registration.
  • Missouri Courts System Case - Missouri, a capital of trolling innovation, once again leads the way with trolling resources. Database of all court files (civil, criminal, probate, family) for citizens or those charged in the state of Missouri, over the age of 18. Look for your state's equivalent.
  • Criminal Record Searches - Even minor traffic offenses can be found, and if they've been arrested you can usually find a mugshot at the respective police department's website. However, this website failed to find the criminal record of a convicted cop killer in Ohio. He came up clean.
  • Blackbook Online - Free Public Records Search Engine. Links to many government sites for everything from background checks to parcel value.
  • DMV - A privately owned webpage that links to state DMV's.
  • Skipease - People search and Public Records. Everything from SSN searches to Death Indexes.
  • Who is He/She?- Background checks and shit. Probably have to Jew, IDK.


  • Google Maps - Use Google maps / Streetview to dig up pictures of the target's residence. Large amounts of the USA / Europe / Australia are now covered by Google Streetview making it easier for you to direct prostitutes to the target's address. Often times you can find pictures of a target's vehicles, and every now and then you can discern the license plate number.
  • Google Earth - Incase the target may be located on Mars.
  • MapQuest - Google Maps but not.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Calulator Safe - You know how you hide your drugs in that fake soda can? This calculator is kind of like that, except you can secretly hide a file in it. You can only hide one file at a time, but hiding a compressed file works around that. It is a freeware .exe, so you can keep it on a flash drive, and no installation is required. Please note that, just like how the cops immediately knew the soda can in your sock drawer contained your stash, a 40 GB calculator will arouse suspicion. It is more of a security through obscurity kind of tool, which means you will still be v& but is still fun. Don't hide large files.
All your Dox coming to sink your e-boat.
You better learn to suck dick, or ED admins will dox you!

Release the Kraken

After obtaining Dox, the next step is obtaining Lulz:

  • Craigslist - Make an ad in the "Free Stuff", "Erotic Services," or "Casual Encounters" section. There are many horny men who will relentlessly pursue someone who they believe to be 19/f, as is evident here.
  • STD Postcards - Send an e-postcard notifying the target that one of their previous sexual partners had a STD. Makes for an uncomfortable wait for them. Alternatively, call an AIDS hotline and ask them to anonymously tell the target they could have HIV. That's a 6 month wait until the test comes back.
  • Free UPS Boxes - Create an account and order the target a couple of hundred boxes and labels. FedEx also offers free boxes.
  • Google Maps use Google Maps to locate businesses that will be able to visit the target at all hours. Be sure to have the target's dox at hand and to know nearby cross streets, in order to give directions. When making an order, make it plausible (e.g. 2 pizzas), so that no suspicions are aroused. Occasionally businesses ask for a telephone number and unless you have a Skype number, it's best just to give the target's. Use searches such as:-
"Pizza (insert zip code)"
"Locksmith London,UK"
"Emergency Plumber Toronto,Canada"
  • You are now >>Insert Name Here<< - Does the target partake in questionable activities? Now you can email them, as the FBI, Interpol, or whatever. They'll be scared shitless if they think they're gonna be vanned. This site'll point you in the right direction.
  • Send condoms and lube in the target's name. See below for links.

Prank Calls

  • Google Hangouts - Make free calls to anywhere in the US with Google Hangouts. Only works in desktop/non-mobile version. Just open, click the magnifying glass icon in the chat sidebar to find people to search for, then click the phone button. Enter the number you want to call and viola! Free Internets phone calls.
  • Skype - Call the target. When you first register a Skype account you get one free call, however call rates are fairly cheap. You can purchase Skype credit in stores such as Walmart or purchase unlimited calls to numbers in N.America for just $3/month. It is possible to call many businesses for free, without requiring any credits, with GOOG411. Simply dial +1.800.4664.411 in Skype and say the city, state, and business name/type.
  • IP Relay - Ask the operator not to announce at the start of the call. This is a service only available to people in the USA.
  • iCall - Make a free 3 min call in your browser at iCall. You can also download a client to make slightly longer calls for free.
  • EarthCaller - Use Earth Caller to make free calls to anywhere in N.America, note that you have to use Internet Explorer to use it, install the IE Tab addon if you wish to use Firefox. Unlike other VOIP services it does give a proper telephone number on caller IDs.
  • DukaDial - Use DukaDial to call two numbers at once. Try your target an the White House Situation Room( 202-456-9431 ), the local FBI/Police department, or maybe just a random Craiglist hooker.
  • PrankDial - You get a couple free calls a day. However, I'm sure there's a way you can aquire more free calls without shedding jewgold.
  • DukaUS - Can be used to make free conference calls with up to 6 participants. It gives you the option to individually mute participants. Dial two numbers as well as a partyline, so that you can listen in on the chaos.
  • VoipBuster - You get like 30 minutes free with each program so when you run out of mins just make a new account. If you get error 32 while registering at those VoIP programs just make new Windows User, logout, change IP, login to new User, reinstall and keep calling. If it happens again, you need to delete System 32 to clean your history. Try these:

VoipCheap UK, VoipCheap, VoipDiscount, Voiphit, VoipRaider, VoipStunt, VoipWise, VoipZoom, WebCallDirect,, Nonoh, Poivy, SIPDiscount, SMSdiscount, SmsListo, SparVoip, Text4Calls, VoipBuster, 12Voip, BudgetSIP, Calleasy, DialNow, FreeCall, InternetCalls, Intervoip, JustVoip, LowRateVoip, ActionVoip, Jumblo.

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